BTS Suga (AGUST D) - Tony Montana FT. Yankie [Lyrics Han|Rom|Eng]

Publicado em 16 Ago 2016
Lyrics to Bangtan Boys' Suga 'Tony Montana ft Yankie' from his new mixtape!
Release date: 2016.08.16
Produced by Agust D, Pdogg, Supreme Boi
Keyboard - Agust D, Supreme Boi
Synthesizer - Agust D, Pdogg
Recording Engineer - Agust D @ Genius Lab
Mix Engineer - Kim Bo Sung @ Big Hit Studio
Mastering Engineer - Alex DeYoung @ DeYoung Masters
Korean: Big Hit Entertainment
Rom: Jeonilysm
English: papercrowns
INFO : Tony Montana is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the 1983 film Scarface.
Track list:
01. Intro ; Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz)
02. Agust D
03. give it to me
04. skit
05. 치리사일사팔 (724148)
06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)
07. 마지막 (The Last)
08. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
09. Interlude ; Dream, Reality
10. so far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN))
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  • Before this stared i got an ad of a girl saying “on the first day of christmas my husband gave to me, five golden- six golden rings~~. Seven golden rings” and she just looked at the food once more😂😂😂 i swear she’s me when im older

  • I thought he said nigga bit it was niga

  • When you shake the screen it lookslike its moving

  • Pene gordo has me un hijo

  • Hanna montana who?? I only know tony montana

  • *swaeg*

  • This is great song but I always listen Tony Montana ft Park Jimin.. 😊😊

  • Yah Min suga broken my heart:( 🇹🇷

  • i just keep picturing jimin screaming: ''Tooooonyyyyyyyy''

  • o.m.g min yoongi i sue you ..... really you're too perfect ... how can be a man so hot voice

  • Is it weird i never even heard of this ver before

  • Min yoongi, you dangerous man 😂🖤🔥

  • Okay, si estoy muriendo!


  • Sugas deep voice look like V Wtf man

  • FAVE

  • Suga, thank you for being YOU and for sharing your talent with the world.... Thank you for being there for me when I thought the entire world was against me... You have become my rock and my solace when life gets tough. You helped me find my path in life..... You are always there when I need your lyrics and your music. Thank you again.....

  • CA - RE - BO - NA - RA Tony Montana?! Anyone? 😂

  • Dude yoongi sounds so different in this im kinda shook. I fell like its a new person.

  • I used an app that lets me listen to the song with Yankie's verse and Jimin's Verse. So the way I listen to the song goes like, Chorus Suga's Verse Chorus Yankie's Verse Chorus Jimin's Verse Chorus

  • whos here after the yoonmin collab?

  • gentleman probably means haters. ‘Hey gentleman wait a minute’

  • Yoongi secretly fluent in English. We all know it

  • Yankie voice and the one suga did the rap battle on their pre debut is soo similar

  • I this shizzle so much ahh

  • Is crazy that I can rap or sing to their song in Korean when Im not even that fluent or Korean... amazing

  • Suga is making so many American rappers songs sound like they rap slow the way he raps geez he raps fast. 😍😘😘

  • Ok everyone, don't come for me but I like this version more than the one with Jimin

  • I love you suga

  • Honestly I dont listen to much Korean music anymore, but Scarface is one of the best movies ever. When I am in a mood to watch the music, I just listen to this song lol

  • Friend:Why are you so happy when you are broke? Me: Someone once taught me. *No money,no problem shit*

  • first day of high school and this song is hyping me up and making me less nervous!!😂💕

  • Yankie voice 🔥

  • 1

  • This is lit af

  • the autotune at the beginning is my kink

  • Guys even though Jimin isn't in this version, Yankie still killed it !

  • h- wHAt FuVCK ThE?

  • I love voice suga

  • Agust D August 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • oml the growls...

  • 간지난다....♡

  • The deep voice of SUGA omggg !!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 *MY HEARTU* ❤❤

  • “Yeah fuck the system, I say good bye bye” yup my new favorite line

  • Yoongiiiiiiiimmm

  • I thought he says ‘i really hate Tony Montana’ 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • ah we all love army slaughter

  • Am I the only one who thinks this song is absolutely brilliant? I've never seen Scarface and after watching a trailer of it and listening to the English lyrics of this song I've realized how skillfully did Suga paint a whole image in my mind. The connection to the movie premise (from what I got from that trailer) and his career are amazingly put side to side. The concept of earning power, maintaining a level of wealth (whether it is monetary or spiritual), trying to be cautious in the empire that has been created and trying to balance all that out with a healthy mental state and sense of stability is insane to me. Saying that he feels like Tony Montana is Yoongi telling you how well he knows that he is exposed to the wide world, this being clearly heard not only from the echoes of his voice which might be mimicking his fans who are always acknowledging his fame but also by the bullet sounds he makes that could symbolize the people who don't agree with his path. Even the cover of his mixtape kinda looks like a barcode and the reality is that the more barcodes are sold, there's more wealth on its way, building up his empire. Not to say that the beat couldn't imply the same thing (also I'm in love with the dark tone of this tune, which gives such a sharp sense of tenseness and dark feels overall). I'm relatively new to rap music and until recently never been a huge fan of it since I never heard powerful tunes and lyricism for my taste, but his song absolutely blew my mind away with this reference of a concrete premise that helps me fully grasp the deeper meaning of the song besides surface references.

  • One of my fav boys and one of my fav films TT I love this song

  • was he roasting Eminem? I was not ready for this tho omg

  • Suga saying bang bang bang bang is my new kink


  • I love August d .suga


  • Keith Ape on steroids. That’s what I’m getting.

  • Oof, I want to pass out to this

  • I'm the only who thinks he's voice is so sexy?

  • Is that tae in the beginning? It sounds like him (I know it's not lol)

  • it sounds like yankee is spitting everywhere like i can feel it through my screen

  • Anyone knows who’s yankie? I mean i got nothing when searched him on youtube. If u know pls give me the link💛💛

  • I feel bad ass when i listen to this song lol

  • both of the versions are amazing :’))

  • ❤❤❤❤ ❤ 3:02 ❤ ❤❤❤❤

  • The beginning tone reminds me of some Metallica song I’ve heard but idk which one cause I’m not into Metallica I just know my dad loves them

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • *when the song literally burned off ur edges AND snatched your wig so u had to hide in the comments*

  • who tf is yankie???? it's jimin... and suga....

  • I’m not a big fan of BTS but Agust D is a mixtape I listen to all the time. The other night I was watching the film Scarface because I’m big into gang films and I remember watching it and for some reason the main character, Tony, reminded me of these lyrics. So I had a bet with someone that if I find out that his surname was Montana then they’ll give me five euro. The person who I had the bet with didn’t believe that a Korean rapper would know about American films. Once I showed him that Tony’s surname was indeed Montana, I spent that five euro on some Italian gelato and it was delicious

  • I’m surprised some of y’all didn’t know AGUST D was SUGA smh

  • A lot of the comments here are annoying. Most dont know who Tony Montana is, are saying Jimins version is better, and saying other members are on the track. Its just Agust D ft Yankie no one else, Tony Montana is a pop culture icon, and this is the original version they just added Jimin instead because they probably couldnt get Yankie to rap it live. The lyrics are quite dark. Yankie represents the dark thoughts of Yoongi. Success is messing with his head. Honestly when this mixtape came out I was very worried about Yoongi and I still am. I just hope he has learned to cope with his emotions and negative thoughts. But its great music.

  • perfect

  • IM SORRY BUT YANKIE SOUNDS LIKE G-DRAGON (maybe its just me.....)

  • "Yeah fuck the system I say good bye bye."

  • Será un delito si algún día pueda abrazar a este hermoso ángel?!

  • 대체불가 대체불가

  • Yoongi ah I love your rap style so much. I can hear your voice all day

  • Karsilikli abone????

  • This song is actually so fucking deep though like uuuugggghhh idk how to explain it. I appreciate Yoongi's honesty about how growing fame/money is beginning to affect him

  • OMG...i never knew this ver exist...i just know the one with jimin...

  • Taehyung is crying in a corner RN

  • The really rap MONSTER!!!! ✌✌😱😱🎧🎵

  • Is Yankie Supreme boi???

  • And i feel just like Hannah Montana

  • that moment when i realized that it isnt the original with jimin... sad live

  • I jam out to this while eating a cupcake 😂😂

  • I prefer yoonmin version coz jimin is my bias . But i also love this original version

  • i love this song but (sorry) for me its too autotuned

  • I like jimin ver. more lol

  • Ok SOoOooo...Erm I had my volume on high because this is so DAMN LIT ASF SoooOOOOooOOOoooO~ ( ok I will get to the point 😂) well.......THIS PART --> 2:33

  • Why is suga so sexy

  • Hot damn

  • They got inspired by tory lanez-diego and made this

  • my own husband killed me...

  • Who is yankie?

  • Tttttttttooooooooooonnnnnnyyyyyyyy Mmmmmmmonnnnnnnnnntttttttttaaaaaannnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa 🤜🏼

  • this song is my religion

  • I love this song

  • I can't believe how underrated this song is. Tony Montana, one of the most legendary fictional movie character ever made! Friggin kickass, i'm dying! Suga/agust d is a real genius.

  • 0:35 his "bang bang bang bang" caught me off guard... I am shooketh Staph it boi staph it

  • im inlove