Escape the Babysitter! The Grinch Babysitter Showdown! Escape the Room to Save Valentines Day !

Publicado em 3 Fev 2019
Will the kids Escape the Babysitter this time? The Grinch babysitter Showdown! It’s almost Valentines Day and the sneaky Grinch comes back to ruin Valentines Day. Last time we saw the Grinch, the Grinch was hired as the babysitter and he came and tried to ruin Christmas. Last time the kids had to figure out the clues to the mystery escape room, but this time there is a different twist! This time the Grinch will be in the escape room and he will have to figure out the puzzles, the clues and the mystery to escape the room (a valentines version). The Grinch must escape the room by figuring out each clue to solve the mystery and say the password to get out of the room. See what happens when the sneaky Grinch has to say the secret password code. Will the fun squad be able to escape the sneaky Grinch and save Valentines Day?
The Grinch keeps trying to ruin the kids candy and valentines day surprises. Will the kids figure out who is leaving all of these funny valentines' day gifts and follow the clues to see who is leaving these silly trick gifts. Will they be able to solve the clue and the mysteries and clues before the Grinch plays all of his funny valentines tricks? This Grinch is so funny you’ll have to try not to laugh. In this family friendly kids vs Grinch valentines day video, you’ll see how the kids fun tv crew escape the room in this Valentines holiday adventure. The kids use their nerf blasters and a fun trap to find out who the sneaky mystery person is that is trying to ruin Valentines Day.
Watch the Grinch in real life in his funny holiday video for kids. Comment below and tell us if you think the Grinch was a good babysitter? Or, comment below and tell us if the Grinch was able to ruin Valentines Day or if you think the kids were able to catch the Grinch and solve the mystery and make him escape the room this time! We love making videos for kids that are family friendly. Who do you think is more sneaky? Was it Mr. Grinch? Or the Kids Fun TV fun squad?
Let us know what your favorite part of this video was. Did you like the babysitter the most? Did you like the Grinch the most? Or was it the fun escape room part with the sneaky kids and the clues they had to solve each mystery?
Happy Valentines Day from the Fun Squad and the family of Kids Fun TV! We hope you have a fun and safe Valentines Day this year and that you get fun valentines cards or candy or awesome toys!
Don’t forget to watch the Grinch 2018 movie and go see the movie!
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  • We loved this awesome Grinch Valentines Day video! Comment below and tell us your favorite joke the Grinch did and tell us if you think the Grinch will stay happy in the end, or if he will go back to being the Grinchy Grinch?

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