BBC News Review: Fitness app suspended due to security concerns

Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
The Finnish operator of the mobile fitness app Polar has suspended its location tracking application after journalists found it unwittingly revealed information on defence and intelligence personnel from dozens of countries.
Key words and phrases:
allows a secret to be known
-Information leaks due to carelessness when sending emails containing sensitive data.
-The spy knew there was a leak somewhere - she just had to find it.
imperfection or fault
-The company's financial difficulty has resulted from a flaw in the payment system.
-Everybody has a character flaw or two! It's what makes life interesting!
without worrying about risk or consequence
-He recklessly gambled his entire month's pay on a horse? Is he crazy?!
-Despite being warned not to, the politician recklessly criticised public opinion.
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    • Hi! Thank you very much for your high praise. We hope you enjoy all 1787 of them (though there are probably more by now!). Yes, Dan said 'I must be having one of my slow days.' and yes it means exactly as you guessed - that Dan is not thinking as clearly or as cleverly as usual. Well done!

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    • A tracking application is an app that can help you find your smartphone is you lose it. It can also be an app that tracks/follows your movements - for example when you are running.

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