Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Publicado em 11 Jun 2018
Watch the world premiere of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey set in ancient Greece, a world rich with myths and legends!
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Embark on your journey from humble beginnings to living legend as Alexios or Kassandra. Customize your gear, upgrade your abilities, and personalize your ship on your path to becoming a Spartan hero.
From the heights of snowy mountain peaks to the depths of the Aegean Sea, explore an entire country full of untamed environments and cities at the peak of Greece’s Golden Age. Unexpected encounters will breathe life into your story as you meet colorful characters, battle vicious mercenaries, and more.
Your decisions shape the world around you with over 30 hours of choice dialogue and multiple game endings. Experience a living, dynamic world that constantly evolves and reacts to your every decision.
Show off your extraordinary warrior abilities and shift the tides of battle during one of the deadliest conflicts of the time, the Peloponnesian War. Charge into epic clashes between Sparta and Athens in big battles pitting 150v150 soldiers against each other.
Find uncharted locations, uncover hidden treasures, or fight your way through entire fleets in naval battles. Customize the look of your ship, upgrade weaponry to suit your strengths, and recruit crewmembers with unique perks, tailoring naval combat to your style.
Discover a world rich with myths and legends. From ancient rituals to famed statues, come face to face with Greece’s legendary figures and discover the true nature of mythological beasts like Medusa and the Minotaur.
Assassin's Creed Odyssey: E3 2018 Official World Premiere Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


  • what i want to know is, is this game still have things like hidden blades, parkour, sneakiness and sneaky attack, leap of faith, etc like the old ones?

  • Don't make me regret pre-ordering this game.

  • Oh yeah, the only game I am hyping after tomb raider. Hope the season pass don't burn their buyer faces...

  • Wow !! -Assassin's Creed- Odyssey is going to be great 🤑🤑

  • For Honor 2 looking nice

  • 1:24 weird.

  • I love greek hestory i need this game

  • Shame, that none of this stuff, shown in trailer, never happened in AC lore. This makes me sad

  • Guys from Ubisoft, where is the AC Japan?????????????

  • this is spartttaaaa

  • How has this anything to do with Assassins Creed anymore?

  • Didn't Origins came out like yesterday?

  • that saturation lol

  • This doesn't look like assassin's Creed but it doesn't mean it will be bad

  • Ya falta menos!¡uegazo para divertirse y pasarlo bien😉😉

  • Gayyyy if there not dressed like assassins don't label it assassins creed what a ripoff!!!!


  • im still over here pissed that you guys killed desmond....

  • 2019 new AC, 2020 new ac 2021 new AC. Jeez guys slow down a bit.


  • I love Greece ❤️😊


  • Tfu is not assassin


  • the game, music, graphics and Art everything is magnificent .,.. love from India i have so much respect for Greece people ,., we had connection from past time centuries we have found Greece Gold Coin just year ago near my City in Middile India

  • Why hating so much and says that this game is not AC? if you remember back in AC2, theres 6 tombs which including a sparta.

  • If you have ps4 look up “ghosts of Tsushima” for an assassins creed like game in Ancient japan. Thank me later

  • Assassin creed games

  • This reminds me of the movie 300

  • Nope

  • I play Jump Up Superstar song while watching this trailer

  • Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!

  • This doesn't seem to be an Assassin game. Its just an old story

  • Assasins Creed more like 300 the game

  • First Assassin's Creed I've actually been interested in since 2 hopefully they actually really focus on the Greek mythology parts of it then I may actually consider buying it

  • I would’ve preferred a continuation of Origins tbh

  • Is this the voice actor from Far Cry Primal?

  • Same physic motor , same movements :PPP just different story :)


  • Love it ...getting it for sure !!

  • The trailer looks pretty good ... I really hope the game is as good as it looks

  • Curious. Personally, my experience with the Assassin's Creed games began and ended with Revelations, a fantastic game in my opinion, but at the same time I have very little with which to set expectations beyond 'sneak up and murder people'. Don't personally care much about whether the protagonist's male or female, not now they're delving into myth and giving a good excuse to sideline biological differences (Not being sarcastic), but with potentially interesting characters, an intriguing amount of appearances for armour and the promise of using the most underrated weapon in history, _spears,_ this looks quite promising. And like that of the A.C. series, my experience with Ubisoft in general has been limited but favourable, so I have no pre-existing negative impressions of the company. Quite fond of For Honor.

  • where are the hoddies? where are the hidden blades? WHERE IS THE LINEAR HISTORY? *WHERE IS THE ASSASSIN'S CREED?*

  • ''is not an assassins creed anymore'' Stop bitching and appreciate the game

  • This isn't so called an assassins creed game

  • #notmyassassinscreed

  • Dude. I've played every AC since the first one and i swear i love this game more than anyone on earth. Like,p i kneww they were going roman empire next. You could tell from the last game. They hinted at it many times.

  • Why is there no cinematic trailer like all the other AC games has?

  • when does this come out, I needdddddd it


  • Where is feudal Japan? Been asking since AC1

  • This is literally the perfect game for me.

  • This looks soooooo goood

  • Looks fun but this literally is not a game about the assassins creed

  • I liek centipede.

  • Where is Kratos?

  • This new skin to Origins looks great

  • That blade he’s using is obviously a piece of Eden.

  • Looks like it might already, but it better have the Persians in it

  • On god this looks like one of those mobile games

  • Trash

  • Can wait till they go back to the 1800s

  • The power of choice... meeeh. As bland as the pyramid game. Cool but no touching story as the rest.

  • Looks so much better then origin

  • Not very assassin-ish...

  • N I K O L A A H S

  • The music is lovely 💪🏾

  • I’m so hype🙌🏾

  • It pisses me off i want the good ol' ac back please. I grew up on this franchise


  • Leonidas!! God this game will be epic, only a AC in China or Japan will be as epic as this game is going to be!!!!

  • THERE MUST BE A GOD OF WAR EASTER EGG, someone please find it when the game comes out

  • Who Else Wants Ubisoft to make the next game(hopefully) about Desomnd's Son,Elijah, I mean it will be good if the assassins or abstergo took him to retrieve information of another ancestor

  • What do people mean by it 'isn't' an Assassin's Creed game ???

    • They finally got all the changes they asked for and are looking for something new to be mad about.

  • Damn 1 year went by like nothing lol

  • This game will cause the destruction of the series and bankruptcy of ubisoft

  • Reminds me of the movie : 300

  • Ezio is turning around in his grave

  • Am I the only person here for the lore and novel that comes out?

  • Oh, look. You play as a man... again... 😑😒😩

    • JamesHLanier really? Well that's grand news! 😃 Still would've liked to clearly see that in the trailer, but I'm definitely excited now. Really looking forward to it, you have no idea.

    • You can play as a woman. Odyssey lets you choose your hero in the beginning. Either Alexios or Kassandra, and according to the novel, Kassandra is the canonical choice.

    • Yes first off, I'm not sure you read the whole comment. Secondly, there were WAY more goddesses than that, whom I dont think you gave the time of day. Athena and Artemis were both warrior types, for example. There's a plathora of gods and goddesses whom were much smaller and less well known, as well. Not even including demi's.

    • +Glass Dragon goddess of “love” goddess of “beauty” and that’s it LOOOOOOOOL nothing worth anyone’s time

    • Wow. Ok, no. Listen, falling back on "historical technicalities" whether true or not isn't going to work here. Ancient Greece had warrior goddesses! Besides, looking at just the Assassin's Creed franchise, as a fictional video game, they have no excuse. They already use female characters (side and main) in a few games. As main characters, there are 2 and a half, the Asian girl ezio trained, but she is mainly in side games, not as fun. Side scroller and stuff. The half black french girl who was freed from slavery had a hand held game. And the twin sister in syndicate, though throughout the game I felt she wasn't meant to be the main. In the beginning, either the first or second game, we saw a statue of a female assassin in Egypt who poisoned Cleopatra, though I cant remember if they dropped that as canon. In origins, Aya is in fact another assassin, or warrior, whatever you want to call her. She had little restriction, and could've been the main character. All in all, the developers have no excuse for not making a female main character in one of the mainstream games, even if they wanted to be historically accurate about sexism and prejudice restrictions, because the main character is always badass enough to work around those.

  • It looks like an amazing game that I would buy! But can we really call is Assassin’s creer anymore?

  • I keep seeing videos about the game and it confuses me. I thought the game came out in the summer.

  • SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR. .. ah non...

  • The music is lit

  • Wonder if they’ll make a God of war Easter egg

  • Please Ubisoft let us use the shield and make the climbs more realistic

  • guys c'mon i am so so so so so happy with the way origins came out it's just totally wonderful

  • Witcher was trash, this copy of witcher is trash too, bring back old AC realism

  • #MakeAssassin'sCreedGreatAgain

  • Honestly Ubisoft can let AC die, just make a new series of ancient dudes battling without being an assassin.

  • I bet if it would not be named like this people would not hate like wth hate bc the games name???

  • Where is good old AC? Altaïr and Ezio trilogy was the best...

  • I have play every assassin's Creed and I can't wait for this one

  • I never asked for this.

  • Hey at least they didn’t add jet packs like Cod😂


  • I hope the story has something to add to the assassin timeline, or else theres no point in calling this an assassins creed game

    • They said Odyssey was going to dive deeper into the First Civilization than ever before. There are also rumors that this will tell the story of the origins of the Templars.

  • Since when are ancient Greeks dark skinned?

  • I want an Assassins Creed game set in WWII. That is all I need. And it could do it even better than Battlefield V.

  • Looks like I’m going to buy this game to see how history really happened