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Chris Broussard on Kevin Durant calling LeBron to the Lakers the 'perfect move' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 26 Jul 2018
Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Kevin Durant's comments on LeBron James joining the Lakers and what it could mean for Durant's future.
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Chris Broussard on Kevin Durant calling LeBron to the Lakers the 'perfect move' | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Should the Warriors be worried about Kevin Durant leaving them for LeBron?

    • Lakers are weak tho, Boston would be better

    • No

    • So they been saying for the last two years "is this the best LeBron James we've ever seen" And now at the same time that Kevin Durant is player better than him?

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Nope I See Him Staying

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED I wouldn't blame KD if he joined TheGoat in LA. Why is it a problem when LeBron is on track to play with another great player. Everyone who the sports world put above LeBron all won while having multiple great players on their team. How many hall of famers Jordan played with at least 5,how about Kareem,Magic,even Bill Russell. They all played with hall of famers and top 50 caliber players. LeBron only 1 which is Wade maybe 2 if you count Kyrie. Now add the scrutiny,the backlash,the mob mentality,even the off-season moves of every team in the NBA does to beat LeBron. He is the greatest of all time and rings are a team accomplishment not individual. Jordan was barely above average before they put an all-star cast around him,and lets not forget the Pistons and Celtics owned him until they broke their teams up. While the league building LeBron proof teams.##LeBronchangedbasketballonalllevels## TheGOAT

  • Let's start grading spectators

  • I have no respect for the rings that KD has with the Warriors . Period .

  • No it shouldn't happen. It wouldn't work out with the way LeBron wants to be the one. I don't see Durant being able to do as much as he wants when LeBron wants to be the one. I mean mentally it be stressful. KD is used being looked at being a leader which he is just like LeBron. It's ok to have more then just ome leadership, but most of the times, to many chiefs is just a stressful situation.

  • If Kd goes to lakers then thats the best team

  • Could you imagine, if the players had this sort of (rightful)power in the 1980-90s??? Magic and Larry together for a year, Or better yet Stockton-Malone-Pippin for a 2year title run? Scotty could have shined first team All-Star with a big scoring games, and gotten his proper due respect. While Jordan languished without him in the early 1990s, and showed the world he was a very vital linchpin in those 6 rings.

  • LeBron, bronny Jr, and kd ohhhhhhh myyyyyy good

  • Nah he will keep yall king as his competitor....he wants to show yall he's the best

  • Warriors got cousins they don’t need kd

  • lol KD's going to get this 3rd ring this year then go to Laker's with LBJ and both hit 3-4 to either match or surpass MJ lol

  • So Adam silver wouldn’t let KD and Kathi go to the lakers but he’d let KD and Boogie go to a 73 win team?😂

  • I'm waiting on AD to move somewhere else.

  • I think they're looking at only one dimension of this thing if KD can capture two more championships do you already have more rings than LeBron I believe the reason why you said perfect that LeBron went to the Lakers is that 1 they're in the same division now let alone the same conference 2 he will see LeBron 4 times in a regular season and possibly in the playoffs and all time record of wins and losses between the two is 19-15 with LeBron having more wins currently in the head-to-head matchups I truly believe that KD see this as an opportunity not to only pass them and rings possibly but also and more wins to the head-to-head matchup

  • Chris got some grey hairs

  • kd wants to tie lebrons rings then go to LA and get 2 more with Bron and only then will he be forgiven

  • Chris broussard and Skip look like brothers 🤣🤣🤣

  • So there koo with kd joining lebron but hate on the warriors lol....i guess anything for bron

  • Lebron start the ring chase in

  • No love for Boston.

  • are skips eyebrows shaped lol

  • LoL they reaching so hard

  • Warriors(curry,klay,draymond,maybe cousins) VS Lakers (Lebron,Kd,maybe kawhi) would be a fun rival 🔥🔥

  • KD’s just relieved Lebron didn’t go to a good team

  • yall keep sleeping on my 76rs.. ok we coming

  • wait so KD joing the Lakers with Bron is great for the NBA but KD going to the Warriors was bad for NBA? how does that work?

  • The NBA is becoming like European soccer big players moving to big clubs to play with each other

  • KD is doing everything Lebron did but bigger. After KD win this last championship with the warriors, he’s can right his legacy by A. Going back to OKC and win a championship or B. What I feel he’s gonna do is join kyrie in New York and win a championship for the Knicks! Those two moves will make everybody forget the whole warriors ordeal

  • Chris you a real deal hypocrite Bruh. You just said that KD ruined the NBA by joining GS, but somehow it would be great for him to join Lebron and the Lakers? Wtf Bruh.

  • He said that cuz he can't say anything about switching teams not Hating on Kevin Durant just saying

  • If KD goes to Lakers they winning the championship. Lebron and KD on the same team, its over

  • I've been a Cavs Fan Since Since World B Free, I think LeGoat James will take the Lakers to Finals and Possibly win it, the players he has now us waaay better than the Cleveland Roster, he played with! I bet Lakers make it to Finals! Don't be Surprised when you see it,🕵🏼‍♂️💯

  • Funny how most of y'all hating on the Lakers lmao

  • What is skip Obsession Win Joel like he good but he the 4th maybe 5 best player is the East

  • if Kevin Durant goes to Lakers, it’d be a MVP move lol

  • How quickly they forget Shannon is so bias it’s crazy so Kareem didn’t do stuff outside of basketball what about Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf who was kicked out of the nba league for standing up for issues and many more ppl i can name smh

  • Kd join LBJ never

  • KD is not leaving GS and going to play with LeBron. He said all of that because that’s how he feels about player mobility it not something to be read into. If/when KD leaves GS he will go home to DC and run the east. It’s a perfect time now that Lebron is out of the east. I still don’t believe in any team in the east. This is what will happen next yr. KD will leave after 3 rings and join D Howard, J Wall and B Beal in DC. Steph will restructure his contract to keep Dray and Klay. They will also take a team friendly deal to offer Cousins a 3 yr max and Cousins will stay in GS. They will win another 2 rings. Before it’s all over.

  • Is it just me ,or skip haven't been hating LeBron 😂

  • i think its a perfect move to KD because he is considering going East to play for the Wizards lol. And nobody wants to face LeBron on the East. So KD will get another ring and leave, play in OKC for 2 years, then end off in DC lol

  • This show is now called the Lebron Lakers show..

  • Anyone think that kd is happy for lbj will not be in the final this year

  • Imagine LeBron, Kawhi, and Durant. Wowww

  • I don't know if KD will leave GW and join the Lakers but I do believe he doesn't plan to end his career there or he would have signed a long term deal or at least asked for it. One thing that I do know is KD does admire the way the Lakers honor their stars. Kobe with the two jerseys hung and the garden of Statues of former Laker greats that have entered the Hall of fame. No other franchise is doing all of that at the moment. That's something that appeals to him so he could join Lebron in pursuit of that. It would be a chance to have a Jersey hung in three arenas a statue maybe in two arenas with the Warriors and the Lakers if he and Lebron could bring two tittles to LA.

  • tf is this? you guys serious? people hated on him for going to the warriors. now yall saying he wants to join lebron? I think he staying, though it'd be funny if he did go. you know. The King and his Pet Snake...

  • Ol'Skip wants Lebron to decline so bad he can literally taste it.....he's the worst type of mutha@$%&*....#$tr8up$ucka$h!t

  • Undisputed > first take

  • KD will leave GSW.... Just not to the Lakers. Surprise!!!!!

  • As a steph curry fan i say this: You can GLADLY take KD to LaL... then when GSW kills them. We can cut KD banwagoners and LEbrick fools out of existense. And so Steph could re-attain the respect back into his name, which KD stole.

    • r u dumb kd is way better than curry lmfao

  • Can you imagine KD, Kawhi, and Lebron on the same team??? Not one, not two, not three....

  • Durant will never be better than lbj. Not enough floorIQ for the snake... this is not about age, its about born brain activity on / off the court.

  • Skip: I wanna see KD win LeBron a championship..😂😂😂

  • Omg. LBJ is not the first athlete to speak on social/ racial injustices. Not the first business mogul in the nba neither. Yall try to make this man first in everything

  • I’m a Spurs fan and I really don’t like the Lakers, but, WHEN THE LAKERS ARE GOOD THE LEAGUE IS THE BEST IT CAN BE, so I hope they get good.

  • Hmm, KD may be able to redeem himself.

  • KD is just happy for LeBron that he can end his career playing in movies instead of winning championships. LOL

  • KD has said nothing about leaving GS please stop making fake news SMH.

  • These networks just hate that dubs are the best team, they want the laker girls so bad they are going to talk so much junk about this all year.

  • Millennial mentality, job hopping to move up.

  • KD should go to the Pistons. Then we can see just how great he is

  • I guess the warriors are now the worriers


  • Lebron totally brown nosing this durant friendship.


  • Kevin Durant is Fake Championship!! 😱

  • I agree that this would make LeBron the weakest player yet to call himself the King and the best basketball player in the world, and then to call Kevin Durant the second best player in the world to come to join him.

  • They have nothing to talk about so they make up stuff. Kevin Durant is being used by these leaches to increase their viewership.

  • What kind of "Prescription Medication" do they take before the show? Just wondering?

  • Laker don't want Kevin

  • .. AND the reason the NBA is the most popular sport now is not Lebron, or KD. Shaq won that kinda popularity contest a long time ago. It's Golden States's swag, specifically Steph Curry that has revolutionized the game and made it a worldwide phenom. If Bron didn't win that yr- where Steph was hurt, Green suspended.. they'd have 4 in a row. Those two would take a back seat even in the Lebron-centric media. What is this "GOAT" b.s. anyway? This isn't boxing. It's a team sport, it's all about team chemistry from top to bottom. Talk about that once in awhile.

  • I know a lot wont agree but I rather see Klay Thompson than KD with the Lakers. People sleep on the impact of KT. He could really prove him stardom with Lebron-Lakers

  • They keep switching up the girls. Which one is it gonna be ? Damn .

  • CALIFORNIA LOVE outta town haters mad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  • What if KD goes to LA and KAWAHI to Golden State ? The conference finals will be awesome !!!

  • So if KD joins the Lakers with lebron does it hurts Lebron legacy? 🤔

  • If KD plays with Le-giveup, he can say good bye to his legacy. Bigger than basketball term is bull💩💩

  • The NBA is WEAK.

  • Cousins going to demand minutes and touches and is going to mess up GSW chemistry. Watch. He's going want to prove he can play still and is worth a max contract.

  • Chris Broussard the analyst > Chris Broussard the reporter. I find myself watching every segment he's on

  • Not a lebron fan but am a Lakers fan... let's get it

  • Maybe KD said that about Bron because it justifies his move from OKC. Helps get that monkey off. Pretty obvious. He knows the GS system is what's gettin rings. He won't win another one if he leaves. Klay, Steph, Draymond, Kerr, will beat any potential "goat" team. It's a new era, get w it.

    • Beating up his team with Klay, Green and Currys help when all Lebron has is a bunch of kids and some veterans on their last legs, proves nothing.

    • Exactly, and plus; what better way to prove he's better than lebron, than to beat up his team in the regular season and keep him from getting back to the finals

  • They over analyze this way to much🤦‍♂️

  • I love how the lakers look now tho can't wait young and champion mind sets now

  • Shannon and Chris B are holding hands under the table.

  • No. If KD stays he will be top 5 all-time.

  • I DON'T WANNA 👀 DURANT and LeBron on the same team AT ALL it's not a good look

    • It wouldn't work anyway. THe media has this school boy fascination with pairing up stars and expecting them to be great together. That have no clue that team chemistry, Game plan, play styles, and coaching are what build a dynasty.

    • Saints Peter & Paul i can agree with that to a certain extent true golden state won't last long though

    • Saints Peter & Paul you had me up until that last part bro that's not true there but LeBron makes more off the court he gone at least one more before he retires

  • Hold on there Shannon...... "A lot more"?!?!?! We're stll talking about it almost 2 years later! How much more do you want?

  • Does not make sense. You want to leave the winning team on it's peak....

  • I literally would want KD to join LeBron in the Lakers only to see how they compete to see who's the best in the world. Just imagine that. Both averaging 27+ PPG and playing their hearts out. It would be a clutch show having those two together.

  • Skip needs to realize that when you have Steph Curry and Klay Thompson streaking down the court, 2 of the most deadliest long-range marksmen in the league, it makes Kevin Durant's job easier. People can't double him as much which let's him get a lot of iso play and spacing. Lebron typically hasn't had that. Kyrie was the only playmaker he's had.

    • THANK YOU!! when does KD ever get double teamed now?

  • Damn bruh y'all NBA players better not talk about y'all wives gon be pinned a cheater automatically

  • KD not going to the lakers

  • I think Shannon is right this time. I don't think KD has any desire to move to Lakers. I think he "loves it" because its in line with his decisions from OKC to GSW. I think KD sees his move and Lebron's move as "Trendsetting" for free agency. I think KD sees this as competition for him in the West.

  • I love how these shows can just talk absolutely nothing of substances in circles. They are like that during the season and now it's even worse that it's off season.

  • Kd was glad that Lebron moved to the Lakers because the hype over the consecutive Finals appearances is over.

  • no u did not get it.

  • LA-bron go lakers!

  • I Feel bad for that women, She cant even speak without getting someones approval

  • chris broussard is the goat

  • Durant should join lebron

  • It can also mean the perfect move for lebron not losing in the finals anymore... But no one wants to say that