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Chris Broussard reacts to Rob Pelinka's comments about the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 12 Jul 2018
Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk NBA. Hear their thoughts on Rob Pelinka, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Chris Broussard reacts to Rob Pelinka's comments about the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Do you agree with Rob Pelinka?

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED I get what Pelinka is tryin to say and he's right, but he's a couple of years too late, this might have been true for those, 2015, 2016 Warriors teams, but not for this particular team they have now, and I say that because, they have been thru battles with the Cavs and Rockets, and in my opinion, they're ready and capable of handling a team that trys to be physical with and play a defensive, grind it out series The warriors are not just a run and gun 3 point shooting team, they will go inside and take 2s, Klay will go inside and get a bucket, either with the drive are mid-range, KD will back you down and fade away over the top of defenders, because he's normally taller, Draymond can get tough buckets inside, even Livingston off the bench, is known for his mid-range accuracy, and Steph takes people off the dribble with his great handles and because defenders are so concerned about him shooting the 3 ball, and let's not forget, this team can also be pretty dam good on defense, at least by these days standards

    • you still need a very offense to beat warriors even with a good defense. just look at the spurs. they are very good defensively, but have no offense. they have no chance against warriors.

    • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED gs going to 3 peat

    • Keke do u luv meee

    • Some funny debating then we get the "Black On Black Crime" statement at the end.

  • Houston just got a lot younger more athletic better..right there with the Celtics Warriora still kings at least till the playoffs

  • The most valuable attributes in today’s Nba is Three point Shooting and Defense.

  • Why does skip have to say something like “and who hit that game winning shot” as if Kyrie making it damages Lebrons Reputation like Steve Kerr hit some Crucial shots for the bulls in their post season runs but that doesn’t negatively effect MJ It’s a team game more than one Person will find the ball in there hands at some point in the game

  • EVER

  • Skip will always hate lebron

  • lakers already focusing on GS

  • Shannon is obnoxious

  • Shut up Chris. You are not a nba specialist. Please shut up. They won in 16 because of kyrie and the refs. Also green suspended bogart hurt and iguodala sprained back. But when love and kyrie was hurt every body was saying the warriors won because they was hurt.

  • 1 year deals because they thought Ingram & Josh Hart were getting traded to San Antonio for Kawhi.😀😀😀😀😀 Kyle Kuzma is a keeper = Golden State Warriors-type 159----3-pointers as a rookie coming off the bench, would be 200----3-pointers as a starter.😀😀😀

  • They hide Steph Curry on defense too.😀😀😀

  • Lakers will be happy with HOMECOURT ADVANTAGE in the NBA Playoffs.😀😀😀 The new rookies are better 3-point shooters. Mo Wagner = Stretch-5 Svi Mykhailiuk = Klay 2.0

  • I guess Lance Stephenson is going to be physical with Klay Thompson.😀😀😀😀

  • Houston Rockets lead the NBA in 3-pointers taken.😀😀😀😀😀

  • 😂😂😂 light skin brothers stick together 😂😂😂 SheySharp 😂😂

  • So

  • Idk if Lebron’s b-ball IQ is the highest in the game. Cp3, Rondo and a few others have a strong case

  • "He also brought floppin" Shannon on Ginobili #lol

  • LMAO Shannon Sharp is a clown. Light is right!

  • Lightskin brothas stick together lol

  • wait why dont we trade for ad sign kawhi then we literally have three players the warriors csnt handle

  • Vlade Divac was flopping waaaay before Manu LOL

  • 🤣🤣🤣 Shannon “ he also brought flopping “🤣🤣🤣

  • "Whose the second scorer?" Um.. Kawhi. Just wait.

  • Skip be in his feelings around the clock. lol

  • None of the warriors carry the burden lebron carrys. So that makes them playing stellar defense easier


  • When the visiting analyst (BROUSSARD) is ALWAYS better on EVERY show than the actual show analysts lolololol...Jim Jackson and Stephen Jackson are good too

  • Ever

  • I wish the media would stop putting out this false narrative that the Lakers don't have any players that can shoot on their team

  • Skip said OKC is better than the Lakers? How? Skip wants to talk about the Lakers shooting but OKC as a team can't shoot. The only people that can shoot on OKC is Paul George, Patterson, and Abrines. OKC has a really good starting 5 but they have no bench. Denver is better than OKC. The Warriors and Lakers will be playing in the Western Conference Finals in 2019.

  • Ever since lbj left the cavs now all of sudden they’re not gunna talk about Cleveland anymore lol

  • Really broussard? You give the rockets the credit for figuring out you need to switch everything when playing the warriors. But I guess dantoni is such a horrible coach that he needs to take others credit just to seem relevant.

  • also the best defense, which no one ever talks about... , dubs play D.......


  • The NBA let Cleveland win in 2016 let’s be real folks we all know it

  • Everybody a Warriors fan now....

  • The Lakers should be a lot better shooting 3's this year because of the passing of Bron, Rondo and Ball. Should be more open looks and less contested shots.

  • Blah Blah Blah... Warriors in 4

  • Everybody writing off the Lakers core players like they're development is set in stone. NBA players do improve you know. Ingram improved a lot last year and he's only 20 years old still.

  • lonzo is not a good as kyrie bron. 1st round exit for you

  • "The next team that signs me, better come with a fanny pack!" -IT 2018

  • “He also brought flopping” 😂

  • Skips right on this one. LeBron is the best at passing up 3's. LOL

  • I just go past Skip's portions lmao

  • light skin brothers stick together truth or lie?

  • LBJ needs to change his number.

  • "Light skinned brothers stick together" lmao Shannon a fool

  • They are severely underestimating the lakers three point shooting ability. Lonzo will get better that's a fact. They also just drafted a sharpshooter in svi. Josh Hart has been killing it in summer league. Kuzma is kuzma. Kcp is Kcp. Ingram has been shooting threes all summer. LeBron will elevate the the quality of the shots. Dont say I didn't warn you guys.

  • All die hard WARRIOR fans enjoy these daily conversations on how the rest of the teams in the NBA and their fans plot on taking down the dynasty! Hilarious 😂😂😂

  • he said up by 1 with 3 minutes left😂😂😂

  • Chris Broussard is hands down the best NBA analyst

  • 🤣🤣 light skin brothers stick together

  • 🤣🤣 he also brought flopping

  • All these plans & warriors still win. Its coaching that has the edge. He changes it in crunch time when warriors lose focus & get frustrated

  • Everyone in the comments section have that same energy if lakers don’t make playoffs or get knock out before or if they play warriors. Don’t go bck to the narrative u started with the media. “Warriors ruined the nba” and “KD ruined the nba” nobody said that and warriors gone still lose like 2016 untill after 2017 finals. It was all laughs and Lebron this and that Curry kyrie son and Lebron better than KD he can’t touch him, Klay and draymond not starters on any other team then it change to weak excuses to compensate. *KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY* that u feel Lebron and this laker team have a shot a beating everyone including the warriors in the next 3 years and if warriors win again just give them their props Brodies...simple

  • Skip has grown on me. I love his schtick lol

  • Actually Shannon, if you're going to blame a European for bringing flopping to the NBA, blame good old Vlade Divac

  • is skip on drugs?

  • BOOGIE......ok im done now

  • You can beat GS at their own game. Houston proved that by being up 3-2 with a home court advantage. Too bad paul got injured.


  • i always checked out... when Skip starts talking. Only when Chris is in I watch the whole video.

  • What happened to Joy?

  • Watching that WCF final it was easy to see that Houston was getting into GSW minds with cp3 and others playing tough. I think this is a smart move by the Lakers, I just worry that they are planning for a warriors match up too much and forget they will probably have to go through other teams first. For instance, if the Celtics had won the ECF, I think their playstyle would counter GSW and they would have been able to make it 6 games, maybe even win with Kyrie and Hayward honestly...

  • Skip is annoying af

  • Have you guys notice , they only mention the Lakers bench lol what about Ingram, and kuzma completely dismissed keep thinking that good luck

  • i think the Lakers are fourth to 6th best team unfortunately but fortunately, we need another good scoring tough pf & another solid center & we'll be back on top

  • Lakers added play makers, athletic players and high IQ guys to go along with our very athletic, super talented young core. LeBRon can now let others play make and he can again defend at a high level and work out of the post like reports say he wants to do. He couldn't do both with that Clev roster. They had no play makers and most were spot up, slow shooters. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. LeBRon and Lakers front office know you can't beat the Warriors at their game. This wasn't only LeBRon's idea. This was the Lakers idea already. LeBron signed off on it because he beat the Warriors playing bully ball before with Shump and Dellavidova.

  • The warriors can play physical and tough too

  • No such thing as “ basketball IQ”

  • Is IT still on the Lakers?

  • The logos and numbers sounds good but in my opinion basketball is way more complicated than dropping last years statistics and give some very diffuse conclusions from what you seen. I mean never underestimate the group dynamics and how you formulate your visions as a team: what we want to do and don't do. What I've learnt from previous seasons of NBA basketball is that the single most important statistic is how many players who's healthy and when they're healthy. The second most important lesson for me is "good teams learns on the fly". By changing the culture, investing in smart young players and coaches and also adding LBJ I believe the chances of Lakers being a good team increased drastically from the last couple of years. I do like Pelinkas plan. It might work, it might not but you got to put it in perspective. What type of shooters are still available? Can they do more than just shoot, because we can see that a Non-Locked-IN shooter in the playoffs doesn't help you at all (unless he can contribute with something else). I do like the thinking of the organisation and it's a clear red line in the Lakers team this year. Versatility, toughness and defensive minds with a lot of gas in their legs, but of course lack of shooting but that will come in time. If you want to say that you've won versus Bobby Fischer; don't play chess. Do something else. The chances of Lakers beating Warriors are slim (of course, they didn't even made the playoffs last season), but I don't think that's their primary goal this year. They want to keep developing their culture and in time they'll will compete for the ring. Probably not this year, but in two years doesn't sound like a long shot at all for me. "Who's gona be their second scorer?" That's a irrelevant question, I guess. Great teams will figure such things out, and we'll see if the Lakers will do so as well, but my gut feeling tells me they will! My gut feeling also tells me Ingram and Kuzma will florish playing alongside such incredible playmakers such as LBJ, Rondo and Ball.

  • What did he say

  • They forgot lakers almost beat them warriors last year.

  • If Rob Pelinka is the Laker’s GM, then what does Magic do (position wise)?

    • mbj920 he is the president of basketball

    • mbj920 Magic is his boss.

  • Ingram and Hart shot 40%, but they were taking about 2/3 a game. With this new team, those guys are going to get even better shots

  • all i need to hear is the last sentence; " Lonzo is in the plan"

  • You could also just say the difference is KD not that they lost their defensive mindedness.

  • Who's the new girl on the show ???

  • Yooo where is Joy like wtf🤬

    • Wayne Gates She is no longer on undisputed. She's on Colin Cowherd's show.

  • Skip why u do that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:11 that head scratch though hahah

  • He's not wrong. You can't outshoot the Warriors.

  • Lol whose that female with pen acting like she taking notes

  • OKC was up 3 - 1 playing thunder game

  • The only way to beat the warriors is to muck up the game. That's it.

  • 4:58 skip low key Savage lol

  • Eboni > _______ (the rest) #fillintheblank #undisputed #mostattractivemoderator

  • Ginobili also brought Flopping 😂😂😂😂😂 Lmao Shannon 😂

  • I have never seen the "loser"(Bron) get so much press!...

  • I knew Skip was going to leave out Lonzo when he was talking trash about the Lakers shooters. Skip is a straight up Lonzo Nuthugger. Lol

  • tough and physical?? lmao .lebron doesnt play defense anymore at his age . to save energy in offense to statpad. jordan at age of 33 and 34 still a defensive monster . let that sink in

  • This talkshow is getting more interesting everytime they talk about lakers with lonzo hater and lebron hater as the hosts

  • Like watching this show on BR-tv. I can forward thru Shannon's yakking.

  • the refs outshot the caves and alowed the scumbag drey scumb to sticck his nails into lebrans eyes what trash league.

  • Shannon is so annoying, I've had enough of him. Either he's screaming like an uneducated idiot, or talks about sth that has got nothing to do with the basketball (as every black man these days) or thinks Lebron is the only good bball player on the earth. Listen Sharpe: THERE IS NOW "WE". You ain't the Laker fan so STOP IT. You have never been Laker or Celtic fan. I don't want you to pretend you're a Laker fan. STOP IT. THERE is no "WE". It's only you, your horrendous behawior and child-like approach.

  • Rob has been watching film his whole life and been associated with the NBA for 30 years. He and Magic watch film of the entire NCAA and NBA every day and night. No front office knows more about basketball than those two do combined along with Jeanie Buss. I trust what they’re doing.

  • Dan gilbert should’ve retained the 2016 cavs roster

  • Closing music is too loud in comparison to the rest of the video.