10 Game Show Cheaters Caught On Camera!

Publicado em 5 Jun 2016
top 10 people who cheated on live tv during game show contests
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Game shows are some of the most entertaining shows on television today. Quiz shows have become increasingly popular, as people who have their wits about them can apply to be on the show and show off their intelligence. On game shows that involve quizzes and immense study of random knowledge, it can be easy to get tempted to cheat and figure out how to trick the system so that you can walk away with thousands of dollars. Situations such as these are incredibly entertaining for viewers in the audience and at home, but they can be incredibly frustrating for the contestants as they watch their money disappear in an instant before their eyes. And they have no one to blame but themselves.
Then we have the new trend of reality game shows where it requires people to work in teams and then eliminate each other as the weeks go by. In game situations such as these, it can be easy to want to get along with people and form alliances, but they can eventually bite you when you betray a friend. Survivor winner Richard Hatch was often accused of cheating because he made no friends, formed no alliances, and made it very clear that he was out to get everything. Because he betrayed no one, he survived the entire show without being eliminated and ended up winning the game.
Here are some of the biggest game show cheaters that got caught. When this happens, sometimes they have to give back their prize money, and they are left at the mercy of television viewers to openly criticize
Being on a game show means that you have a shot at winning a ton of money. But one wrong answer and one slip can mean that thousands of dollars can slip through your fingers instantly, making one desperate to not lose. Here are the biggest game show cheaters who got caught.

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  • Studying aint cheating characteristics etc

  • Most of these aren't cheating, it's just called being smart

  • There is no footage. Just blabbering.

  • Who gives a damn, so what they cheated!

  • lame list. most didn't cheat, simply took advantage of flaws in the game, reading body language, studying past episodes. Don't bother folks. lame list.

  • Half of these isn't even cheating

  • every 9 year olds when they get killed on fortnite

  • It's not "the British version", it's the original show

  • Only one person on the list was cheating lmao

  • 2 gallons of water caused him to gain 17 pounds... except water weights 8 pounds per gallon...

  • Pls

  • Pls

  • Adrian's abenia was using which app pls tell me

  • Michael larson won fair and square so what he found out a pattern that worked so ha ha id want my money if i won he saw the pattern and hit at the right time

  • most of these weren't cheating you fucking piece of shit

  • This is inaccurate, the majors wife wasn't coughing.

  • A number of these are not cheating,

  • The contestants of the game shows just found a way to outsmart the game and they did not break any of the rules,so it should not be considered a type of cheating. They just got prepared .

  • what a load of rot

  • Just change the title to "10 Game show cheaters...or ARE they?" Your welcome. I'll sub if you do that.

  • Michael Larson wasn’t cheating he outsmarted the game

  • Imagine this, I figure out that on a roulette table, every 30th roll a 10 shows up... now i start betting the hell out of it .. am I cheating ? No. Dont blame me for figuring out your flawed system. The first guy is actually impressive, since under that pressure he'd still figure out peoples faces and emotions. OF COURSE he should keep his money.

  • The Charles Ingram one. They actually took him to court.

  • Where's dat booby

  • Smart studying the show is not cheating

  • Price is right and press your luck we’re not cheating. Just because there is a flaw in the game you made doesn’t mean you can whine about someone figuring out how to beat you.

  • these were actually some pretty smart ways to cheat. i give them credit.

  • Why dont they just show us instead of explaining it?

  • your job! no brand! @trust_lokey211

  • Why didn't Ingram just let his wife play XD

  • So the only ones that actually cheated were the British Millionare guy and Password Lady.

  • only shit i can't get is why she didn't play the game herself if she was this smart.

  • Hahahahahahaha no way that was FUCKING 10

  • I’m Australian and the first one is 100% possible

  • Using body lady language from people, or studying the show is not cheating wtf

  • Clever

  • Come on, what the fuck???!!! Most of them doesn't even cheating... They're smart. My god, that's what happen when u win big and the show producer trying to find all way to get their money back.....


  • game shows talk shit amd just dont wanna pay winners...SAD BUT TRUE

  • most of those people weren't even cheating

  • There is a way to make 85,000 dollars a year on game shows, 3 step Formula.

  • half of them didnt cheat............its a no from me ,

  • The British couple cheated by having another smarter contestant cough when he read the right answer... It wasn't his wife... They made a documentary about it... Check your facts.. It seems you've misconstrued a few things

  • so when will casinos found guilty for cheating their players ?.... ;-)

  • Look at all the arrogant assholes worshipping Michael Larson. HE BLEW THE MONEY AND HE'S DEAD. I'm happy he's dead.

  • These guys are just really fcking wise.

  • Last one didnt cheat he was just very smart

  • there's a few on here that didn't cheat.

  • Tbh most of these people didn't cheat, they just outsmarted the game. Can't lie, I'd do that if I needed the money

  • Some of these are just smart strategies and not cheating.

  • Otf?

  • How is a top ten only three minuets long?

  • Larson is a genius !

  • Can’t believe that the cheats (all 2 of them) were caught on camera while the show was being recorded...mind blown

  • Neil did NOT win the Biggest Loser. Ironically enough everyone felt horrible after Neil's controversial weight gain, and the Blue and Red teams decided not to target the Black team anymore. The 4 remaining Black team members went on to pick off everyone else, with Neil being eliminated in the final week after falling below the yellow line by 1 pound. Had Neil made it to the finale he actually would've won over the winner Bill, but Bill's twin brother Jim beat him out so Neil didn't even win the at home prize. However, both the season 2 and 3 winners, Matt and Eric, strategically gained weight one week they were on the ranch.

  • more power to em

  • most of these weren't cheating

  • That was 6 not 10.

  • fucking clickbate cunts

  • You can hide so br-tv.net/tv/video-t0dgFRMOmmQ.html

  • Lol

  • How was reading body language and faces cheating? I think it's clever.

  • Most of those didn’t break any rules so break no rules=not cheating

  • am i the only one who got a 5 minute ad about an old woman talking about boys

  • How is learning pattern cheating?

  • "Caught on camera" yet no footage

  • Acknowledge traveler news celebrity pool fun pocket cut recovery step wish.

  • Strategy

  • First example is not cheating and the person coughing in Who Wants to be a Millionaire was not Charles' wife but Tecwen Whittock. Poor research.

  • Except for the Ingrams, I don't see the others as cheaters. They were just shrewd players.

  • Michael Larson did his homework before he went onto the show. He picked up patterns on how the show worked. That's not cheating, its clever.

  • And why call the video 'Caught on camera' when you didn't actually include the footage?

  • Why don't they just come out and say.. "Our games are so rigged in our favor that if you win big money you must be cheating therefore we will not pay you, we will even make up and immediately enforce arbitrary rules that we never told you about before or we'll call the cops. Whatever it takes"

  • Khaled did not cheat. he just used his advanced skills to tilt the game in his favor.

  • half of them were just really smart people not cheaters

  • This was truly lame!

  • If the first one wasn’t fucking cheating why is it in this list?

  • The word is button - not "buh eh". learn how to speak, I have watched over 1.000 of your videos and that always kills me.

  • I'm Spanish and I watch pasabalabra every day and it doesn't translate to password it translates to pass the word

  • Wy at caught on camera when the video isn’t even on the actual video

  • Honestly if your game show randomiser follows a certain pattern, it's only natural that someone will find out. Doing that is an act not everyone can pull off, so denying their winnings is just silly.

  • 'Cheating'; act dishonestly, deceitfully or unfairly gain an advantage to win, or come out ahead. Reading body language (as Mr el-Katateny (0:25) did, or noticing a pattern and using it to press a button as Mr Larson did (2:56) is not cheating.

  • #1 is fair :) not cheat.. very good strat..he can survive apocalypse

  • br-tv.net/tv/video-lepFzcqxXwc.html

  • Alot of these people aren't cheaters

  • i dont get the biggest loser one pls explain

  • The Price is Right tests contestant's knowledge of prices, therefore how in the *holy red fuck* could it be considered cheating if the contestant has meticulously studied the prices?

  • Man, this channel is going down the drain. Y'all are literally pulling 'facts' outta your ass now aren't ya? :/ I think you should make an actual quality video rather than.. whatever this is. ._.


  • Dats called using techniques

  • @3:19 does she say "whammy bu-in"? Any other idiots out here that don't know how to say button?

  • How could it be cheating if he's just watching the host's body language and the way the audience faces light up. If that's not supposed to be done then they should have him in a room by himself with a speaker feeding in the questions. Power of observation is valuable LOL

  • The girl at 1:31... Damn.

  • Top 10 finnesers

  • Your dishonest title is cheating. Go fuck yourself.

  • Lame

  • Only Shazam user & Coughing wife were cheating. The rest did their due diligence to study patterns in the show where producers were too lazy to randomize it per airing. The body language reader is using the environment to his advantage which is not cheating in proper terms. It is being smart in the right way

  • only two of these people were actual cheating the rest were just smart observant and prepared

  • Why would a game show allow a contestant to even have a phone on stage, much less use it while taping?

  • Charles Ingram 1000000% cheated x