Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

Publicado em 11 Fev 2019
Cardi B's Grammys look involved a direct message on Instagram, one trip to Paris, and a lot of practice tiptoeing and dancing.

Directors: Max Bartick, Beatrice Pegard
Producer: Dayna Carney
Production Manager: Jen Santos
Editor: Daniel Poler
Titles: Michel Sayegh
Color Company 3
Archive Footage Courtesy of the House of Mugler
Filmed on Location at Dream Hollywood Hotel
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Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue


  • omg cardi i am 10 i live in atlanta and my dream is to meat u!

  • i wanna learn about the piano lol

  • What I like about cardi B she's a humble person yeah she's a little ghetto but she has a heart

  • She won 😭😭😄😄😄

  • how she look without makeup wattttt

  • 0:44 i spit my water in that part im cRYinG

  • this bigass frog is too fat and ugly for those nice dresses

  • More like Joker dress

  • I didn’t realize she was so short. How tall is she?

  • Koorrrrrrrrrrr

  • Nobody cares about this no talent, racist culture vulture. The fact that the industry keeps shoving this trash down our throats shows thier lack of respect for us. It's time we stop accepting crumbs.

  • I'm speechless. She is a great beauty of our time.

  • Just love me some cardi b

  • She actually really cute with no makeup


  • 0:43 only for one reason we wear clothes Wich is to hide there and look at her Ifn becoming a designer is that easy i will be a designer 😂😂

  • HARLOT...........!!!

  • You put the outfit on few pictures and you want to take it off leave it inside closet for years they die then family sells the outfit 😂

  • “The cap just slipps off.. -whispers to self: like a wet condom 🤤-“

  • Cardi : 3 outfit for 1 day Me : 1 outfit for 3 days

  • The old time come form thierry mugler

  • she's so humble 💕

  • Cardi is too cutee

  • The black guy look like 21 savage

  • Her figure is goals for me!!! Now those nails I'd hurt myself or rip something I was wearing or both

  • Wow, Just wow

  • The next Illuminati Barbie

  • She look like Ursula in that dress

  • She is really thin, her body is spectacular!

  • I love Cardi B

  • ugh

  • Stays humble love her

  • It just comes off........ like a wet condom 😆

  • that transphobia look so good on her🤩🤩

  • she rocking that transphobia😝😝

  • but she looks beautiful with that curly hair and red vintage jacket)

  • like a wet condom...? OMG she is better never talk.she has no class

  • why her skin is so white?isn't she black? too much bleaching

  • God I hate cardi b. why can't she fuckin speak properly, it's so fuckin annoying

  • Capitol fashion, it is.

  • This is so fancy. I feel like I don’t deserve to watch this 😂

  • She looks so pretty in this

  • ppl watched this more than the actual Grammys lol

  • 3:53 teletuby?

  • without makeup she looks like 14

  • Behind cardi bs breathtaking herpes

    • You need mental help

  • I love mugler so much❤

  • shes so beautiful

  • Gorgeousity🥰😍

  • she's so gorgeous! :)

  • Yall know she looked like an idiot.

  • She deff rocked that dress

  • I named u Papeete 😂

  • Still pretty no matter what😫🦄

  • U did that luv

  • The white fringe is gorgeous..that black tulip thing is not

  • Iris was right. The glamour is gone.

  • Shes so cool 😀😀😀😀

  • All is truly epic...the cape, the hair, the dresses, the pearls, the words, the soooo classssy and expensive!

  • Love it!!!

  • kardiviesputa

  • Who doesn't just love her?? ..I mean even if u don't get the music..peep the full blown unchanging personality.

  • The stylist is fine

  • Cardi b is great

  • $#$##$ usa nasa usa millitary seargeant tony stark

  • Cardio was too ratchet for the dress and didn’t know how to carry it in the red carpet. She walked around like a mummy. She needs to stick to Fashion Nova.

    • Shut up hater

  • This made me really see cardi in a different light, and like her even more

  • One of the Best Dressed of The night fashoo🔥🔥

  • Cardi is ❤️ so real 😍

  • Hermosisimos tidos los vestuarios 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • trash

  • People of late capitalism

  • Glad she has chosen such an ugly dress, wouldn't have been Cardi if she didn't wear weird stuff

  • "the cape it comes off like a wet condom"


  • so greats cardi B

  • Pokemon dress

  • All becaise of a record man. I hope when i become a mortition i get to live like this

  • OMG!!!!! she's really short looooollll but very cute

  • Amazing!

  • *feels poor*

  • wow how much it all cost?

  • Cardi B is so pretty without makeup

  • I'm I the only one in love with cardi B's attitude? She's gracious and very appreciative of the people working for her. She's still crazy as ever though 😊. When I grow up, I want to be Cardi B 😊

  • Ugh. She's so... ugh. Can't stand it.

  • Vaya tontería!!!!

  • Ew

  • Yuck

  • Very bad dress 😖😫

  • so cardi had literally nothing to do with it. ok

  • I love that a lot of these big stars are getting into the fashion archives of amazing designers in history. These clothes should not be forgotten.

  • 7:58 she cant walking by her self :O

  • "The cape it just comes off" *smiles* "Like a wet condom"

  • Vogue now features prostitutes. How...Vogue!

  • When This Video Cost Your Whole Life


  • Amazing 💕

  • ...the industry set her up to be laughed at her, cause she has 0 rap skills PERIOD

  • She's so short, I love her

  • Terrible dress. This is what good PR looks like.