Box of Lies with Chris Pratt

Publicado em 15 Jun 2018
Chris Pratt and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with Chris Pratt
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  • Best played

  • Chris is hilarious lol 😂

  • Is jimmy drunk?

  • I mean he’s a actor

  • remember folks the best lies are ones that have a grain of truth

  • Jimmy is getting hard to watch everyday .

  • I love Chris Pratt

  • You guys are hilarious

  • The first one that he got was hilarious

  • *_SUCKAAA_*


  • *NINE*

  • 5:15 cutest smile ever

  • Chris should be on EW!

  • What is the ideal box of lies segment? Tom Hiddleston with one of the props being a Loki figurine riding a my little pony just because I want to see Tom's reaction to that.

  • Chris Pratt the undisputed King of Box of Lies.

  • -CHRIS PRATT! YOU LIED! -*sucks in unnecessary amount of air* SUCKAH

  • same old boring joke from jimmy at every game he play ...

  • I love these vids

  • Do you ever just look at the thing they pull out of the boxes and think “I want that as decoration”. Idk why but I think that every time I watch these videos lol!

  • why does jimmy think that hes gonna win, these are proffessional actors

  • What is wrong with the people behind the ideas of these?? What‘s going on in their minds?? Also I want this job.

  • Get Jeff Goldblum on box of lies!!!

  • Jimmy is way better then the other Jimmy. And James.

  • This was soooooooo funny!!!!!!!

  • Who comes up with those is a genius. I can’t believe Chris is marrying terminator daughter!

  • staged

  • That plot twist in the end lol

  • chris smiles like a little kid, its so sweet

  • chris kicked his backsides

  • Jimmy needs to change that depressing ass outro music

  • what's the song at 5:40? is it some theme song?

  • Where do the writers come up with these

  • I can never watch these with a straight face

  • Why is the first box always number 4?

  • Crisp Rat.

  • Chris Pratt: Engaging in... Me: 😂😂

  • He was definitely the best one jet😂😂

  • Jimmy, you are horrible at this 😂😂

  • 6 is an under appreciated number

  • Suckaaaaaaahh!

  • Chris is damn cute

  • Me and Chris birthday is on the same day!! Yayyy

  • Where the hell do they get these items?

  • I thought for the last one Jimmy was gonna say you're lying! Chris was surprised as well

  • I love it when chris pratt looked it was a lie but then he said sucker

  • Fallout obviously knew all of the items. He played so that Chris could win. Amazingly shit person tbqh

  • and they are all......wearing hats

  • Hmmmmmm not that funnyy Chris just said yoga and there were laughter... So fake...

  • I know that Chris Pratt is one gorgeous hunk of he meat. He’s also funny and a great actor. ❤️ ❤️

  • **Plays a game that depends on acting against a professional actor** *is shocked that he lost*

  • #prattlethalfofhumanity

  • 4:18 I know I have that but not like a pretty princess

  • 😂😂😂 I love this!

  • Where can I buy that yoga house with 5 gnomes in it??

  • Jimmy should play this with Jeff Goldblum lol

  • In this game jimmy fallon always makes the same joke by pretending the boke is heavy

  • Jimmy Fallon didn't even have a chance.

  • You cant lie to chris macklin he sees straight through you (chris pratt parks and rec)

  • Did anyone else pick up the fact that Chris called the Gnomes... Dwarves with hats

  • its definitely no secret Jimmy wasn't trying

  • A dinosaur wearing a toto...what an insult. ..and thong 😂😂😂

  • Jimmy reminds me of a real life Fry from futurama 😂

  • *SUCKA!!* hahah

  • Chris Patt is the best at this game😁

  • 4:18 That’s what she said Chris: Is that real? Jimmy: You said that about the last one.

  • The thirst I have for Chris Pratt is real! 😆😆😆

  • "suckerrrr" while lifting up a room full of gnomes doing yoga hahahahhaha he is gold

  • I want to get that Vibrating photo of Jeff goldblum inside a green jello

  • It may not be in the spirit of the game, but you could increase your chances of winning just by saying what it is and only changing a slight aspect of it. So you sound genuine describing what you see, and just add some small detail which is a lie. Like instead of Jeff Goldblum, it could just be any other actor.

  • "Ts like the price s right!"

  • Dont we all have a jello jeff at home

  • 130 210

  • Sucker 😂😂😂

  • The more the contenders looking at the item while describing it, the more statements look like true.

  • Tom Holland must do this.

  • jimmy is so confident every time!🤣

  • Sakaaa😂😂😂

  • “Chris Pratt is a master” boi he’s a professional actor 😂

  • 3:24 i like his smile

  • Which makes me think- Chris Pratt, YOU LIE!!!!!! Sss Sucker!!!

  • Someone Can tell me the rules of the game?

  • I didn’t know how Chris Pratt is smart. If Rocky knew this 😅

  • The heavy box joke is well over done by Jimmy... funny the first couple times. Now you’re just beating a dead horse with that joke buddy

  • Great liar... Typical gemini

  • Technically they were gnomes


  • Chris Pratt is the master!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol, first time anyone got all three rounds

  • i want him to choke me.

  • Imao Chris Pratt, you're too much bro! :)

  • Chris is hilarious!!!! :)

  • Get Tom Holland to this!

  • I want to know what's in the rest of the boxes

  • Thank you, jeff

  • we need a segment of the writers at a psychiatrist’s office, discussing where these ideas come from, with the psychiatrist analyzing them haha bc dear Lord WHO comes up with these items in box of lies?! 😆 haha and the ones in this episode aren’t even among the strangest+most bizarre items we’ve seen in box of lies.

  • i click anything with chris pratt in it lmao

  • That jimmy looks like a abuser in some kind of way fake laughs and all that fake interest in things ooo i forgot he is an actor thats normal

  • 6 is either really heavy or he’s just REALLY weak