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Chris Broussard on fans defacing another LeBron mural in L.A., Lakers additions | NBA | THE HERD

Publicado em 23 Jul 2018
Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd on The Herd to talk about the vandalism of the second Los Angeles Lakers mural featuring LeBron James looking up at past stars like Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O'Neal; and all the one-year contracts Magic Johnson has signed lately.
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Chris Broussard on fans defacing another LeBron mural in L.A., Lakers additions | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • What are your thoughts on Lakers fans defacing yet another LeBron mural in LA?

    • Judahseed you’re one of the ignorant people I’ve seen in this comment section, I’m not understanding why are you using the 3-6 argument if you can’t even use that argument correctly. Don’t comment he doesn’t like competition or I’m an idiot for not agreeing with your stance. Jerry West, the logo himself, is 1-8 in the finals, I don’t want to hear it that is worse than LeBron, also he’s been to the finals 8 straight times, doesn’t like competition, he should just throw games, and try not to make the playoffs, but his finals shows that he loves competition and always vying to the top. Takeaway, smart dude misusing an argument. Don’t be that, you’re better than that.

    • The Herd with Colin Cowherd pathetic whoever did that...not a fan of basketball imo whoever the Bron Bron hater is

    • The Herd with Colin Cowherd colin is a woman

    • lmao they are plenty of people who hates lechock 3-6 hahahaha he's not better than kobe and it will stay that way period. what if lebron fan did this so they make kobe look bad lmao you guys are joke.

    • The Herd with Colin Cowherd they're idiots Whoever is doing this, is doing because they're idiots Brussard is right, the only thing I would add is that, these are not Lakers fans, but I don't think they're Kobe fans either, they're just fans that won't let go of the past, I'm a Lakers fan and I won't what's best for the team, like him or not, LeBron is still the best player in the league, I'm glad he's a Laker, and after 5 straight seasons of the Lakers missing the playoffs, how can Lakers fan be bias towards LeBron SMDH

  • I'm a Lakers fan AND a Kobe fan!!! I'm GLAD Lebron is here!!! Nothing Lebron will ever do with the Lakers will surpass Kobe's legacy!!! AS A LAKERS FAN: WE WILL NOT ALLOW LEBRON TO RETIRE WITHOUT WINNING A LAKER CHAMPIONSHIP AND STILL BE CONSIDERED "THE GOAT"

  • Maybe it's Clipper fans lol...are there Clipped fans in LA. And please stop with this Lebron vs MJ conversation, I'm sick of it. Completely different types of play, different era, different game at the time, Lebrons a forward, MJ was a guard...c'mon ppl, you got nothing else to talk about?!?!

  • Kobe is a version of Jordan with smaller hands, slower first step and a player with bad decision making and a player who cant shoot above 50% for a season.

  • Mike Beasley is not bucking on KD that's his friend

  • Cowerd is a fool #nextvideo

  • It's definitely insecure Kobe stans. They are the biggest most irrational LeBron haters of all time. It's embarasing. They're not even real LA fans.

  • Lmfao the league is not great stop trying to beat around the bush

  • Kobe was great defender. 9 all nba first defensive teams. Lebron isn't.

  • I’m a Laker fan a Kobe over LeBron fan But this has to stop!! You are not Lakers fan All I want is championships to the Lakers no matter who plays for the Lakers

  • The disrespect Kobe Bryant gets is crazy

  • He will. Never win more than Kobe did

  • Big facts they’re scared of LeBron

  • Take Kobe or Lebrons best quarter..... Jordan played like that for 6 years.

  • I'm still upset CP3 trade was revoked how quickly do people forget Kobe would have 7 easily.

  • "Intimidating tuff guys"

  • I think the individuals who have done this are probably attention seekers but at the same time the fans of other all time great players Kobe Michael Bird Magic Russell etc are getting sick of the constant LeBron show the massively overhyping of his accomplishments and then the constant passesds he always gets when his teams gets destroyed aswell as the levels of disrespect always sent to the other all time greats to enhance LeBron that's what really pisses a lot of people off

    • I forgot to add even the answer to why people are defacing the murals is disrespectful do u really thini Kobe fans are that bothered by LeBron being a laker whether he's successful or not nothing will take away from what Kobe did or magic Kareem Shaq etc maybe people are defacing it because they simply can't stand LeBron for other reasons

  • Beasely and KD are real friends in REAL LIFE. I doubt he's going to hurt his friends he's been friends with since childhood.

  • Chris ain’t on point today

  • Like why is it lebron gonna shrink just Kobe and no other great laker.... like Kobe is the greatest laker and he has done the most

  • You can't base season ratings off of one series.. The warriors destroyed the regular season. We watched praying the rockets would win.

  • I see yall dont get it. his saying kobe legacy is not going anywhere so stop being scared and doing stuff to the mural. he not saying lebron is going to shrink kobe legacy

  • Kobe has 5 rings like Scottie has 6

  • The hate is real

  • Beasley is gonna hard foul his best friend???

  • Put it this way Kawhi Leonard shut Down LeBron in the Finals Because he had no jump shot Kawhi Never Shut Kobe Down Kobe scored over Kawhi easy.

  • Y’all call him truesard he is an idiot he said one championship would put him pass M.J smh. I really would like to know besides passing what skill is lebron superior than Kobe. At the end of the day it’s about winning and lebron is a loser

  • Why do they assume it's a lakers fan smh

  • It should be MJ, Lebron, and Kobe in 🐐 conversation

  • No one talks about the Laker defense, and lack thereof. Because we know LeBron doesn’t play D any more.

  • He is NOT welcome by all parts of the Laker nation. There is not a fan base that lives in the past more than Laker fans. Let’s see him DO something first before anointing him the King of LA. Got it, Colin and Shannon?

  • that mic is life does anyone know what the model is

  • Who cares, those do not represent the entire Lakers fan base

  • Lakers got this

  • Them Cleveland fans no joke

  • I dont care how "tough" LA's new line up is, they ain't beating Golden State without the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • The same idiots said Lonzo was gonna replace all the records n jerseys in the staple center but talk about lebron doing it is disrespectful.. wow these people are stupid

  • Kobe fans are cancer

  • Idiots in LA


  • Yeah ok it has nothing to do with LeBron not really embracing the Laker fans right? He has yet to have a press conference of him joining the Lakers, that tweet over the pizza nonsense didn't help either some of this hate is on LeBron I'm sorry but I feel whatever about LeBron joining the Lakers maybe if they start winning and playing well that will change but some of this is on LeBron and how the f do they know it's Kobe fans?

  • “What’s he got to lose he’s Michael Beasley?” 😂🤣

  • Amen brother. New era. When magic handed the reigns to Kobe. There was no anger. When Kobe and shaq fought. It was still about the Lakers. James is better because he makes his teammates better. Still love Kobe. But it’s about the Lakers. Bring some n the king. And when LBJ is done the hand off will be to Kuz or Ingram or Zo. And the Lakers will live on and the legend of the king and Kobe and magic will live on too. Stop the hate.


  • lechock fans did this not kobe fan. they are just trying to make kobe look bad lmao

  • lechock fans did this not kobe fan. they are just trying to make kobe look bad lmao

  • lechock fans did this not kobe fan. they are just trying to make kobe look bad lmao

  • lechock fans did this not kobe fan. they are just trying to make kobe look bad lmao

  • lechock fans did this not kobe fan. they are just trying to make kobe look bad lmao

  • lmao they are plenty of people who hates lechock 3-6 hahahaha he's not better than kobe and it will stay that way period. what if lebron fan did this so they make kobe look bad lmao you guys are joke.

  • Not everybody wants to fist fight Colin 👊🏿👊🏻

  • I wouldn’t say Lakers fan as much as I’d say Kobe fans just like Chris said. I am a Lakers fan and I want Lebron to succeed just like Kobe and Magic and anyone who loves the Lakers should be thrilled we have James. I am a Kobe fan as well but I’m one of the less radical fans and less fanatical. I love Kobe for all he has done for/with the Lakers but I do not understand the reasoning behind defacing Lebrons murals. It’s stupid and I am embarrassed by these so called fans.

  • I’m a Laker and Kobe fan and this was lame. That was a proper mural to put .. but something tell me that Warrior or Clippers fans are doing this and making it seem like Kobe fans are responsible

  • How about we..... 1. Stop making murals 2. Stop defacing murals 3. Stop giving this attention

  • Lebron hasn't even played a game with The Lakers. Why is he on a mural with other Laker greats?

  • Nonsense, I'm a huge Kobe fan and I have no problem in welcoming LeBron to LA. It could just be attention seekers or even Cavs fan passing through LA, who knows?? Just stop spreading that Kobe fans nonsense!

  • Nobody is acknowledging that this team is deep

  • Why would these guys be a problem when they know they have a shot to stay on a team, that does something special

  • People are questioning the Lakers moves but they're clearly lookin at this as a 2 year plan

  • and who says Kobe is not part of the G.O.A.T debate everybody including NBA players and fans put Kobe up there only media members disrespect Kobe

  • not Kobe fans afraid of Lebron this is Media and Bronsexuals disrespecting LA all time greats people are saying Bron is best laker of all time smh

  • What if it's clippers fans? I think that seems legit tbh.

  • Its KOBE defacing those murals! I saw him running off!!!

  • I imagine they're not kobe or even laker fans

  • Thugs vs skinny jeans 2019

  • Maybe it's Laker fans saying we don't want LeQueen P.E.D James. He Ain't going to win another ring. "Passive aggressive Drama Queen #23."

  • LeBron mural in la?

  • Do u ever think it's to a point where some kids. or even some immature adults just see an opportunity to do something thats gonna make headlines. They're probably thinking. Hey! Lets destroy this mural so something we did will be on the news. And all over fox news and sports center. I mean its likely kobe fans. I get that. But its also likely that its just some kids wanting to pull a stunt so they can point at the television and laugh and say hey we did that!! ..

  • Where's your proof it is being done by basketball fans, much less Laker or Kobe fans.

  • maybe they are Cleveland fans

  • fake news These bums don't know Kobe fans lol

  • Kobe win 5 rings with Lakers wtf are you talking about wat has LeBron done 4 the lakers

  • I don't believe the ratings are up bro the ticket sales are up seems fishy

  • ive been saying this for years.. kobe fans are the WORST

  • Shaq is way better and more important that ko..

  • Broussard said when MJ left the bulls never recovered... WHAT? They won 50 some games the next season😂😂

  • Com'n with the bs my dudes!!! Ya'll can't be serious w this ish!!!! Kobe and Bron got the bag!!!

  • Why are they giving the Lakers' coach such a mixed bag of players including the un-coachable Rondo? Luke Walton might as well get his resumé ready.

  • Kobe > Lebron. But I don’t condone defacing the mural. The 2nd one was nice.

  • Is Colin dating that girl that he does the podcast with?

  • As a Laker Fan idc who comes as long as we WIN!!! So do ya thang, Bron Bron and whoever else wanna come to the Lakeshow

  • To say Kobe Bryant brought 5 titles to the Lakers is a lie. KB brought 2 titles along with massive help from Pau Gasol and company. And Shaq brought 3 titles that were going to come with or w/o KB. Kobe Bryant is not a top ten player, and is no where near MJ or LBJ.

  • LeBron will not even do half of what Kobe did

  • It may be clippers fans

  • Kobe out of the goat can't mirror MJ's game and be considered in the goat conversation no matter how many rings he won with the Lakers... LeBron's 1 ring in Cleveland means more than all of Kobe's rings tbh cause it was against the gsw dynasty which is be considered one of the best teams in NBA history...lebron won a championship for Cleveland Cavs which is the equivalent of winning 3 he has 2 rings in Miami and we know if Bosh didn't have those health issues and Wade didn't have knee problems they probably would have won more......Lakers don't deserve LeBron... should have let them stay being the worst team in the west since they are so ungrateful

  • I can't believe over 50 years experience between these two and they really believe that " Kobe fans" are responsible for this. the person was acting might be a Kobe fan but I don't think fans of Kobe feel threatened by LeBron.

  • I can’t wait for this season.

  • Lebron already shrunk kobes legacy by being better. Kobe is just a Lakers thing. Bleh

  • This is not Kobe fans! STOP!!!!

  • lebron ain’t better than Kobe or Jordan(Maybe not Yet) unless lebron wins a title or two in LA, Than you can make that argument 💯

  • I ain't to fond of Cowhead i meant Cowherd but he's on point and i agree but i call what the Lakers added toughness because those additions ain't soft dudes...

  • Funny how everyone brings up injury as to your someone lost to Bron but never mentions his teammates being hurt

  • If the Lakers make the playoffs this season it's because of L3-6ron. If the Lakers don't make the playoffs, its cause he didn't have help or Luke's fault.

  • Kobe > LJ

  • It’s not KOBE fans feeling a threat we just not gone praise lebron so quickly with 1 ring like Cleveland. We are hard fans but we love u forever

  • “What’s he gonna lose, I’m Michael Beasley” 😂

  • Where are you guys creating these narratives from? Did the vandalizer come out and leave a note saying he’s a Kobe fan?

  • Bad Boy Lakers

  • Broussard seriously gets it. In my opinion, the sharpest NBA analyst in the game. So when is FOX gonna give him his own mf show??

  • The Bad News Lakers