Democrats Plan Their House Takeover and Fire Up THE SUBPOENA CANNON | The Daily Show

Publicado em 15 Nov 2018
Following their big wins in the midterm elections, the Democratic House majority is planning to launch a “subpoena cannon” at the Trump White House. Plus, Michael Kosta stars in a PSA showing Dems how to avoid committing “presidential harassment.”
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  • Ugh... seriously Pelosi... those are the top 3 priorities? She couldn't possibly have tried playing that any safer. Get some guts and throw your support behind AOC!

  • Being a month into the shutdown, is it possible this is a ruse to block these subpoenas?

  • Are you in the moon😭😭😭 Who is this guy

  • The republicans keep trying to paint Trump as being above the law and above the checks and balances system... How does that not make him a dictator??

  • Subpoena!!!!!!!! Taxes, communications, spending, credit card bills, get it all and lock up these criminals

  • Trevor Noah should be the next president of the United States in 10 years. Give him time he will earn that

  • I like Trevor but God, do I miss Jon.

  • Bernie is the only way. THE ONLY WAY!

  • AOC wants to subpoena people for using meme's that she doesn't like. She is the leader of the National Socialist American Workers' Party

  • anybody else notice that Anthony Gonzalez that trevor said was probably white is the same Anthony Gonzalez that played football at Ohio State?

  • Nancy walking dead's top priorities - lower drug prices, infrastructure. Has she switched parties? or did someone slip her Trump's campaign playbook.

  • subpoena sounds wierd

  • *Trump shouldn't be impeached.........HIM AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY SHOULD BE SHOT AND SET ON FIRE!!!*

  • Cabinet should get ready for Subpoena the Judicial Bitch ✨📃✨

  • 奇實公園的鴿子,流浪漢再餓也不会捕食,更不敢食鴿,,,。 因為有白鴿,,,洗浴皂。

  • The Dems need to pass strong climate change bills, infrastructure bills, anti-corruption bills through the House, and if the Republicans in the Senate refuse, we need to go all across this country and let every voter in every state know what the GOP did, and we can work to take back the Senate in 2020.

  • Ugh I may tend to lean liberal but Nancy Paloski is so shady.

  • Aaaahhahah the look on trump's face when the eagle came 4 him!!!

  • Men if i ever want to get a laugh i watch Trevor Noah, He's the funniest guy i came across😂😂😂😂😂

  • Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!

  • "Are you in the mood subpoena?" Omg. Dead. XD

  • Trevor Noah pays for 5 hours of parking for Marvel movies, confirmed.

  • Trevaahaah you don't want to clash when you smash!!😲😆😆😆😆😆

  • Good luck dumb fuck.#Trup2020

  • When is The Daily Show going to start being funny again?

  • Dems in California plan to bring in millions of fake refugees and give them welfare while many, many people are homeless!

  • That's y they keep losing they keep chasing djt and people keep electing a leader/ they have to forget about trump and come up with a new leader and platform/ but of course they gonna prop Hillary back up


  • I'm all on board for accountability but please do not end the space force it's all I have left right now

  • "Think of the president as a stripper." I'd rather not.

  • hopefully democrats will have the time to also solve shit with third-countries and the environment

  • what happend to all the trump trolls?

  • Finally something good but still scary until the Russian spy is out

  • KARMA BITCH, Republicans! Give us what you took from us!

  • Jared launders the bribes from Saudi Arabia, of course.

  • I’m with you, Mr. Meyers, love your show. But you should know, "forest floor" is a real term and he was using it mostly correctly (for example:, albeit not fully grasping the concept of what he’s talking about, which is embarrassing to watch..

  • and the birther fiasco trump put Obama through WASN'T presidential harrassment??

  • l need to have hope for this country to be great again, every country in the world is laughing of us for Having such a Lunatic Pumpkin as a head of State. Trumps wipes his ass with International Agreements in such manner that the U.S.A signature won’t have more credibility than its military in the future. OK, that’s still a big credibility, but much less people will trust the U.S.A anymore without being urged to.

  • Scumbags wasting money

  • Fuck pelosi. The DNC and GOP are in cahoots.

  • OMG LOL @4:53

  • Pelosi needs to be Speaker. Sorry kids. None of the young freshmen have any fucking clue how any of this works. Nancy can whip votes and strategize better than anyone. She’s ice cold.

  • Ilhan

  • Khan Omar! She is worthy of you.

  • We want Barbara lee or mauria fudge for speakership.

  • 2:42 "LOAD THE CANNON!" =D

  • Voting is a hoax!!!!! No matter what affiliation, voting creates a ruler over us all

  • Oh yeah this is where the cool kids get there news. Right you guys call it news.

  • I honestly don't give a shit if the strategy works, I want real transparency and the sunlight to shine on his conman ass!

  • I hope they add extra servers to the House websites for all the Trump files we get to see!

  • As a Democrat from FLORIDA ... We The new Blue Wave ... we are hungry for New Leadership. we Support TIM RYAN ( OHIO ) ,, to replace Nancy Pelosi .... Her Job is Done and running for President 20/20 .. Elizabeth Warren..... GOD BLESS.

  • Does he have lip stick on?

  • This is soooooo funny! Love it, cause it’s true.

  • Now, THIS freshman class looks like the America I know

  • You are taking comedy to presidency,..I totally love tou

  • Not gonna lie I laughed a little to hard at the "I'm getting compared to Santa waaaah" joke 😂

  • ts because of the #leftWing #feminist that are only feminists when it it #politicallyConvenient #nanvypelosi i have given a name to the #WhenItsConvenientForMe #FeministLesbians (man haters but thats not the name) i call them #violentFEMS #rosieodonnell is a #violentFEM manhater and she blames #DonaldTrump for getting her show cancelled way back when, really she attacked Donald on the first day of her show and the Network immeiately cancelled it. Donald didnt have anything to do with it. other than calling her a #bitch with a big mouth. which she is. heres the basic mind set: If a man wants to enact something that is to #supportWomen the #violentFEMS will object to it on the basis that a man suggested it. (could be joe blow from idaho, not just Donald but any man) its a #sickmindset And that is #TheBrutalTruth #AlexThorn

  • I’m probably the only Republican in the comments section. I still enjoy the Daily Show though 😂😂❤️

  • can mitch mconnell open his mouth at all? he talks like his jaw is wired shut.

  • People are so mad about Republicans being mostly white thiear are alot of good white republicans proof thousands of them died to free slaves President Lincoln white republican.white men set up this government

  • Total idiots

  • Seriously, do any modern U.S. leaders actually watch TV, watch movies, read books, listen to the wind? There is only one war that matters and it is already here #ClimateChange

  • Be done with the WHITE Democrat.

  • Go ahead dems. Focus all your energy on taking down trump so you don't get anything done. Then the repubs will scapegoat you for not getting anything done and they'll retake the house in 2 years. So predictable.

  • John Kennedy has an Eternal Flame on his grave. Traitor Trump will have an Eternal Toilet on his.

  • 😍😂 𝐓𝐡𝐞 🆆🅸🆂🅴🆂🆃 Bookk 🅴🆅🅴🆁 𝙒𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙣! (🅻🅰🆆 𝙊𝙛 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽) 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙎! 😍😂 >> 7072

  • .

  • Fuck. You DICK

  • Kentucky is fed up with McConnell! I hope he enjoys his last 2 years!

  • are you kidding me right now? The ad that came on before this about impeaching Trump? I don't like the guy but that was all lies. The only people they found colluding with Russia or the Democrats so I don't understand how he could even say that. wow, the Democrats really are delusional and retarded

  • Jared is at the service of Israel

  • Why do I feel like Trevor is losing his accent?? Is that just me??

  • Why are we not impeaching the potus? WTF> He must go! He's bad for the US.

  • Mitch the Bitch is SUCH a cunt! All he did was block Obama. I'm going to celebrate when he's gone! Same with Trump and I think people will be partying in the streets when Trump's finally had his pie hole shut up forever!

  • I like to see the women elected in the House of Representatives. Give them a chance to make our country run better. It's obvious us guys can't work together.

  • Only losers still vote for Democrats. And for all of you uneducated, ignorant fools, the KKK was founded by and embraced by the Democrat Party, NOT the republican Party. But of course you don't know that because you went to America's horrible government/union schools!

  • You arent even a american go the fuck back to south africa ..

  • I don't think Trevor's impressions are good enough for them to be the foundation of his comedy. It's a shame that's what he's always doing. His other comedy is pretty good but the impressions not so much.

  • Why did he focus so much on diversity of skin color of the incoming house members. Why does it matter what skin color or race someone is. People should be judged on beliefs and ideas not race.

  • Yep let those dumbass democraps waste tax payers money. They will be sorry in 2020.

  • Oh sure

  • "there was a time they had everything, the house, senate and presidency" didn't that last only like 4 months?

  • We fkn told you trump idiots not to fk with our country . You assholes wanted trump to disturb and shake up our goverment and country and he totally fkd things up. We real Americans are pissed. We are taking our shit back . It was a real big blue tsunami and it aint over yet..

  • lm cool with Nancy Pelosi as speaker, shes a tough old cookie.

  • Are liberals still believing that Russia bullshit?

  • What a price 2 pay ad A "N" from Prince2Elohim Peace

  • Get rid of that dinosaur pelosi. Time for new speaker!


  • All the democrats running right now are hilary's puppets. We need a president either democrat or republican thats purely for the restoring power to the people of usa not the feds.

  • Mitch McConnell crying presidentiall harassment is too funny he invented the action.

  • Ya'll be fighting over identity politics like kindergateners fighting over who has the coolest sneakers. Why do you care so much about sides? The 5-6 mega corporations control your reality and you obery their orders more willingly than George Orwell could ever dream of. Your appeals to authority is sickening, your minds lacking all critical thought and the media has your cognitive dissonance on their leashes, so go sick em dog! If our founding fathers saw your squable over this, they'd probably hang themselves as quick as possible, or simply dissemble the Cantillon economy that's created your economic slavery. Fed prints debt notes, asks for it back with interest and you wonder why you're all so desperate to attack, call names, draw lines, fight one another, meanwhile your overlords are laughing. Before you know it you'll be begging for socialism. The final straw making you entirely dependant on your oh so precious media and overlords.

  • Trevor is good at this... Perfect guy

  • Back in the day the Democrats owned slaves, enforced segregation, and lynched people. Then they realized that if they change their platform just a bit that they could control minorities easier with welfare and planned parenthood.

  • Pics of men and women of whites and colors so how do you see diversity just by the pics.

  • Why is diversity a priority?

    • Jack pine Savage So you’re telling me you would rather vote for someone because they’re not white?

    • Because reactionaries are fighting to prevent the majority of voters from becoming the minority in the future. Face it, our country is changing color. A diverse group of representatives reflect the changing of our country's color and gender populations.

  • When has Pelosi suggested campaign finance reform!? She is the pillar of the corruption and donor abuse of the people! Peoples Democrats don't need to worry too much about harassing the President. Progressive policy that honours the people is wildly popular. Unfortunately the current democratic leadership are corporate democrats and don't care about the people or policy that helps them.

  • of course you're a real newsource, oh yes you are, now here's some juice and fruit snacks

  • Jesus fucking christ this eric cartman toddler needs to learn the world doesn’t revolve around him

  • Yeaaahh baby!!!!... I have a lot of hope because of all the diversity and much more younger people that actually understanding what this Country really needs.

  • Get that wretch on the ropes - and then *go in for the kill.*