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Chris Broussard on Michael Beasley's one-year deal with the Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 23 Jul 2018
On Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, FS1 analyst Chris Broussard reacts to Michael Beasley's trade from the New York Knicks to the Los Angeles Lakers on a one-year/3.5 million deal, inferring that a certain someone is dropping free agent suggestions to Magic Johnson.
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Chris Broussard on Michael Beasley's one-year deal with the Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Will this year’s Lakers team be tough to coach?

    • Not all you gotta let them play! It's a couple guys on the team that have the NBA finals.

    • Hey Chris Broussard LeBron didn't love that Cavs team he just knows how to work with it what he hot he played Seven Years in Cleveland without one star the first seven years of his career so playing with the few guys who aren't that good is nothing new to him if it was up to him I'm sure they would have gotten better players but they didn't have any cap space so when people say he like that team it's a lie they work but what they had now they have cap space look what we bought in much better players than he bought into Cleveland

    • nope

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED by the way Skip Bayless Rondo left on his own do your f****** research bro

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED No because its about getting that 💍.

  • 🗼🎃...😝🥋👈✊

  • Who’s here after the Christmas Game ?

  • 4 months later... this is exactly what happened... blamed the coach and rondo

  • Lakers is just like a lakers last year if there is no lebron be smart people your comment is not cool without thinking !

  • I can see a Lakers game where they close it out with Bron at the point hart at the 2 Ingram and Beasley at the 3&4 then Kuz or McGee as the 5. So much scoring ability but they all have great size and good defensive potential

  • Lakers since 1996 always and forever don't care what this guy said because he always change his talk

  • My advice to Luke would be “Get the strap”

  • I think to play the LeBron system of playing a playground style you need hard to coach team that gets buckets.

  • That woman is beautiful

  • Although the point is taken, each team is a different chapter. You could've said that about The Worm, but he had Phil Jackson. It's simply chemistry and these players need something they were not getting on those teams. They do have special needs but it has to do with the fire that burns more than being trouble. Their fire needs to be harnessed and unleashed. Just wait.

  • Kobe will comeback if the lakers make the playoffs

  • Wait-- did Chris just compare the Isiah Thomas Knicks to the 2018 Cavs? The Knicks imploded, and the Cavs got to the Finals. And in the Finals, although they got swept, games 1 and 3 were absolutely contingent events that could've easily gone the other way. If George Hill makes one free throw in game one, it might have gone to 6 games. The 2018 Cavs are NOT in the same category as Isiah's Knicks.

  • Chris Broussard and Skip m interested to hear

  • lavar will start fire at rondo first and then lance

  • Michael Beasley & LeBron James were teammates in Miami, CHILL !!! 😀😀😀 He was BEAST MODE while Randle was in High School. I expect to see Beasley return for a 2nd season just like KCP did.

  • That blue jacket is awful.

  • I just realized they pay Skip to put this narrative out, smart move Lebron

  • There was only 1 coach who could manage this. Next year we will see what Luke learned from Phil.

  • They really needs to get rid of the echo that sounds really bad

  • Skip don't dis Jordan! You say he's the greatest athlete, but then you dis his team management abilities. One positive plus a negative equals a negative. Nice nasty!!!

  • I'm thinking potentially the Bad Boy Pistons?

  • B easy going give you 18

  • Shannon suit so fly never wanted to be crip in my life til I saw this

  • Skiuuuuuuuuupppp!!🤣

  • I’ve never seen a team with so many egos.

  • 9:40 greatest "SKIIIIIILLLLLP" of all time

  • Skip are you a Lakers fan?

  • Let's get it LAKERS

  • Kobe coming out of retirement to play with the Lakers. Calling it.

  • he just wants hollywood




  • Ur gonna need 55 wins to goto WC playoffs

  • So ray allen couldnt create his own shot ? That wasnt his whole game?

  • Or they can come up and be the craziest most dangerous team ever

  • Rajon Rondo would be a future coach someday.

  • "he gotta lot of Dr. Phil" dead

  • This team can do some damage in the West. My take is Rondo starts with Lebron Lance, McGee, and Beasley. Kuzma and Lonzo come off the bench this year they have so much time to develop and learn and get better. Zo needs to hit some threes when he's in and do what he does with pace he'll get some minutes, 6th man. If they can get to the WCF or close that would propel him to start next year. They are trying to create a style of basketball based on toughness, unselfishness, defense, not mimick Warriors. It's going to be fun to see them try to beat the Warriors. With some great defensive effort, they could.

  • This m.f loves hating on the Lakers lol smh

  • 4 J.R Smith’s 😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Good I want you to think it's not going to work skip

  • Go Lakers..... go Luke. Coach of the year..... NBA finals

  • My problem with the narrative of the Lakers new signings being "uncoachable" is that no one wants to talk about the tremendous basketball talent of all these players. Rondo. A champion. Triple double threat Everytime he steps on the court. Elite elite passer/playmaker. Tough. Won't back down from anyone. Lance. Throwback player, especially on the defensive end. Flashy playmaker, that can score in a myriad of ways. McGee. Two time champion. Fastest 7 footer in the league. Rim protector and extremely efficient offensive player. Beasley. Going to be very motivated in matching up with Durant( remember Beasley was drafted number 2 after Durant). Shot 40% from three last year. Walking bucket. Going to light it up, especially alongside Kuzma off the bench.

  • Lakers will finish 3rd seed 100 Percent

  • Luke is not coaching this team lol it's gonna be Lebron and Rondo carrying the load

  • Is victory the new term for consolement or outreach of disappointment in this scenario? 👆🥋👀✊

  • Our president of basketball operations is Irving Magic Johnson. Not Dan Gilbert. Lebron respects Magic. Lebron will listen to Magic. Laker nation. Put some respec on it

  • Seriously, Lavar Ball is irrelevant to this. As soon as he mentioned Lavar, you knew he was doing his usual - grasping for something, anything to play down or discredit something surrounding LeBron.

  • Sch...ß Amis

  • No one will like to go to LAKERS if if Lebron king is not there ! Be smart people Lebron is the only reason why the lakers is a lakers now ! All the KING haters from LA now will be the KING LOVERS when the nba starts !

  • Bro skip is a LeBron hater, like really what does he have against the man

  • why is the blondy there?

  • Honestly, if it weren’t for Zo’s shooting, then this would work, with his, Lebron’s and Rondo’s playmaking. They got a young core with Ball, Kuzma and Ingraham. They got some good guys in the draft(Svi Mykhailiuk , Josh Hart, Mo Wagner) and now they have a experienced core of veterans

  • Honestly, if it weren’t for Zo’s shooting, then this would work, with his, Lebron’s and Rondo’s playmaking. They got a young core with Ball, Kuzma and Ingraham. They got some good guys in the draft(Svi Mykhailiuk , Josh Hart, Mo Wagner) and now they have a experienced core of veterans

  • The JaVale McGee question: That’s not true. There was Curry, Thompson, Durant, et, al.

  • you good? you good? you good? Lol

    • Tell them all they ain't even a prospect when the time comes! China,DPRK,Spain & Italy

  • Kobe about to be the Coach

  • When it’s off season and there’s nothing else to talk about 🙄

  • The only mistake was Rondo

  • Shannon sounding more and more like Lavar, the way he talks

  • The Lakers plan on playing bully ball but they'll have a 55+ game winning season but poor Luke.

  • I think Luke Walton should coach but not coach. Lay somewhat of a foundation but let LeBron coach alongside him. Rondo is hard to coach because maybe he doesn't need to be coached. Maybe he just needs to be allowed to play his position. Literally, let him do that. Let him and LeBron have conversations about what they're going to do on the floor. Luke can just manage the minutes. Who gets in, who gets out. This team doesn't really need coaching as much as it needs ego management. This is what Luke has to really focus on. These guys know how to play the game. You have 2 former NBA champions on the roster. Luke should just sit back, relax a bit, and let these players figure it out. As far as Beasley is concerned, I don't watch basketball so much but I do play NBA2K and I play as the Knicks on the MyCareer mode. Beasley is on that team and I must say, even on the video game, Beasley was very reliable in the area of creating his own shot. Comical, I know. I think The Lakers have a legitimate run on their hands if Luke isn't so " coachy. " Manage the emotions, monitor the egos, delegate the minutes. Lay down a rather simple yet solid offensive and defensive foundation and let the players handle the rest.

  • Shannon Sharpe funny asf "Watch It come out DEELISHIS!"

  • Zero mention that Luke Walton was on the gsw staff knows them well lebron is best in the world with a guy who used to coach them haha and Rondo+Lonzo=Magic ast wise LeBron+Beasley = JordanPippen points wise Lance stephenson can put up Ron Harper numbers Got plenty of Rebounding and bench scoring in Kumza, Ingram, McGee, Wagner, Beasley, Lonzo, Rondo, Hart, etc. Lakers will be top 3 in west

    • Rondo is trouble----- the rest of your comments was on point

  • I can't believe these guys even consider LaVar as a factor. Magic and Rob Pelinka paying him no mind at all is exactly what they should do. You think he's the only parent of a player who thinks his son is the best player on the team? Every parent does!

  • Lakers not winning no 53 games it's not the East foh a lot of them dudes mentioned not even getting that much PT too much young talent on that team for them vets to get significant playing time and Kawhi not coming to L.A. that's gonna be the shocker watch and see.

  • Why do y'all talk about Lavar so much? Stop legitimizing the man.

  • Lakers don't have to beat the ring chasing warriors. Lakers will still be more exciting this year and the league and fans are excited

  • Lebron still needs his JR Smith fix so he got Beasley

  • What a great discussion

  • The whisper "skiyyyyip" lol lmbo hahahaha

  • Skip acts like they aren’t grown men 😂 they are professional athletes, I’m pretty sure they will know how to act.

  • this media people is wrong judgement for the lakers teams. don't judge them man..

  • if u don't want the Warriors dancing all in the finals, the coach taking all the Ts. Come to Death Row!!

  • rasheed wallce coming out of retirement to join

  • yo they bout to be some crzy loco team. globetrotters

  • This was entertaining

  • Why is the media acting like all these signings put the lakers over the warriors? The warriors have an all star/team USA staring 5 lineup. While the lakers have young players still learning or a bunch of old players who are so and so.

  • Skip has to understand that when you put clowns together there’s two things that can happen : The equal eachother out or the continuously try to one up each other.

  • The man knows sports, but Shannon reminds me of the waterboy coach (Farmer Fran) ) 08:00

  • It's funny that Skip overplays the "difficult personality" angle with players who used to be problematic, but are now veterans and get along in the locker room. He's acting like these players are unruly hot heads who never got it together. Name the last time Rondo, Beasley, or Stephenson actually did something detrimental to their own ball club or were "uncoachable". Those guys play hard and they want to win. That's what LA wants to teach their young guys, toughness, grit, and a winning pedigree. It challenges the vets and their younger talent.

  • They are all on one year contracts they play team ball or they are gone.

  • I like what the lakers are doing. These are all talented players who could become a part of something great. Here's a year, cap space is coming, who wants to win rings? Any one of these players have to ability to step up and be major factors in games. Its just a question of who has the drive and the ability to just shut up and play some basketball. This move puts pressure on other players with soon to expire contracts as well. Is it coincidence all these one year deals coincide with new young talent. Everyone will be feeling to pressure to empress two of the greatest ever. Both the knowledge and the ability is there its just a question of who is going to step it up and bring some bread to the table. I feel the same about carmelo in houston. With ariza gone melo has something he hasnt had before, a real honest to goodness championship contender.

  • Shannon is so annoying!

  • I'm starting to like these Lakers team

  • Maybe thats What they need teamates they can relate . Plus there all good players

  • Man don’t be coming in here talkin about “WE GONE DO THIS” ain’t no we you not s laker fan homie


  • Not only are they difficult personalities, they don't fit on the court. Beasley is an iso player, rondo is a traditional pg, Stephenson can't shoot 3s.. LeBron needs sharpshooters

  • He gone play when it's time to play KD one of his besties

  • Them boys trade assets

  • Funny how the world writes you off when you do wrong, but never gives you credit for what you do right (Skip). JR Smith was a "problem," till he joined the Cavs and then he became a champion. Rondo was a "problem" when he won championship with Celtics. It all comes down to dynamic leadership and the environment. This is a great article on building strong teams that ties into this conversation:

  • Next year watch the warriors not make the playoffs ( my dream ) and they’ll blame it on losing Zaza to injure lebron

  • Yet Skip you idiot once again its not about this year ! What part of this can you morons not get idiots

  • They would have 45 wins with out Lebron.

  • Of the 4 one year deals. Only one that matters is Rondo, the only person who is proven

  • Lebron sign off on a Lakers decision!?? 😂

  • The expendables lol