Chris Pratt Being Childish

Publicado em 28 Abr 2018
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E Live:
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  • Chris Pratt being a slightly smarter Andy Dwyer for 5:00 minutes straight

    • Uhm Okay it amazes me how he can play a slightly different version of Andy in every movie he does 😂

  • 4:00 THO!!!! That was the best!

  • wont watch pratts movies because he is a butcher . goes hunting and does not need to .

  • "Can a Velociraptor bite a kid's leg off? The answer to that.....yes it can"

  • That stupid bass is a fucking pussy

  • Your mom gey

  • i dont know why..but he's the only guy that make me horny everytime i saw him

  • Hemsworth vs Cavill

  • Must be nice to make everyone laugh by just opening ur mouth and making sound. I have the sense of humor of a pebble.

  • Chris is halrious😂😂😂

  • Just film his life 😂😂😂 Please don't come for me

  • Great video. Should have shown him fart in Parks and Rec though.

  • ar·du·ous ˈärjo͞oəs/ adjective involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring. For people that didn't know what it means

  • God, he’s definitely my favourite actor.

  • "Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are to fast." Drax

  • Precious baby

  • That Chris Pratt could do with a good f spanking

  • Funny, sexy, great actor!

  • Talk about bass fishing

  • Chris Pratt is legit just being Chris Pratt. Such a big lovable goofball, protect at all costs!

  • Good god, I need to stop watching Christ Pratt videos or else I'm gonna fall for him lol just another celebrity crush that I'll never meet

  • I could've swore that this would have been anything ever filmed of Chris Pratt XD

  • Zoe is ready to defend Chris

  • Nathan drake in real life

  • You can’t put Chris Pratt’s entire life into a 5 minuet video

  • When he said “severed head” for what he wanted when he died I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF APRILLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He solved the rubix cube while being questioned!

  • i need this bastard in a chris pratt position ~ this indian penis all of 9 inches is going to satiate him ! my curry my stink is all going to make him my wife !

  • He is so sexy and beautiful 💜💜💜

  • Who is watching this video after hearing his tweet about PAKISTAN......#PakistanLovesU..chris

  • Chris pratt looks like peter quil

  • Peter Quill is so bad at acting like Chris Pratt

  • so cute !!!!!!!!

  • This man is my spirit animal


  • I don’t know how to take care of kids and mostly adults who are practically being childish

  • Who else wants to sever a human head to put on Chris Pratt’s star?

  • How did Chris first react when he saw baby groot like actually in the movie

  • Cumberbats

  • Rambow!!!

  • He's still hot af tho.

  • He’d make a damn good show host lmao

  • He IS Andy

  • It’s funny

  • Who cares

  • Video should’ve been called “Chris Pratt being the love of my life “

  • He serves Jesus

  • Margot Robbie, Jamie Foxx, Michael Jordan imo are overrated actors and can't act in those big roles for shit. They are what I like to call TV actors.

  • Seems like Zoe likes Chris a lot lol

  • I want him in the trunk of my car😈

    • John Balnis you got real dark right there ☹️ I like that😈

  • better title, Chriss pratt being Chriss pratt.

  • So Chris Pratt is basically Andy Dwyer

    • Riggaronis or Andy Dwyer is basically Chris Pratt

  • Always putting out dope videos, keep it up


  • who the hell would divorce Chris

  • I can’t deny I have a really big crush on him 😂

  • Clip around 3:08?

  • I live for this man

  • 3:21 the finger is clearly in the shot. Don't know what he's talking about.

  • severedhumanhead-Look! I finished it!!

  • Still can't believe that guy used to be fat.

    • dude you’re everywhere

    • Just Some Guy with a Mustache Damn dude, I even find you on non anime vids

  • April is when the BASS are SPAWNING

  • Look how cute he's Precious Boy

  • I was kinda' confused at first why many people are so mad about his character in the Avengers Infinity War, and then I just watched the movie and saw why. I hadn't expected it though.

    • Is this about the bubblegun thing?

    • Green Midori He's not the guy you would expect to do the smart thing. If Tony did it, people would've freaked out more. It makes more sense that Peter did it.

    • N. Marche Marvel ruined Quill’s characterisation in Infinity War imo. He was so one-dimensional.

  • 😡

  • Chris Pratt reminds me so unbelievably much of my dad

    • Same here... he probably just gives off that dad vibe

    • Connor Iquada your dads a sexy dad then

  • When Zoe said “if these were lollipops...” my mind immediately went Which one would you suck😂

    • I thought that too and she probably said it but it was cut out...

    • Estef h i dont think she thought about that lol

    • o.o

    • Devil you've been compromised😂

  • Chris Pratt is priceless. Just blame Quill.

    • Charles Liu it was all apart of dr strange’s plan that was the only way to win out of the 14,000,605 ways If they did try to stop him they’ve lost

  • Hey to all of you out there who have seen infinity wars at least give it a week or even the decency of two weeks before you start talking about it in the comment sections. I know I know we all wanna be the first to say this the first to comment that but in your lust for being first you rune the movie experience for others. You don't happen to be american do you?

  • Lmao how do they get any work done on set

  • Oh I thought this was going to be more like 38 years long.

  • Himself*

  • here for chris 😍😍😍

  • I need this after watching Infinity war

  • I love Chris Pratt so much 😂

  • My freind cousin is chris pratt

  • Title should have "Chris Pratt being Chris Pratt". Great vid though

  • Not a single clip with J-Law. I'm surprised haha they're hilarious together.

    • +i'm a ruin. Thank god I'm not the only one who thinks she's annoying.

    • Rachel J I don't want to make assumptions but his ex wife also left her previous boyfriend for Pratt and had dumped him by phone then slept with Pratt the same day, which she says in her book...

    • cloveraby. I don’t really think she was the cause of the divorce, look how he acts with Zoe, exactly the same. And he’s still single, while he’s ex wife has already got a new boyfriend.

    • she's extremely annoying, i'm glad they put no clips of her in this video.

    • I shipped them a while back but now I kinda think he's too good for her.

  • We need to protect the magnificent man!

  • I think Zoe's in love lol

    • GUYS!!! GUYS GUYS! Chris is not yet divorced but he is dating. But my mom has the biggest crush on him and she said she’s gonna get married to him. 😂

    • Handi Cui why's gamors?

    • Handi Cui we all are In Love with Chris

    • First Jennifer Lawrence, now Zoe. Will you people stop one day? Even as a joke, I'm sure they've had to hear it about more times than I can count and I can count very high.

    • Enid Rhee-Grimes Oh yay now's my chance

  • my friend holly is trying to win a proposal competition and we are trying to get chris pratt to send a video telling lachlan that holly wants to marry him please retweet saying #helphollypropose

  • He's just so fuckin lovable.

  • When is Chris Pratt not childish?

  • Oh, after seeing Infinity War we all know how childish he can be.

    • JEBUS CHRISTY ‘AY!!!!!!!!!! He’s awesome! It wasn’t his fault, how would you feel if your girl’s dad, who’s completely insane btw, killed her and you ran into him and found that out then and there. The only woman you’ve ever loved and cared for. You’d be outraged, wouldn’t you?

    • buri zaemon it was all apart of dr strange’s plan if they did try to stop him they would have lost

    • buri zaemon Also if Thor had aimed for the head like thanos said? Or his hand?

    • JEBUS CHRISTY doctor strange’s last line was literally “there was no other way” he lied to them about there being one way to defeat thanos because it was inevitable.

    • In all honesty maybe the reason why Dr strange gave up the stone was because it was the only way as he said, the only way to the one in 140billion chances to win how he said when he went into the future to see all possible outcomes if ygm

  • Ultimate man's man

  • Fuck this channel is underrated 😥

  • I love all these Chris Pratt videos

  • 2:16 my favorite Chris Pratt moment

  • Brilliant love your videos