$1 Street Food Around The World

Publicado em 13 Set 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/62900
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  • The hot dog guy was ready

  • I WOULD NOT EAT THAT LAST ONE not saying the taste is bad or the hygiene was bad but because of the oil

  • That wasn't 12 pesos, but 15 pesos


  • South Korea

  • We don’t have anything like that in Denmark ;-;

  • In brazil the street foods i know is Fair Pastel

  • Turkey 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

  • First one is Halal

  • How about vietnamese food

  • that indie one i relly like to try it's look delicius😚😲😮

  • In indonesia for 1dollar you can get 1fried rice...


  • Poland

  • 0:09 did he say gay?

  • Pav bhaji would be 60 rupees mince 1 dollar

  • In Egypt u can buy one cigarette of weed for 1.50 dollar

  • where is TURKEY

  • Russia

  • my India so I choose pav bhaji


  • Well in Romania everything is expensive as hell :(

  • Italy

  • Vení a argentina papá te resivi mis con Panchitos

  • Simit, from Istanbul/Turkey!!!

  • india looks so good

  • street food at philipines plssss

  • Bro this is insiders video wtf

  • 1$ in Norway = half a package of chewing gum

  • А где рашка, вы чо расисты?

  • There’s really no $1 food where I am, everything is so expensive.

  • I like the fish one in Japan

  • 1$ in indonesia....you can eat porridge

  • do aus. good luck

  • 2:46 this is from Germany (1 euro)

  • l like hotdoh

  • in indonesia you can get one package lunch

  • Buns geez

  • I dont think those two bins are enough for the curry given

  • I absolutly Love Churros and Porras and so on😋😍

  • In italy,naples,you can buy a pizza. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 3:25 It’s just fried dough, nothing special about it.

  • Italy plz

  • In Vietnam u can buy a breakfast with 1 dollar

  • Phlipines

  • Is the indonesian guys hand clean?

  • PewDiePieeeeee

  • where’s Russia with its classic babushaks cooking?

  • brazil coxinha

  • *Philippines Next please*

  • In Vietnam you can get many type of food with 1 dollar thank to street food.

  • The one from India looks good

  • what about russia ?

  • I’m Canada u can try a maple stick it’s frozen syrup in a popsicle stick

  • Can I have a fortnite burger?

  • I have a project about Mexico City and here's a fact that is so amazing! Fact:Did you know that Mexican people were the first ones to make chocolate?😱

  • In Ecuador you can buy Cevichochos 😂🤣

  • In serbia for a dollar you can get tons of street food i mean a lot! BUREK,GYROS AND MORE FOR A DOLLA

  • ew indias food they made it with bare hands

  • In Vietnam, you can get a bowl of pho for a dollar

  • Here in the philippines u can buy a 1 lollipop For only 1 peso($0.019)

  • In Singapore you can get 1 spicy or not chicken wing c:

  • Poland Warsaw

  • I wanna go to India now...

  • I'm hungry now ;-;

  • I am from Mexico and seeing that food makes me miss my place even more it’s so good 😊 😋😫😢

  • Iceland

  • Korean food pweaseeeeeee

  • The video should be titled 'cheap eats all over the world' because it's all over the place for $1👎👎👎👎

  • Typical (New York hot dog) food vendor handling money and touching the food without any sanitation🤢

  • Nove. Valeccnd film

  • Please come to Bangladesh. You'll get so many street foods within just 1 dollar..

  • Where i live you can get a bun for 1.50 euro :)

  • Taiwanese

  • come to brazil!

  • Philippines

  • i wish i can buy hot dogs in our town everyday

  • pls make more

  • So buttery

  • Poland ;D

  • *sees madrid and tries not to cry because my parents left me at home to go there*

  • Wow. Great video

  • BuzzFeed if you want a representer in Italy here I am ready to shoot

  • I'm from Serbia and in Belgrade služe na ulici pečeni kukuruz i kesten

  • Okay but this is what I want to do in my life BUZZFEED HIRE ME @laura.odorisio is my Insta

  • Do in Italy

  • the chinese one looks really good...

  • Go to Philippines and get food there

  • I’m Chinese

  • In Romania u can buy with 1$ a small pizza and "mămăligă" (traditional roumanian plate )

  • Where’s the Philippines in this video

  • Hotdog and pav bhaji

  • i'd like to see streetfood from morocco, belgium, netherlands, norway, germany, italy, greece, russia, turkey, south korea, hong kong, vietnam, thailand, indonesia, australia, canada & brazil

  • Make next in poland

  • Sorry but how the indian cook is gross can why he use hand?

  • Manila,Philippines!pls

  • india very unhealthy, ewww

  • Indonesia please!!!

  • Murcia,Spain

  • Hong Kong street food please!