Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

Publicado em 8 Fev 2019
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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!
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  • Joey cheat on the hair dry

  • This is one of the worst videos ever, which is also why I didn't finish it. Seriously, what is it with this "let's buy things just to destroy them"-mentality these days? Disgusting.


  • Hey Bobby you like fish and my dad has a restaurant called the Bait Shack but i am in Evergreen Colorado. So uh yeah

  • The ipad still worked after being crushed, and they didnt hit it again. The hairdryer still worked, but they smashes it to bits after already crushing it. Makes sense, totally.

  • Favorite Team Edge member? I’ll start off, Corey.

  • Ootteks jotaa posse v2 tyyppejä

  • A

  • Remember when you made a few videos with Markiplier 😃😃😃😃

  • Brian messed that first one up he basically hinted at where the iPad was

  • im jealous 😶 it sucks when something u want breakd

  • So you are now team sledge

  • This hurt my soul

  • My name is Natalie to

  • Why can’t the first guy just go get the iPad fixed

  • Lol I feel sooo bad

  • Because ketchup is expensive (the logic is real)

  • This is so sad

  • Put some rice on that

  • Dose Bobby even need a chair to sit down on

  • Checkout 9:38

  • I like kyles teddy fresh sweatshirt

  • 7:08 on the left, look at his eyes and his fingers. Thats not fair!

  • Why

  • It's Apple garbage. Just break off a hammer and smash it yourself.

  • 1:23 u want a xbox one x with a ps4 vr headset 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • oh god a car is coming get out the way... oh crap he has airpods on

  • Subtle flex with the air pods

  • This is maybe the dumbest thing ever. "Hey here is your new ipad... if I dont smash it." You might as well say "hey here is your paycheck.... if I dont shred it"

  • 14:15

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeee

  • 5:16 that was like it hit me in the heart

  • So many Chads in one room..

  • OMG cam dude rip and are you ok.

  • 30 day warranty laughed at this

  • I want xbox one x too

  • Bring back Mathias

  • either Your worst nightmare Or Bad/Worst Day ever... Pick one if you have a side, and if you don't leave a like on the video and on comment. Mine is: Worst NIGHTMARE ;`~'; lol

  • Corey wash your hair at the very least

  • This is ridiculous. There are so many people who can barely get by, and you guys purposefully buy expensive electronics just to break them? This is such poor taste. But, 62.000 people liked it, so maybe I am in the minority here.

  • Knock off versions of dope or nope

  • 8:52 Nice picture if you pause it

  • 15:54

  • Such a waist tbh 😒

  • 😢

  • I don't like peaple breaking expensive first world stuff on purpose...

  • iPhone 7 in 2019 ummm

  • oooh airpod flex in intro

  • next up on team edge: dont set of the nuclear bomb

  • so um.. at 0:20.. he.. he.. *was wearing airpods....*

  • Anyone else notice that only the people against Joey got their prizes smashed

  • Where is mattis

  • Omg that is so sad

  • hey

  • You can get the screen fixed on the I pad

  • you guys do realize that joey is the only one that broke the items

  • Corey looked in The viewfinder so He knew xdd

  • Matt looks different

  • This is fake they knew what side the stuff was on so they knew not to break it

  • That air pod flex

  • Hahahahaha

  • The iPad was allowed to live but the hair dryer had to be smashed?

  • What happened to matthias

  • Hi Read more

  • do these guys circle jerk each other with airpods in their ears?

  • 13:01 Reminds me of something (;

  • This is hard watching

  • Cory's mood when walking in is just like "I don't wanna be here"

  • Bruh you can see the side of the whole

  • U know dangie bros did this

  • That guy doesn't need a new console just to play blue ray come on. Who gets blueray disks anymore

  • Gotta flex on us with the air pods

  • 9:50: literally the Nintendo Switch sound.

  • 12:39 it went straight up his nose and out his mouth xD

  • I wish I could've recorded it on my BROKEN iPad Perfect 👌

  • Corey with dat teddy fresh!

  • He has airpods


  • DK should be in more vids

  • So could they see which side it was in the whole time? Bc it doesn’t look that hard to just see what side

  • Jfred watch out there's a sledgehammer, oh God, he can't hear us, he has airpods in

  • 8:37 Erik!!! Erik!!! Spino come out of no where (insert heavy eating sandwich)

  • Blah

  • *WARNING* Do NOT watch while eating!!!!

  • 12:50

  • 1:04 HADEPHONES What a beutiest thing

  • When j Fred smashes everyone’s but bobby and brian dont

  • America explain how much money did they spend on electronics

  • How Corey came in and jumped after they smashed his iPad 😭😭

  • *9:39** pepper from American Horror Story*

  • Gotta admit this was so funny

  • Eh, apple care will cover it.

  • Fix the screen corey

  • how to get views 101

  • 5:15 *a nerd (my) nightmare

  • 7:08 look at Bobby!!!!!!!!

  • I thought Cory was a girl...

  • This is the stupidest video i have ever seen.

  • Ehh it’ll buff right out

  • Really cool that a company can be so close and actually have fun at work. That is the dream!