$1 Street Food Around The World

Publicado em 13 Set 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • Oh no why you did Mexico like that? No one in the north eats that

  • You can buy like 4 timbits here in Canada



  • Indian foods are dirty ewww

  • PH!!!

  • I hate these kinds of videos bc people never talk about Pakistan or Saudia Arabia where I am from

  • This actually made me hungry from eating a taco from Taco Bell

  • Indonesia

  • *A Euro for a Churro*

  • Canadiens street food

  • You can buy lots of street foods in the Philippines for under a dollar

  • 1$ is almost my breakfats

  • You Can Buy 5 Kinds Of Street Food With 50 Pesos =1 Dollar In The Philippines.

  • In greece, you can get a single grain of rice for only $1!! 😁😁

  • Pfffft- In the Philippines, you can buy a good fast food meal for only a dollar.


  • 1 euro is like $2.50 in Singapore

  • Soh Batterii!!! 😂😂😂

  • Did anyone notice the 911 on them

  • filipino and their cons then mexican people and their cons looks kinda same??

  • Mexican street food is not that piece of trash it's tacos

  • I love China because foods in China , they're so good

  • I just love how the ones in China tied that bag

  • Thailand pls

  • 100 inr for pav bhaji? bruh you got scalped 50 inr tops

  • Phlipines street food

  • Philippines

  • Please morocco

  • Now i gotta go to spain and try porro

  • London : Me: hello I would like a burger Him: ok fish and chips Me: wait no burger bbbbbbbbbuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrggggggggggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr Him:fish and chips? Me: fine omg fish and chips Him: sorry were all out Me:😐🤔 Him:ummm Me:fml (Edit) Me: leaves

  • Australia 🇦🇺 and New Zealand 🇳🇿 because I live in New Zealand

  • Would you do Dutch streetfood next vid?

  • In Morocco you can get the porro only for 1 dh that's 0,1$!

  • E ja u HR nemogu ni hljeb za dolar kupit :) Pozz za ostale balkance


  • Colombian

  • FILIPINO FOOD (lumpia, ensaimada, etc)

  • india is non - hygienic

  • Saudi Arabia next

  • In Morocco u can buy a sandwich ( vegetablz tuna eggs n french fries 4 a dollar )

  • Nigeria!! Lagos to be precise 🙌🏾💪🏾

  • Oblea from Colombia. It’s amazing

  • En la de México el chavo le dio 15 pesos cuando la guajolota cuesta 12

  • Maybe go to poland ?

  • churro no porro, porro is weed!


  • Indonesian pleaseeee

  • Please be vietnam!I love those flat food thing I know how to say it It's just that I don't know how to spell it.The food I'm talking about is flat you can pick wet or dry and you can pick meat or penut or plan.Very tasty!^.^

  • Actually is porra no porro

  • In Albania u get a Hot dog for 50 cents and u can get a Donut wich means all that for 1 euro/dollar

  • Came here for India..😄

  • You can buy a döner kebab for a dollar in turkey

  • i just realised how expensive my little country of new zealand is

  • Beondegi!

  • Turkey? You would buy some döner around ~1 dollars. (meat or chicken meat)

  • Middle east and South Korean

  • Phillipines and america,india

  • 3:29 that is called "porra", porro means joint or blunt in spanish, and it is highly unlikely that you get it for a dollar

  • In Colombia, you'll get an extra cheesy arepa por $2.000 pesos, hahaha.


  • 1 dollar in Indonesia can buy almost EVERY STREET FOOD

  • India's looks so good..

  • 1 euro is more than 1 $ actually :D

  • Chinese Pork Buns looked like the best value and taste imo

  • Tacos de carne asada 15 pesos

  • Do Korea please! I absolutely love their street foods!

  • Thailand has nice and cheap streetfood in abundance.

  • Doubles from Trinidad and Tobagoo

  • 3:00 in portuguese porra means semen...

  • 2:39 its chinese And it sounds like taehyung speaking chinese And now were talking about food that i can afford

  • Next is morroco (its su gooood👅)

  • In spain and in lithuania its same money look and almost same name spain-euro lithunia-euras-eura

  • 哎好想回国吃生煎包

  • I was hopeing for guatemala to be their yo😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠

  • Try British street food

  • Weres guatemala yo😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😡😡😡😠😠

  • in cartagena the street food is the best

  • inga lam back at it again with the awesome food content

  • Ahh mmm churros mmmm

  • Es una porra no un porro🤣🤣

  • Please do doubles from Trinidad!

  • i can take you to gregg's for some sausage rolls if you like

  • Haiti street food

  • missed Scotland or rest of uk

  • In the Philippines you can get tofu dessert for a dollar lmao.

  • Cambodia?

  • İn Turkey you can buy everything with 1$

  • Can you go here in norway and try alot of food here?

  • Do Belgium or Korea

  • Thats a cold dog

  • Romainian ! but evry one hates it :(

  • That torta in mexico city was bad, i would prefer "tacos sudados"..

  • Omg it sucks that you can get so much food for $1..here in the UK you can’t even get a ham sandwich for $1

  • Pesos is in phil not mexico

  • The philippines is better filipino squad where yall at

  • if you go to andalusia churros are more expensive and they don't sell them on the streets xd but they're DELICIOUS

  • In England there is a shop called Poundland. You can get multiple things there for 1 pound. Next to Toys r us (Toys r us is closed but like next to where the building was) there is a shop that has ALOT of things ONLY for a pound!

  • In Hong Kong, 1$ can buy 3 egg tarts

  • I would love to see Brazil Canada Dominican Republic South Africa Australia and New Zealand