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Dean - Bonnie & Clyde

Publicado em 21 Abr 2016
Official video of ""Bonnie & Clyde""
Directed by Tiger Cave
Visual effects by @rarebirth
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  • This is the only song i listen to all the time and is still not tired of. This is the only song i set as my alarm and still doesn’t want to disappear off the face of the earth. This is my favorite song.

  • 딘 특유의 가사대로 뮤비만들기 귀엽다ㅜㅜ❤️👨

  • Oppa i love😂❤

  • this will always be my fave dean song

  • My friend recommended this song and MY GOD ITS SO GOOD

  • but he's hot

  • I have the impression that there are pasta in all his clips

  • Dean makes me question many things like am I really as pure as I think I am? No, I don't think so. He could kill me and I'd say thank you

  • Need to get married to him rn 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aye homie dean hit 100k likes 🔥🔥 song is underrated, one of my personal favorites from 2016

  • isnt that the girl from bts boy in luv mv

  • 완전 좋아 ㅎㄹ...


  • 도수코보고 왔는데 딘도 잘생겼는데 고소현씨도 너무 이쁘시네요 ㅜㅜ

  • Hey ! Is this the same girl from bts' boy in luv mv ???

  • Um lacre é um lacre, né amores

  • 이거 뮤비 지금 봣는데 딘이 저 여자 죽인거임? ㅁㅊ?

  • Nov 2018?

  • road to 100k likes

  • Same girl in bts song - boy in luv

  • I cant breath

  • Thank God it didn't end like Bonnie and Clyde, that would be sad...

  • 2018...but still gold

  • I mean I’m looking at Dean AND the girl 😍 she’s so beautiful

  • I just finished watching a bunch of Chris Hansen videos and in that scene where they were hanging out on the couch I imagined Chris Hansen just walking in😂but overall,this my favorite song💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • I love U DEAN.

  • Who's the girl? I'm in love, I need to know her

  • this song makes me wanna do dumb shit, and break a few hundred laws, so uhhhhhh, anyone wanna be my clyde? lmaO

  • I've never been more attracted to a music video in my entire life..

  • Dean could punch me in the face and I would thank him❤️

  • Cosculluela eres tú?

  • how it's possible that this video has just 4 mill, its a peace of art !

  • His voice 😭😍

  • No one is going to talk about how they put visuals of James Dean’s car “Little Bastard” in the video??? I got u Dean, I got u

  • 3:28 - 3:30 why

  • can‘t relate to those 588 tasteless people

  • What language is it?

    • It's korean. They are pretty good you should check k r&b or k rap or even kpop 😊 don't let the wrong image people gives to it, the music is really good

  • I literally can’t stop playing this song it’s so damn good

  • เจ่บจีจีริ๊ดทิ่หัวจัยข้างซ้ายเบาๆ

  • 0:19 dean's lips are sparkly

  • how can people dislike this masterpiece

  • 그것은 아름 다운 노래 🔥

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one with the girl's envy in the video. Sorry for my English.

  • Guys you really need to see the lyrics to know what it going on in this mv trust me 😂

  • Love me please❤️~Jessica and Diana

  • i swear dean and crush just own r&b

  • The song is good...but the MV breaks my heart.....😭😭

  • can dean x kyungsoo collab be next

  • *shoves Bonnie out of the way* So you called?

  • it took me forever to find this song cuz there was no description for it at all but our bae RYAAAAANN freaking G placed it in one of his videos. I have him to thank for this moment

  • ㅡㅡ 나만 질투나?

  • 띵곡

  • *how to be that girl in the mv*

  • This MV needs more views.. why are people sleeping on it otujsna

  • I cannot put into words how much I love Dean's music ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • His album is about to drop soon he said its 90% done and I’m waiting I love his music I low key want to be that girl in the Mv js 😭

  • Jesus christ. He coud do anything he wanted with me and I wouldn't complain

  • dean is something id choose over anything and im a freaking kpop girl ok?

  • Shouldn’t it be illegal to be THIS hot and talented?

  • Shouldn’t it be illegal to be THIS hot and talented?

  • Obessed

  • Who’s here in 2018?

  • So, did he check the number and dial again?

  • This girl is one lucky girl .

  • I just wanna day dean is one of the best solo Kpop artist but so many people sleep on him and it makes me sad bc he has so much talent and I just love him sm. I love his voice it’s amazing and I wish more people could love it too. To 5 million views and many more ily dean yiu help me a lot 💕

  • I need to stan

  • i busted the fattest nut yall lmAO

  • Porque no te descubrí antes eres perfecto 💕💞💕💞💕💞💕💞

  • lol yep got your back honey i will die for you demon man lets cruise

  • that switch towards the end gets me everytime SO good

  • 2018 and vibin 🔥

  • he is awesome!!! im soooo late

  • don't look at me like that

  • i've been sleeping on Dean , oh my.

  • amo esta canción fjsjf

  • omaafffggaaadd this guy is such aa boyfriend material he sings so beautifully he is super hot he is extra beautiful he is hella handsome makes me wanna die he is a fucking great idol 💋 them hats look freaking beautiful on him and about the eyebrows... idk 😐 im just out of words i love him 😍 with all of my heart yalll respect DEAN keep going 😘💞❣️❤️

  • 아이고 부러브라

  • That last minute of the song.... I wish it was longer.

  • songs will never get expired

  • This mv makes you hungry and horny

  • Bonnie Clyde Bonnie Clyde.... TIL we die til we die$$$$$, one of my favorite r and b artist right now ....stay blessed Dean 😎😎

  • this song makes so much sense!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

  • so underrated...

  • ❤️

  • I luv fckng so mch Dean n this song

  • 1:38 i'm jealous...aww

  • what happened to the subs :(

  • Dean❤️

  • 2018?? EEP

  • I like Bonnie and Clyde thanks to this song.

  • I’m in love with this fucking song omg dean i love you

  • he is my Clyde... Why is so perfect? I gonna die now, I love dean rebel babes !

  • Love from india


  • He is god 😔💞

  • He is god 😔💞

  • Love this song....😍😍

  • I love BTS so much but Dean's voice really in the different level. don't get me wrong, everybody have different opinion ok. I can sleep in peace after listening to him. lol

    • Same here

    • +DEAN TRBL iss good💀💀😔👏

    • +yoongles s MY BAD JGKGJHKFS HAHA


    • DEAN TRBL no problem 👌🏻

  • can he punch me so i can say thank you?

  • 2018 september ?