Cave diving expert on the risks Thai boys faced during rescue

Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
Sandra Clopp is a diving instructor with nearly 20 years of experience. She has cave dived all around the world including Mexico and the Philippines. Clopp joins "CBS This Morning" to show some of the diving equipment rescuers used to save the soccer team and coach who were trapped in a Thailand cave for more than two weeks and discuss the psychological stress of the underwater rescue for inexperienced divers like them.
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  • or maybe they gave them shots of whiskey

  • Xanax is a helluva drug jack.....

  • They boys were all knocked out on meds, none of them were awake when they went for the dive. No other way was possible.

  • ha ha ha there was nothing like that, the rescue team was much smarter than all that and they put the kids under a total anesthesia

  • ขอบใจนานาชาติที่ร่วมมือกันช่วยน้องออกมา คุณสามารถชวนน้องไปออกรายการ ถ้าถึงเวลาพร้อมนี้ ขอบคุณ

  • Newsflash, they sedated the boys and put them to sleep.

  • These boys are used to following rules being on a soccer team. In addition to the divers, that skill of listening & playing by the rules also kept them safe while under water.

  • wtf is the need for dust masks and dark glasses... on the divers ? ? ?

  • They didn't swim they were in a stretcher the whole time drugged

  • Thank you, The NAVY SEALS!!! you guys are the BEST of the BEST!

  • Does the air (from the tank) has its own pressure to ease the breath-in by the weakened+panicked boys or do we have to breath in with strength ?


  • boat people /viet namese . please do not traved to thai land . we are easily forget the pirates / thai died vietnamese happy / thai boy died vietnamese very happy / kingdom of thai king of thailan , king of the dogs . king of thai lan king of the thai pirates

    • Thai people received many helping from international rescue teams. I'm not sure if this situation happen in Vietnam, who will help you.

    • You are the trash of Vietnam. Don't be jealous on them.I hope not all Vietnamese stupid like you.

  • She is surprisingly ignorant. The boys were sedated and it’s an Australian doctor that performed these medical procedures that are routine.The US has not been able to figure this very simple fact out and they have totally missed the fact that the Thai navy is incredible competent and creative and can adapt and improvise much better than US personnel . So far I have heard only ignorant rubbish from “ experts “ including this woman who is clueless . This mission has nothing to do with a miracle it has to do with human intelligence a word missing completely in the US . There was never any panic because there was no room for panic and I time so this plan was well thought through and well executed

  • Kate Mara voice

  • Some said they were wearing masks, some said they were being transported by Elon Musk's mini submarine. Which is true?

    • they were wearing full masks. Elon Musk's thing was of no use at all.

  • Why would a soccer coach lure the team into a deep cave?

    • He didn't lure them there. This was a place where kids and people in general went exploring for fun. When it flooded due to unexpected heavy rain, they had no choice but to go further in to find a safe place.

  • Certified full cave in 1992, (NSS-CDS and NACD) have done over 250 cave dives, 500 open water dives...have seen a full face mask used by divers , maybe twice. In this base, the full face makes sense, but is rarely used in "normal" sport/tech/cavediving.

  • Of course, meditation might do the trick. Still, several news outlets report on a small amount of anti-depressant medication prescribed for them by the former SAS doctor/diver to help keep them calm during the whole ordeal.

  • these guys escorted the kids through the caves

  • I like her a lot!

  • Seal the entrance to the damn cave ?

  • Ironically, it was the feces in the water that kept them alive

  • The boys now certificate advance cave diver

  • 100% men did all the work, yet they bring in a woman...

    • tom law it’s a COLLECTIVE effort! Stop being sexist! Try to watch the documentary videos about it and you’ll know the real score. Everyone help for the rescue operations!

    • Men like you are a waste of oxygen. Your mother made a huge mistake when she decided not to abort you.

    • There were many people involved in the operation. Many of them women. They probably brought a woman just to show that there are female divers who could do the work just as efficiently as the males but they weren't called to help because of sexism.

    • She is hardly eye candy, looks like a scary tranny to me. Please inform me oh wise one what job out of 10,000 did she do? Emotional support? Get water for the men?

  • I wanted a camera left set up in the cave to see if it did indeed completely flood from monsoon rain......

    • Eileen LeValley wow really. I would have left them until the monsoon season was over. Talk about pushing their luck

    • fatwalletboy2 .... when they went back in the cave to get their equipment the water pump drains burst and they had to run out and leave their equipment.

  • Lots of cave diving experts in this chat.

  • kids were sedated by the doctor and dragged out....was on thai news

  • A footage from Thailand showed the boys were actually transported underwater on stretchers, which was really smart because I'm not sure any of the boys knew how to swim. Thank God both boys and rescuers are safe.

    • If you've seen people that aren't comfortable with swimming panic in water, a rope doesn't help much. They will perhaps yank as hard as they can which may rub the ropes on sharp rocks, or depending on how they were secured, pull them loose from the anchors, not sure they could make them super secure in that system.

    • they had a static rope they could use to guide them through

  • *suddenly, everybody is an expert on diving now.*

    • +Juliana Silva why didn't she help then

    • Not everybody. A diving instructor with nearly 20 years of experience is an expert on diving tho. Do you have a problem with all diving experts or only with the ones who are female?

  • The hardest part is equalising their air space👂they did absolutely great,it takes days to train some people,I've done 4000 dive so I've got the training,my first dive was 80ft so i was a natural😆

  • i would totally dive into her cave

  • Meditation was previously taught to these boys by their coach. They knew how to stay calm. This is a miracle all were saved! So glad for all.

    • Indeed, but it can still be weird to be moved around by someone other than yourself, especially with all the other things they have to try not to worry about.

    • they were in the world class cave diver team's hand.

    • No doubt both were important. Such tight caves I imagine would make even people without claustrophobia extremely nervous, they didn't know how to swim and such people can panic quick a lot in water, and the water was murky making them essentially blind underwater. Then of course they were relying on the rescuers getting them through it, judging by the stretchers I guess they were instructed to not move to much themselves, and each rescue took a few hours.

    • doesnt mean meditation did not help. it absolutely did.

    • They were given a drug for the rescue dive to calm them before going underwater.

  • Will all the critics stop yabbying and be grateful the rescue when off so good. Many thanks to all those that participated. Blessed are you all!

  • meditation is more powerful than the science. just try it people.

    • Proud_Ape I wonder if meditation can stop a tomahawk missile

    • They were given medication, some say just anti-anxiety meds, some think it was more along the lines of sedatives. Meditation can calm you too I suppose, but there's only so much you can probably tolerate in stress before panic may set in. They weren't just scuba diving for the first time, they didn't even know how to swim, and the water made them effectively blind, and their bodies were malnourished and had some infections. And meditation didn't get those divers into the cave, lots of gear and hard work did. And the pumps kept the caves from flooding up higher, apparently at the very end they failed so the last few rescuers and workers had to evacuate quickly.

    • for the 3rd time marriage was not mentioned. In case it is not clear Inbreeding and marriage are 2 different things. is this language hard for you. I speak others..

    • Proud_Ape again let me explain it to you sir, a child born to married couple is less burden to the world than a result of a concubinage.

    • I know what it means. I will ask again what does that have to do with marriage.....

  • All news reporter keep saying diver as driver

  • She is wrong. They couldnt panic they were drugged!

    • I think the doctor was an expert on anesthesia , he knew how much to give.

    • Life's Journey i know i know its a good thing they did. I just meant its wrong that she said the hardest part in the saving is if they move from a panic attack which i said wont happen if they god meds and are rolled in some safety thing

    • Max Mattuschka Well they need to give them the meds cause anxiety and claustrophobia will ensue in this process.

    • They had some medication, not sure what exactly, but obviously it was helpful and potentially necessary. Not too sure how the dosing works with malnourished kids, but they were also going straight to the hospital once they were out so I suppose they didn't have to worry too much about weird side effects like drowsiness or anything, unless they needed them to climb parts of the caves themselves or something.

    • they weren't they were giving relaxation medicaition to calm down.

  • I want to dive with her in the caves😁

    • Lumthaipou Kamei smell goosh

  • Soccer boys missed World Cup quarter final matches:xD

  • God is Good.....thank goodness every child and the coach got out that cave safe and sound ...and the experience drivers are the real heroes that help them get out and the one driver that who lost his life ,was a true HERO that would be honor with highest respect of their country......#MiracledoesHappen.

  • Awesome news! Can't wait to hear all the individual stories...Praise the Creator! I and a team of prayer warriors have been praying earnestly! ☝💙☝

  • You can put down the mask now

    • orochimarux 3sannin huh?