Dr Phil guy thinks he is BATMAN - Dr Phil #12

Publicado em 11 Fev 2019
Dr Phil guy thinks he is batman, IS IT REAL?
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  • We made a Batman list and our top fantasy pick is Aaron Taylor Johnson. But, we had Armie Hammer in our top three because we know he's probably gonna get the role

  • at least da guy worrys oabout people

  • dat guy isfat

  • I had to rewatch this video to see how bad the editing was

  • Idk how she kept a straight face all through the interview

  • He needs a better woman that actually supports him

  • P

  • Sub 2 Pewds

  • Can you react to the Swedish BR-tv community

  • Why T-Series Using SubBot? Its Not Fair BR-tv! Please Report T-Series!

  • Next episode: girl thinks she's mia khalifa

  • Crackhead

  • Guys we need to watch all his vids , so YT algorithms can get some people his vids in recommends.You get just watch the vids

  • ШакДональдс

  • Goose Wayne on BR-tv the best

  • You should have Aimed for the head

  • Girl: as soon as I can Boy: will you ever leave me? Girl: no are you crazy? Boy: do you love me? Girl: yes alot Boy: have you ever cheated on me? Girl: no never Boy: will you ever kiss me? Girl: every chance I get Boy: will you ever hit me? Girl: definitely not Boy: can I trust you? Girl: yes Boy: Babe now read it backwards

  • Omg... it's Läderlappen !!!!!

  • Go to the Hood🤔

  • Are people not going to talk about the woman? Despite his fiance acting like that, she still didn't leave him. (MAYBE NOT YET..)

  • He cant go to bank with mask

  • Send him to the gas station !

  • Who is here after t series beat pewdiepie

  • I think I am batman too!

  • JuegaGerman?

  • Even batman doesn't wear mask always .

  • Yo atleast shes committed hahahaha

  • 7 mil views for his 80 mil subs

  • good too pewdiepie

  • the editing could actually be better

  • The editing could have been better

  • Gooes wayne

  • Sive is too good at editing this video that it is 720p. Nice job sive1. Anyone from sive1's video?

  • this is very similar to a god complex, a mental illness where you fully believe you are god, hmmm batman complex

  • Just love how pewds so into this tv show

  • What does it say on your hoody

  • *Doesn't he listen to his mom ?*

  • would you prefer youtube over marzia?

  • 15:04 true dat :D

  • didn’t know jeremy lynch went on Dr Phil

  • It's at 8k on the live chat😭

  • The editing could’ve been better

  • Wait there was an ad of 4 mins about Japanese MV wtf? Did any of you guys get it?

  • Why did i read dr. Phil thinks he is batman

  • ngl the editing could be better

  • My name is gio, and now im proud

  • what watch is pewds wearing?

  • I think the editing part Goose Wayne may have been referring to is the red background with wavy black stripes (iconic PewDiePie pattern) or something? Idk but personally I don’t like having the clip so far into the corner.

  • So many ADS!!!

  • why is this guy a real life randy marsh

  • the editing could of been better


  • But Batman’s name is BRUCE Wayne...... ._.

  • Make a part 2 I wanna see goose Wayne get left

  • it could've been better

  • That two guys look actually like they r going to beat him up xD

  • Kichyswag edits are better

  • I believe that it's an act. I even think that his fiancé is in on it. I'm sure that they get a lot of subscribes and views, which equals money money money...

  • His fursona??? XD

  • Does pewdiepie not know what a persona is?

  • Daddy

  • This makes me wanna rewatch kick ass

  • Wayne manor at 14:10 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The add I watched mid way was for a Batman movie 🤣

  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly He batman

  • Goose Wayne at night and Bum Wayne during the day.

  • Brad #2 edited this video

  • Is this like the movie *The Mask*??? He gets a mask and it takes over???

    • All jokes aside I see him being a really nice guy. But he doesn't necessarily get how far he's taking it

  • he looks like a panda

  • For the record he realizes Batman doesn’t drink right?

  • He lost all his fights 😂

  • the real question is how does he pull a girl like that when I'm struggling.

  • Comment for BRAD 1 Like for SIVE

  • best troll guy ever

  • I made my whole class sub to pewpiediepie then the teacher got made I think he watches t-series

  • Anh em Việt Nam đâu ạ?

  • Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse this happened

  • Editing could’ve been better

  • You just know he is a vergin

  • Jinn possession is real...especially whe somone jealous or hates you

  • He's clearly not the real Batman. He doesn't wash his suit? And where's the real Batman? He's at home! Washing his tights! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Holy sassawsassssssssssss

  • wait a sec... pewdiepie is wearing his headphones outside his hoodie and he has to hear it to review and he did so...PEWDIEPIE HAS SUPERPOWERS bet T-Series cant do that

  • U wanna change ur name to Goose Wayne Batman?i want to change my name to : Sub To PewDiePie

  • Pewdiepie.....HAS NOT AGED

  • damn she has the same name as me

  • The editing is so good for this video Goose Wayne: Hold my beer 🍺

  • Pew. Dew. Pie. 👇

  • Why are black people good at basketball ●they can steal ●they can shoot ●they can run Sorry if I offended anyone :)

  • How about we just send him to the ranch hm?

  • Who else thinks that all of these weirdos are just trolls

  • Great video! editing coulda been a little bit better tho

  • my cousin married a guy with the last name batman like literal his whole family's last name is batman lol also I think the guy might have PTSD, he did say he felt uncomfortable with out it on and doesn't like showing his face out in public. the military does have the affect on people

  • This is how many sub pews will have in 1 year 👇

  • 14:49 my name but its spelled with the y lol

  • Sorry pewds, but when you’re boxing doing MMA or any striking sport you make sounds (they can be there sounds he was making, or really anything) to A make sure you’re breathing right while punching (if you don’t breathe properly you’ll tire out extremely fast) and B it actually adds some more power to he punches

    • Also the pink wrap is called “hand wraps” you do it to keep your wrist from getting tweaked when boxing

  • He was in the military, that's certainly misleading ;)

  • The editing could have been better

  • Working at a hotel, a guy checked in who legally changed his last name to batman... it was on his drivers license. (it was NOT this guy)

  • Your actually quite funny