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Egypt v Uruguay - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - MATCH 2

Publicado em 15 Jun 2018
A late Jose Gimenez header wins it for Uruguay! Enjoy the highlights
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  • 2020 ?

  • Egypt has great goalkeepers and not the best Attack though

  • Uruguay dominated that game ,,they missed many many real goals more than Egypt ,,Uruguay deserved the win very clear with respect to Egypt too.

  • I like cavine

  • Wow the Egypt goalkeeper is amazing 🇪🇬

  • This is the first time I see a World Cup game where the stadium isn’t full

  • If salah was on the pitch Egypt would of won because salah is one of the best players ever and because Uruguay only scored one goal

  • mo salah

  • 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • N.a.

  • play again egypt good playing egypt

  • Uruguay nomaaa argentinos, los locos

  • Finally there was a goal 😊

  • Los uruguayos se creen la 5 maravilla 55 mundiales llevan ja ja antes que cristo y los dinosaurious ja ja

  • Dicen los uruguayos que en una copa jesus miro el partido donde ganaron una de las copas y Hitler otra copa son como 20 ha ja ja

  • Uruguay dicen que han ganado 9 copas yo tengo 60 anos y n7nca jamas los vi ganar

  • good video

  • Dommage

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  • Quiz what’s Neymar’s favorite song Awnser You see me rolling they hating - x

  • 1:41 RIP

  • 🇺🇾🇪🇬

  • I love Egypt Respect

  • Egipto perdió porque no jugo Salah

  • Uruguay almost lost to a weakened egypt


  • Kok uruguay sering menang 😢😢

  • h

  • Vamos la celeste

  • Salah=95% of the team

  • It was the best match for Egypt 🇪🇬 in the wc

  • Anybody else notice nothing happened in the first half?

  • Egyptian goalkeeper is great . Love from Pakistan.

  • I wish Salah played

  • Egipt best goalkeper

  • The coach of egypt is stupid why is salah not on they would of won

  • If there would not the Egypt that goalkeeper then it would be 10-0

  • Egypt dominated the game but Uruguay had all the fuckin luck

  • I'm Egyptian and the Egyptian goal keeper name is elshenawy and he was man of the match

  • Lol egypt was drunk that day😂

  • À..kk WE CT cycle combiné BG À À bientôt

  • Bravo uruguay, fuck salah and fuck egyptians. They are scumbags

  • Suarez and cavani sucks alot Boo! Salah and elneny Excellent !

  • Salah is out😮

  • egypt is gunu winn

  • Why was Muhammad saleh not playing in this match 🤨

  • The goal keeper is called mohammed al shenawy0

  • Xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd OMG

  • 🇪🇬Egypt vs 🇺🇾Uruguay

  • The Goalkeeper is excellent

  • Egypt's defence is awesome

  • Mo Salah, Egyptian president

  • Vamos gimenez

  • Poor Egypt, best wishes for the next world cup. Also, wow, amazing goalkeeper.

  • this match was in my and mo salah birthdays .... i cried alot

  • Amazing goalkeeper from egypt

  • Jiménez , (gol de Uruguay) , ( ningún gol metió Egipto)

  • Good goal keeper

  • Suarez thi xâu trai lai con beo nưa chư con cavani thi toc dai

  • Uruguay va ai câp sao găp phap no khoe thê cơ ma

  • Salah

  • oof

  • Абонирайте се за Вulgarian Power

  • Uruguay mejor de la toda partida y mereceu ganar del Egipto 🇺🇾⚽️

  • Love Egypt from Iran

  • Vamos arr

  • Egypt got a great goalkeeper

  • he said a very good evning but its morning

  • puto salah

  • Россия!!!!

  • uruguay vs egypt

  • Vietnam

  • This match proved Egypt is a team that can go far. The only thing that is needed for our team is a finisher, but other than that, we have the entire thing! Good job Uruguay, but this match would’ve been ours if Salah was playing.

  • Doesn,t matter if egypt lost but the tried very hard if muhammad salah was playing egypt would have won

  • Egypt lose against uruguay

  • Congratulation for Urugway grom Poland

  • Egypt and uruguay cricket is best

  • Got reaired on my tv network

  • Good match 😍😍😘😘

  • who the commentator names for this games

  • Egipto 0 - Uruguay 1 (Giménez).

  • It will problery tied or maybe Egypt might win if Mohammad saleh played

  • Go

  • HP egypt

  • No words to say

  • I 😒😠😂 Egypt

  • I 😍😈😘😚😇 URUGUAY

  • Suarez suck with his racist ass

  • Mmmnose

  • El Shenawy was amazing in this match! I had the privilege to meet him today in Slovenia as his team Al Ahly played a friendly match. I took a photo with him. The moment that I'll never forget.

  • I want salah to play

  • сосите хуй ебаные египтские цыганские мартышки обезьяны !

  • Goalkeeper good

  • Respect Urguway Stars Good Game , Congratulations from Cairo - Egypt . Urgway not a little team

  • congrulations vitory Uruguay 🇺🇾

  • Bloons Tower Defense 6 was released that day.

  • I’m very 😀 🇺🇾 Won !!!!!!!

  • ပဲြစဥ္ေတြေကာင္းတယ္။

  • If salah has played Uruguay would have lost

  • Egypt goalkeeper is the best player .