BTS V & Rap Monster - '4 O'Clock (네시)' [Han|Rom|Eng lyrics]

Publicado em 8 Jun 2017
BTS V & Rap Monster - '4 O'Clock (네시)' [Han|Rom|Eng|colourcode lyrics] for BTS Festa 2017!!!!!
Produced by RM, V
V- pink
Rap Monster- blue
eng sub bts bangtan bangtan boys suga agust d august d yoongi min suga min yoongi jin v rap monster jhope bangtan sonyeondan young forever save me the most beautiful moment in life mixtape eng subs lyric hangul romanticized translation trans suran so far away yixtape jungkook taehyung jimin hug me cover vhope have yourself a little merry christmas frank sinatra paper hearts tori kelly troye sivan fools blue neighbourhood justin bieber nothing like us beautiful goblin ost we don't talk anymore charlie puth selena gomez colorcode bts festa


  • 랩몬이 보컬을 하다니!

  • i’m not a shipper but why tf do i picture jungkook crying with tae when he says “why are you crying? it’s just me and you here”

  • If this isn't played at my funeral im not dying

  • "Why are you crying?" part really called out to me. My parents just shut down my dream of becoming a performer that I worked so hard on by myself, practicing for 8 hours every single day. I am a Muslim so it makes it harder, I am crying. I don't think I will stop.


  • Those 1.5 dislikers are dumb they dont understand the meaning of the song

  • scenery and 4 o’clock are the songs that will never leave my heart

  • This was played at 4 am at my brother's funeral. I was glad he left a note.

  • I can’t i die right at the beginning the beginning is amazing Taehyung!!!😍


  • ♥️♥️

  • What BTS had actually done, was for the world to hear. We all have dark times and they gave us light.

  • i'm not Army, but i love this song. Taehyung's voice make me fallin

  • Rap Monster was cutting onions again. OK fine I admit it. I was crying to this song.

  • i come at the time 4:15AM and i’m crying alone

  • If this song doesn't get your tear ducts going, I don't know what will.

  • V voice is so beautiful!!!💟 Kisses by Greece 🇬🇷! GreekArmy you here?

  • Am I the only one who came here after listening to Moonchild

  • Im literally crying and listening to this song,i have a bad sister that she doesnot even deserve my hate also,...i have been calm like there is no place for hate also in my heart

  • Kim Taeyung V😍😍😍😍 very deep and soulful voice🎶

  • I can’t stop crying

  • Tae and Namjoons voices are so soothing. Thank you so much BTS for being such an inspiration. I wouldn’t even be here if I didn’t happen to find you when I did in 2013! Thank you so much! 💜💜💜

  • after hearing this song. I don’t even know my bias anymore, LIKE DEEP DOWN I HAVE 7 BIAS LMAO CUZ individually all of them have such charms and heavenly voices...

  • Agh V😢❤️

  • I need this as an OST!!

  • I can listen to namjoons vocal over and over again!! Gosh! Why don't he just became a vocal slash rapper?? He's voice was sooooo warm i can listen it over and over again😍😍😍😍 And again. Taehyung's deep voice, is torturing me!! I mean. Does it souds husky? Like. Agdjdowlsiabdixknb!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • i got goosebumps 💜

  • "nameless bird sings"

  • I love you so much, Kims.

  • i love this song

  • Will youall please appreciate both the men?

  • still my fave😭 2019 y'all????

  • This song deserves more recognition.

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ILOVE YOU TAAAAAAE ILOVE YOU EM 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😢

  • 2019

  • VMON! such an amazing song I luv it so much~ X) their voices are beautiful *sobbs* oof too beautiful of a song im tearing up TwT

  • 1:49 rms song moonchild

  • one of my favorite bts songs of all time. taehyungs voice has always been able to calm my panic attacks. he really is my hero

  • how did i only find this yesterday?? why don't we talk about it more??? tae's voice is beautiful, then namjoon comes in and does his slow rapping and ahHHH i love it ALSO NAMJOON ACTUALLY SINGING WHAT I LOVE THIS SM

  • 03.03 couldn't believe RM was singing... I have only heard his strong rap.... This was so soft and beautiful... Please give him such songs too... V as usual steals my heart away

  • My neighbours listen to this song everyday because i leave them no choice.

  • 💛💛💛💛

  • happy valentines day armyyyy

  • اهخ جعلني ابلعه.هو وصوته ذا😢😭

  • are 1.5k people deaf???????????????????????????????

  • Omg RM's singing voice is life 😍💕

  • 2019년에도 두사람의 멋진 목소리를 함께 들었으면 좋겠다 ~^^

  • i love this. so much.

  • I'm listening to this song in 2019 Are you like me ??

  • This song will forever make me cry

  • 2:42-3:04 ..


  • X75 speed, I’m crying so much more

  • My fav song Kim taehyung scenery and 4 O,clock 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • 'I call you moonchild' 'we are children of the moon' Me: Sounds...FaMiLiAr... Wait a minute didn't RM- Moonchild- H-???

  • His deep voice softens me

  • Taehgers, please vote vote ..

  • This song will fit for kdrama OST because thats damn too nice

  • Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Kim Namjoon Jung Hoseok Kim Taehyung Park Jimin Jeon Jungkook I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I'm crying right now..😢😢😢😭😭

  • OMG ok im not sure if this is true but when rm released his mono album he had a song on there that was moonchild and i think that"s the sequel to this OMG IM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tae's voice is like listening to butter

  • Do you ever just sit and feel bad for people who have the audacity to dislike this masterpiece. WHAT A HORRIBLE TASTE IN MUSIC YOU 1.5K PEOPLE HAVE.

  • my taejoon heart sigh

  • I know I'm not the only one who thinks this is the type of song that would play on a sad part of a drama😂😂😂

  • The moonchild was hinted 2 years before....

  • 자랑스런 태형이와 남준~💜 그래미 시상식 잘봤어 탄이들보려고 TV앞에서 열심히 봤어~💜💜💜💜💜

  • For 4 minutes I didn't feel alone

  • im cry to listening her sing I realize anything is not happy together

  • *I love this! TaeTae’s deep voice is SO comforting! I love Rm’s rap too!! This song is perfection! Just like all their other songs!*

  • “I call u moonchild “

  • Don't be sad V. Your moon will shine on you and will never disappear again.

  • This song always made me miss someone💜

  • namjoon's vocals pierced my heart

  • uWU

  • 세계에서 가장 잘생긴 남자 (투표기간 : 2018. 4. 8. ~ 2019. 3. 30.) ~ V, TAEHUYNG, 김태형군을 아끼는 분들께 투표 참여를 부탁드립니다. - V 현재 근소한 차이로 1위예요. - 순위는 언제든 바뀔수 있습니다. 꾸준히 오래도록 마지막까지 투표에 참여해 주세요. 투표방식 - 링크된 사이트 접속하여 화면을 조금 아래로 내리면 페이지(1페지~6페이지)가 나옵니다. - 5페이지 김태형(KIM Taehyung)을 선택합니다. (사진과 영문이름으로 되어 있음) - vote (투표) 를 눌러주세요. - 결과를 바로 확인할 수 있습니다. - 24시간 이후에 투표합니다. (반복) - 1일1투표, 투표하고 24시간 후에 다음투표가 가능함. (투표시간을 잘 기억했다가 24시간 이후에 또다시 투표) - 투표기간이 길기때문에 잊을 수 있지만, 태형군을 생각하면서 잊지 않고 투표를 해 주세요.^^ ~ 참고로, 저녁 또는 밤시간대에는 접속이 지연될 수 있으니 낮시간을 이용하시기를 추천드립니다.

  • Please listen to my 8d audio of this thanks

  • I love BTS

  • *and they said RM can't sing.* 😒

  • 💪 K - POP 미남가수 1Page, 세젤남배우 5Page, 세계미남 5Page 투표 바로가기 입니다., 한남배우,K -POP밴드,1:1투표 24시간단위로 매일매일 부탁합니다 👉

  • *i need you* more than anything I well *run* after you until my feet turn into *fire* from the first time I saw you on that *spring day* I knew that I would pour my *blood sweat and tears* for you just so you could love me back I shall stay up till *four a clock* just to hear your angelic voice that gives me *butterflies* I guess I’m just a *boy in love* and I *promise* to never ever leave you we shall walk hand in hand across the earth as one 💜

  • "Bird That Sings" Well, I Guess It's Jimin.🐣

  • Beautyful...

  • Namjoon and Taehyung sound so beautiful...Their voices are very soothing to listen to everyday. A beautiful song sung by two amazing people.💜💜💜

    • +/BTS /ARMY/ 💜

    • Kama S Oh thank you so much! Greetings to you too fellow ARMY!

    • I feel the same :) youre comment is beautiful. greetings from Poland

  • I pity the world who don't know bts and not listened to 4'0clocl

  • i swear they will be the death of me

  • 아구 이쁘다~ 누가 이렇게 가사를 잘썼을까? 이뻐서 볼을 앙 물어버리고 싶네~ 나 요즘 친구들 영엽 열심히 하고있으니까 울 탄 오삐들도 언제나 홧팅!

  • After ending up in the hospital, I listened to this and it was the one thing that helped me through that.

  • Taehyung's deep voice make me cry😭❤

  • Kim taehyung one day I will find u then I will kill cuz u steal my girl heart 😤😤

  • It makes me cry 😭

  • This song is so beautiful... I wish I have the CD for this.. I cant find it in the store here in California. Soooo sad..

  • V's voice really heartwarming. straight to my heart 😍 anddd RM's rap never dissapointed 😘

  • i love you teah yung

  • Where are you 😢💜💜💜

  • when ever i listening this song it make me cry and some kind of feelings fly inside my heart at the same time.. !!!!!!!

  • Tae tae for life 💜💜💜 i purple taehyung

  • *BTS will forever live in my heart. Even when they eventually disband and become unpopular. And everyone will be talking about how cute new kpop bands will be. I will be here watching these videos looking at them in the future with their family. True Armys will never leave. BTS forever.* 💙❤💜💚💛

  • tae's 💔😭

  • Happy New Year BTS 💓💓💓💗💗💖💕💞 Chúc Các oppa ngày càng thành công, mạnh khỏe, đẹp trai 😂 Vạn sự như ý và luôn nở nụ cười trên môi nhé 😘 I Love BTS ❤❤