250,000 Dominoes - The Incredible Science Machine: GAME ON!

Publicado em 12 Ago 2017
250,000 Dominoes were toppled at Zeal Credit Union's Incredible Science Machine: Game On! This event features 3 new US domino records: largest domino field, largest domino structure, and largest overall domino project in America. 19 builders from 5 countries spent 7 days (over 1,200 combined hours) building the Incredible Science Machine. Watch our past ISM events! ► bit.ly/ISMfalldowns Behind the Scenes! ► br-tv.net/tv/video-sSP-UurC_v0.html
This games themed domino setup was designed by professional domino/chain reaction artists Steve Price & Lily Hevesh. We organize and design custom domino projects for live events, commercials, and TV shows. Contact us at spricemachines@gmail.com and hevesh5@gmail.com for business inquiries or if you would like to sponsor our next event.
Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible:
● Zeal Credit Union: zealcreditunion.org/
● Smarter Every Day: www.smartereveryday.com/
● K'nex: knex.com
● Trix Track: www.wonderworldtoy.com/product-category/trix-track/
● US Domino Field Record (12,450 dominoes)
● US Domino Structure Record (12,780 dominoes)
● US Domino Record (245,732 dominoes)
Steve Price - Sprice Machines - br-tv.net/username-thesprice17
Lily Hevesh - Hevesh5 - br-tv.net/username-hevesh5
Lyle Broughton - jackofallspades98 - br-tv.net/username-jackofallspades98
Nathan Heck - SuperMarMarMan1 - br-tv.net/username-supermarmarman1
Joel Yantha - TheInvention11 - br-tv.net/username-theinvention11
Alex Huang - Flashdomino - br-tv.net/username-flashdomino
Mark Robbins - DoodleChaos - br-tv.net/username-doodlechaos
Brady Dolan - BPDoles - br-tv.net/username-bpdoles
Chase Blanchette - TheRGMGuy01 - br-tv.net/username-thergmguy01
Hayden Russell - Dynamic Domino - br-tv.net/ch/UCn551amAW5JL25RYNgT3qYA
Evan Voeltner - E VoltageRGMs - br-tv.net/ch/UCa2St8T8sQ7d1aj_bjrsImg
Marcel Pürrer - Austrian Domino Art - br-tv.net/username-Dominoday111
Tim Dunsmore - DrComplicated - br-tv.net/username-drcomplicated
Alexandra Benz - DominoERDMANN - br-tv.net/username-dominoerdmann
Michael Fantauzzo - StickTrickDominoDude - br-tv.net/username-sticktrickdominodude
Sascha Wilzewski - DominoFan0803 - br-tv.net/username-dominofan0803
Joseph Naberhaus - jdman1699 - br-tv.net/username-jdman1699
Joel Dähler - Smileypeacefun - br-tv.net/username-smileypeacefun
Chris Wright - xXDominoMasterXx - br-tv.net/username-xxdominomasterxx
🎵 MUSIC: Avenza - "Game On" - br-tv.net/tv/video-8ih9lSnLqf8.html
● soundcloud.com/avenza
● twitter.com/AvenzaOfficial


  • So excited to release our BEST DOMINO EVENT YET including 3 new American domino records!! What was your favorite project?? :) Also, be sure to watch our past ISM events (bit.ly/ISMfalldowns) and behind the scenes too! br-tv.net/tv/video-sSP-UurC_v0.html

  • The whole thing was 250k dominoes? I would swear it would be way more! Insane!

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  • I have nothing but praise for people who set these up. These are amazing! I used to do tiny 200-300 dominoes when I was younger, but nothing on this scale. Well done on the records. Hope you still have them. Congrats!

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  • Interesting....Theres people out there with this much patience to do all this. Id of stopped at the first line......Cause Id of knocked it all over.........I always knock dominoes over cause of my nerves. Anyway my favorite part was the Triforce. Three guesses what my favorite game series is.

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