Box of Lies with Chris Pratt

Publicado em 15 Jun 2018
Chris Pratt and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with Chris Pratt
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  • Imao Chris Pratt, you're too much bro! :)

  • Chris is hilarious!!!! :)

  • Get Tom Holland to this!

  • I want to know what's in the rest of the boxes

  • Thank you, jeff

  • we need a segment of the writers at a psychiatrist’s office, discussing where these ideas come from, with the psychiatrist analyzing them haha bc dear Lord WHO comes up with these items in box of lies?! 😆 haha and the ones in this episode aren’t even among the strangest+most bizarre items we’ve seen in box of lies.

  • i click anything with chris pratt in it lmao

  • That jimmy looks like a abuser in some kind of way fake laughs and all that fake interest in things ooo i forgot he is an actor thats normal

  • 6 is either really heavy or he’s just REALLY weak

  • Chris Pratt nailed it...

  • Rip Echo

  • Chris Pratt is awesome!I don't know him but just love everything about him!!! 😁❤️

  • I love how Chris Pratt called them dwarves with hats rather than gnomes

  • Snow white is so disappointed right now!

    • He confused gnomes with dwarfs.Snow has left the chat 😁

  • Nine!!!!!!!

  • i’m so tired of jimmy the box is never heavy

  • 0:08 Chris is the best!!!!!!!!

  • *is that real??1!!1!1*

  • Chris Pratt can be my master anytime ; )

  • Who else wanted that gnome yoga room SOO badly?! 😂

  • Jimmy totally knows what is in the boxes. Great acting job.

  • Why am I not surprised that Chris is so good at this game. He is too witty.

  • Plot twist ending haha

  • I always wonder why Jimmy stand up and have the wierdest reactions

  • why jimmy always give fake guffaws!

  • came here after Cardi B

  • This might be overlooked but if you guys could help support I would really appreciate it and please share with friends and family thank you guys

  • This guy is so unfunny and why is he laughing all the time?

  • Well done Chris 😂😂😂👌

  • A diorama of little people/dwarves.... (jimmy- dwarves) Yeah jimmy not as funny if you already know what is in the box

  • this game is so fun to play

  • this game means so much to jimmy

  • I knew chris would have won even before watching..cuz he is a pro

  • Lol how do the writers come up with this and on another note... somebody built all those things 😂😂😂😂

  • *I S T H A T R E A L*

  • Will there be an eshop or something for those things from boxes? I'm crazy about the dinosaur. I'd use it as a prank gift!😄

  • so he just happens to pick the one related to jurassic park ? i call BS

  • they're gnomes ffs kabouters!

  • Is it bad that 1:48 jimmy reminded me of Donald J Trump... ya hate too see it

  • I loved the Jeff Goldblum one. That’s awesome.

  • Haha the shit they come up with is epic. Jimmy's team is awesome!

  • I wasnt expecting a raptor who is wearing a tutu and a tiara

  • "YoU LiEeEEeE!!"

  • Why is it that they always pick number 4??

  • This is the best box of lies game ever !! Chris Pratt totally rocks !! 👍😂

  • I didn't hear anyone say 4 on the first one

  • God his fake laughs

  • Wait how did he lie at the end?? Lol

  • goog

  • 5:14 that smile oh my gOD

  • I actually yelled 6.

  • does anyone else sing with tarik in the end.. Aha and its ooon an' ooon an' ooon

  • There gnomes pratt

  • Chris Pratt can do card magic too... OMG!!!

  • Chris Pratt is awesome.. Didn't really know who he was until I watched guardians of the Galaxy.. now he's one of my favorite actors.. he crushes every role he plays

  • That Raptor with a Tutu on a lazy Susan is what I need on my study table.

  • Chris Pratt may be the only person to skunk Jimmy in Box of Lies.

  • chris is so smart 😍😍😂😂

  • Everything in these boxes is too good to lie about. Favorite part of Jimmy Fallon

  • youuuu liieeeeee i love it when he says that

  • Am I the only one who thinks Chris Pratt is super handsome and hot man? My hearts bouncing hard when he looks like that suspicious gorgeously glance and my heart melts when he smiles ^_^ Am I the only one like this?


  • How do I buy these items!!?

  • This is the best performance by a guest on Box of Lies that I've ever seen

  • damn hes a master

  • "Sucker..." 😍😍

  • I love chris pratt.

  • just something I realized but one of the celebs who did this game before once lied by saying ‘ a t-rex in a ballerina costume’ while they actually had a cowboy costume on, and now they used that idea here. I think it was Adele?

  • He's good

  • one of the best

  • Those are gnomes, not dwarves

  • that jello mold was the most random thing I have ever seen

  • Why do I feel, Jimmy lost purposely?!🤔

  • he looks like Justin Chambers xD

  • I will be star lord

  • 2:56 OK wtf is that

  • Chris Pratt is the best chris

  • Omfg I love Chris Pratt!!

  • Of course he won... he's an actor!

  • Man. That was the weirdest BOL so far.

  • What a coincidence that after Jimmy got the Jeff Goldblum jello mold Chris got a dinosaur

  • Crisp Rat

  • Point Jurassic world

  • I want that Dwarf diorama, it's so cute!!!

  • They’re called gnomes not little people with hats

  • He will always be Andy Dwyer


  • Chris is the master of everything! !! 😍😍😍

  • Every time they choose 4

  • Chris Pratt is hotter than hell

  • Remember when JLaw did this and the girl yelled out nine

  • “HE’S A MASTER” No he’s an actor


  • this is why chris is an actor

  • Can this be longer

  • He needs to do a Box of Lies with Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Even though i know its staged af, i still enjoyed it

  • You should do this with Brad Pitt, and he should yell: "What's in the fucking box?"

  • Call me diana 😊😂

  • indeed chris was good at it . 😉