CASH BOX CHALLENGE! ($1,000!) Ft. Lazarbeam, Muselk, Crayator, BazzaGazza, Tannar and Marcus

Publicado em 9 Fev 2019
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  • “Noooooo!! Oh wait, I’ll just take that for your rent...”

  • The boxes have different coloured lids

  • Can we get a RIP in the chat for Lazarbeam 7:45

  • part three of nerf wars come on PLZ

  • About Fifteen Hundred, Put On Screen 15000, Good Job...

  • lazar makes these the best

  • Sub to pewdiepie

  • He said 1500 but came up with 15000

  • 1500 not 1000 $

  • 0:48 "15 hundred dollars" *shows $15000*

  • 0:48 he says 1500 and it pops up as 15000

  • 8:30 poor lannan 😢 hees poor

  • Did anyone ever catch Lannan when he stole some of the money?

  • What our thicc girl clicked bait sick Lannan: wait I have a sister

  • Australian money is sick EDIT: Lazarbeam was probs laughing his head off with cray and tannar lol

  • :48 he said 15 hundred but it shows 15 thousand

  • Canadian money’s is the best

  • Why does tannar look like my cousin

  • "You're House is Lovely"

  • Where does the money come from

  • 9:07 cray hit on tanner

  • When scrolling through the comments and you see something you wish you said it first

  • It was a dream to see both muselk and laser beam


  • Its monopoly money guys dont worry

  • Rip Lazarbeams wallet 2019

  • Lol Muselk merch 2:10

  • 1:14 the guilt in Elliots face XD Love you guys

  • 0:47 "15 hundred dollars (1500)" *15000*

  • Why is tanna wearing muselks merch?... suspicious..

  • Who else thinks Lachlan should be in the Click House??

  • I realize cray may have an advantage.

  • muselk ur an idoit

  • That's why i have trust issues

  • I’m Australia I’m half Indonesian half England

  • Me


  • I didn’t know that Lannan had friends expect the one’s in Fortnite.

  • I love how uncomfortable Tanner is the entire video😂

  • 8:47 when you use the antiques roadshow theme

  • Can I play fornit e with one of you i play on ps4 and my name is Ninja120707

  • Oooh it’s like Canadian money😯, plastic money is better. I can say that because I’m Canadian.

  • Canadian money is better, it's the same as Australian money except when you scratch the maple leaves it smells like maple syrup

  • Man, I would take one dollar 😂

  • This is Logan paul 🧔🏼 👕 👖Logan Paul has 1000 likes 1 like =1 damage

  • the money was the box that had the lighter lid

  • 15 k wow

  • Crays laugh got me 😂😂😂 10:23

  • Tenarecan

  • 2:12 Elliot's reaction when Tannar wears Muselk Merch

  • At 11:02 she swapped boxes


  • id love to have sex with her leme see her boobs I Want to have sez with u u shoud be on porn

  • y

  • asss i can see llazer beams sexy sis I like her boobs

  • It's Australia everything that is form there is fake

  • 7:57 spelling boo

  • Fifteen hundred (1500) but they show $15000 🤔

  • Dose Australians get the Monopoly money joke to (btw I’m from Canada)

  • For a second I thought that it was Mexican currency because it’s also multi colored

  • This group makes me so happy

  • Oh so Tanner gets to be I click but what about Laclan

  • Just here for lazerbeam

  • R.I.P lannan

  • Luflu

  • I can’t read it sorry😢

  • I’m Amaracan

  • >i know how women work >still has mustache this doesn't add up

  • Monopoly money!

  • just like to say that was some fine looking merch tannar was wearing

  • Looks like Canadian money.

  • Everytime lannan in the vids its HILARIOUS

  • So why you Loserfruit if you where not sick

  • so i'm rich if i bring monopoly money to Australia?

  • Category: gaming -FORTNITE

  • I’m from Canada are money is more colourful

  • Lazerbeams sister is really beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Australia money looks like Monopoly money 😂

    • I'm assuming ur from America right yours literally looks like paper and is so blan but no hate xD

  • Why didn't Tanner do a shoey

  • 8:26 my god lazarbeam my man!!!!

  • 9:20 u go girl😂

  • $15k or $1500?

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I -- -- I /\ / \

  • tannar is wearing muselk merch

  • It’s bad when lannen thinks

  • What jumper is muselk wearing

  • Lazarbeam “get that money, pay that rent bitchhhh” had me yeeting all over the place

  • Muselks worst than lazarbeam

  • 0:47 “about fifteen hundred dollars” :shows fifteen thousand (15000):

  • does nobody watch these back to make sure there’s no mistakes? lmao cause the amount of mistakes in this video ...... 😬😬😬

  • The lids are different! The darker lid has the money

  • Mueslk lose

  • Im australian

  • Did tannar have fucking muselk merch

  • Cray is just like every 12 year old who what he's lanan

  • When u try it best but lazarbeam does not get it

  • 11:37 pulling a little sneaky are we?

  • Canadian money is cooler

  • tannar looks very pretty in this vid

  • Elliot: you can’t tear it because it’s Australian money so it’s way cooler Me: weird flex but ok 😂