Alliance of American Football: What to Know, Who to Root For

Publicado em 9 Fev 2019
Alliance of American Football: What to Know, Who to Root For. The Alliance of American Football league also known as the AAF is kicking off this weekend. Here's everything you need to know about the league, and how you can pick a team to root for or against. Are there any teams close to the New England Patriots in terms of dislike ability. Are the Salt Lake Stallions the closes team to the Denver Broncos?
Writing Help by Will Keys @WillKeys6
The AAF vs the NFL. Will it be able to compete? Can notable head coaches like Mike Martz, Mike Riley, Steve Spurrier & Mike Singletary make these new teams competitive? This new football league debuts one week after the NFL Super Bowl.
San Diego Fleet vs San Antonio Commanders
Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos
Memphis Express at Birmingham Iron
Salt Lake Stallions vs Arizona Hotshots
Notable players include some of your favorite ex college football/nfl players such as Trent richardson and Denard Robinson, Gavin Escobar, Matt Simms, Dustin Vaughan, Christian Hackenberg, Zach Mettenberger, Trevor Knight, Nick Novak, Zac Stacy, Garrett Gilbert, Matt Asiata, and probably more like Rahim Moore.
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  • I feel bad for the Commanders. He ran the Huskers into the ground. Which is also why I like the Stallions, cause they’ve got several former Huskers

  • You could have mentioned which NFL teams they were affiliated with. just saying. 9 never really gets old.

  • Let’s go express!!! Great video I give it 2 boners up

  • Go Orlando Apollos live 2 hours away so thats easy for me. #takeaim

  • He was cut by John gruden so that mean he probably fucking awesome 😂😂😂

  • Although you’re hilarious, you’re clueless about the history of these cities.... that automatically eliminates anything negative said about each name of them

  • Stallions and commanders

  • For some reason, I thought this was a serious video. Nope. Just trolling the AAF. I must say I feel that I liked it more.....

  • Good job promoting stereotypes! Disliked

  • After seeing this video I'm cheering for Birmingham!!! RAIDER NATION BITCH!

  • OK this guy sold me on the AAF. If the comedy in the games are as good as this video then we are all gonna get a few good laughs every Saturday for awhile. I want to watch the Big. Dick. Bowl. Game. at the end of the season ( please let it be so)

  • Im from Arizona and i should be going for the hotshots, bus im liking the commanders, trust me, the championship will be commanders appolos

  • Pterodactyls oh my God that is just too funny. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The commanders will suck because... Mike Riley

  • What channel are these on

  • Fleet will be my team

  • You sound like an idiot, it’s really not funny trying to make fun of each of these teams based on their names or uniform colors.

  • Birmingham iron is called that because it’s the iron city

  • You forgot to mention things to do in Orlando. Theme parks night clubs Sea food. And lots of meth.

  • They are probably called Memphis Express because FedEx operates and owns Memphis airport

  • Your wise cracks were so funny they should be on TBS. Your only funny joke was the escobar one.. thanks for clickbatiing my legitimate interest in the AAF. I hope you end your coverage of this league and i can find more legitimate information on other channels.

  • Steve Carell??

  • This guy is funny

  • FLEET! badass name for a football team

  • Salt Lake! They only have the Jazz to cheer for... And nothing to do!

  • I don’t like this guys vibe

  • Fuck you the Arizona Hotshot are to honor the 19 men to lose their lives i am a fucking fire fighter and is so sad that a guy who looks like he hasn't had a working callus in his life to talk shit about heros fuck you


  • That Phillip rivers line killed me

  • Orlando apollos all the way

  • If there's a team you hate as much as the Patriots then I'll know what team to root for.

  • I love what I'm watching this far in these football games. Would love to see James Harrison play linebacker for one of these teams. Terrell Owens and others should want to give this league a try , they really should.

  • They are called hotshots after wildland firefighters dummy

  • Apollos or Fleet....

  • Cuz I feel bad for San Diego, go Fleet

  • My mate is supporting Birmingham, Because he is from Birmingham in the UK, they have guy from London in the team (former 49'er Lawrence Okoye, if he does not get himself arrested), He likes the minimalist kit..

  • Oh sweet, a channel for mental midgets that like network tv comedy and jerk off to Always Sunny! So unique!

  • Hotshots! The 19, much respect


  • Creed is the father of Nickelback! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fed Ex home station is in Memphis.

  • I trained at Ft Huachuca! I guess I found my team. 😜

  • You look in your to be in your do know that age is the millennial group. Everyone thinks it's the new gen. Nope if you went to high school from late 90s-mid 00 your a millennial.

  • Lmfao I already know I'm going to love this chanel

  • Let's Go Commanders....... I guess 🤷‍♂️

  • Cheering for orlando

  • “...cut by John Gruden, which probably means he’s f*€%ing awesome.” 😂 classic!

  • “There’s at least 32 cities” But the jets and giants tho

  • Being a born and raised Raider fan I like the Irons...but I think im gonna have to rock the Fleet

  • Holy shit this was a funny video, y'all earned a new subscriber.

  • 10:09

  • what is this guy on lmao

  • Memphis 💪🏼🏈

  • I like the iron I don’t know why

  • They're also called the Apollos because of Florida's space programs

  • Diarse was from TCU not LSU bruh

  • San Diego fleet 🖖🏽!!!

  • Thank you for pronouncing Huachuca City right haha

  • Give Charlotte a team for Atlanta to have a rival

  • Maybe one day, somebody will come up with a better diss on Salt Lake other than assuming we're all mormon, there's magically no alcohol and multiple wives..... fucking retard

  • Lets go Apollos!

  • The hotshots is a point out to the 19 wild land firefighters (hotshots) who gave their lives fighting a fire in Arizona in 2013. But whatever

  • Salt lake has skiing

  • this dude has a lot of shit to talk

  • Arizona HotShots are named after the Wildland Firefighters called HotShots... Hence the Axes on their emblem.

  • Isn’t Memphis called the Express because they’re the center of package shipping in the United States?

  • What is this league ?

  • I’m going with the commanders cause I’m closest yup and I just don’t want to pick anyone else

  • atlanta

  • You smell like a soy boy

  • lol The Hotshots is a nod firefighter, hence the fire axes

  • Something about the Starter gear that reminds me of the 90s. Love it!!

  • Could've been the San Diego Surge, used the bolt and everything

  • I think it’s Memphis express because Fedex or “federal express” is based there

  • 30 second in.... SUBSCRIBED

  • Utah has weed

  • Dam someone is a hotshot hater. Hotshots winning the ship. Go Shots!!

  • Go San Antonio!! #TAKECOMMAND!

  • Why would I learn anything about a league that'll be gone in five years?

  • You couldn't get a better picture at 12:30😂😂😂😂

  • I'm a broncos fan living in Arizona so I'll be going for the hotshots

  • Well I guess Memphis is the closest team to Michigan. GO EXPRESS!!

  • i think the arizona name hotshots stand for wild land fire fighters. you can see the 2 axes .

    • In the United States, an interagency hotshot crew, or simply hotshot crew, is an elite team of 20 wildland firefighters, the most highly trained in the country, which are prepared to battle the most serious fires nationwid

  • I just found this guy. He's hilarious. My new favorite BR-tv channel.

  • Did you know that Birmingham, similar to Pittsburgh, is a city that produces iron and steel? I think it's a good name.

  • Guy that claims to be a fan of the NFL talks about 32 cities with franchises, forgetting that Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco all have two teams

  • I live in the heart of Arizona. I like everything about the HotShots except they’re horrendous colors. So I’m going for the Fleet

  • Uhmm...your pretty clueless. Maybe you should find out what HUGE nationwide shipping company uses Memphis as their national air hub. Not a hard one to figure out.

  • It Will be sick To match with cfl

  • The only thing I know about Garrett Gilbert is that he came in after Marcel Dareus hurt Colt McCoy in the National Championship

  • 5 minutes in, I had to subscribe.


  • Apollos have my favorite logo and colors but my least favorite city. I feel the same about the Fleet also

  • FORGE TF ON. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


  • San Antonio commanders all the way

  • You’re not funny at all

  • You forgot Heisman candidate Joel Lanning from Iowa State, who plays LB for San Antonio.

  • Wish their were more teams up north. Like Saint Louis, Columbus, Portland, Omaha or another city without a team currently.

  • Apollos! Us Floridians need a team that could get us a championship.