Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

Publicado em 12 Jun 2018
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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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  • Chris pratt does complain about the size as well as the isolation of the I-rex

  • ACTUALLY... You'd want to blame the author of the book the movies based on, Michael Crichton... but as you said, "no one said scientific accuracy was catchy!" That and, I"M SO WITH YOU ON THAT PRATT CRUSH!!!

  • I can't believe you just spoiled Lost for me

  • Ship it :3

  • 2:54 I hear every door you open... (For the people I don't get it, it is a Baldy's basics reference.)

  • They know they aren't from that era we all knew from the beginning

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  • Alan!!!

  • OOOR we could solve it all by adding human sized doors...

  • Wow! No wonder the Indoraptor was psychologically scarred! IT WAS CRAMMED IN A PUNY CAGE AND TASED IT’S ENTIRE LIFE!!! WHAT ON EARTH WAS HENRY WU THINKING!!! Also, is it just me, or am I picking up some Sister Location vibes with Jurassic World and it’s sequel? I mean, a bunch of dinos crammed together into one like a certain bunch of animatronics being crammed together into one that we all know and love? Also, in regards to the Indoraptor being tased, “It seems the Indoraptor is unresponsive. Let’s motivate it with a controlled shock.” Okay, look! I just had to get that tangent off my chest! The Indominus and Indoraptor remind me of Ennard and Molten Freddy, okay?!

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  • fix: give every employee one of those "shockwave" shotguns. seriously.

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  • Would like to point out that the “velociraptors” are based off of Utah Raptors

    • They're actually based on oversized _Deinonychus. Utahraptor_ wasn't discovered/described until around the time the movie came out, and it's not really all that similar to the movie creatures.

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  • Technically by size. The movie's raptors are closer to the Utah Raptors . its a desert today, but not sure what it was during Cretaceous.

  • So the real enemy here is human negligance.

  • 0:26 Yes, but the Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus and stegosaurus among others mentioned within the jurassic park franchise come from the Jurassic period. Also, Jurassic park is a theme park. They would've obviously choose a catchy name over scientific accuracy.

  • The I rex is a girl

  • You have only one mistake

  • The theory is good

  • Actually, the reason the park is named Jurassic Park/World is because that the Jurassic was the golden age of dinosaurs.

  • Um I think why I rex escaped because of the big door

  • I'm pretty sure there's a point they mention they chose jurrasic cause it sounded better even though it's not correct.

    • I'm talking about in the park series and maybe book. Not the world movies

  • "Alan"

  • why didn't they use the technology they used for the movie to design the dinosaurs why didn't they use those to make robotic dinosaurs

  • Genetic mutant BROTHER??? THE I REX IS FEMALE!!! (I ghate it when people do this...Assume that EVERYTHING is male...)

  • Did u know raiders have feathers

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  • Matpat for even more dimensions for a lot of the facilities in Jurassic world U can refer to the game made for this movie , considering 1: u can get an overhead view of the park we make , 2: u can get a third person view , with measurement for each dinosaur and animals like sheep ! It’s even possible to get pixel measurement for vehicles like helicopters and jeeps !

  • When you said space at first I thought you meant outer space lol

  • But Jurassic Park is named after the novel so if anything it's Michael Chrichton not Steven Speilberg's fault...

  • ooh i see what you are doing instead of tryng to get the copyright of the song, you use free covers because its more easy,clever very clever(yup this has nothing to do with the theory i just wanted to point it out)

  • Look I love Jurassic park 3 you bastard

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  • But they are not completely raptors remind you they fill their DNA with frogs and other current animals wouldn’t that change the way they would like to live like they maybe now can be able to live at tropical islands wouldn’t they🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐??? beat you patt im the new film theorist

  • I actually think Cretaceous world would sound cool! Is that just me?... just me? Okay, I'll shut up

  • Dinosaurs 🐊

  • i live in mongolia im not lying ;-;

  • I HAVE A THEORY After infinty war everyone was taken to like another world (still earth but diffrent) for starlord he was taken to jurrasic park and named owen.

  • It’s been scientifically proven that birds were alive at the same time as dinosaurs and I think Dino’s did not evolve because they all went extinct at once

    • 😲😐

    • A) The earliest dinosaurs were around some 245 million years ago or so; birds split off from other dinosaur groups about 160 million years ago and went down their own evolutionary path, hence why they coexisted for another 100 million years until the big K/Pg extinction event. B) Not all dinosaurs went extinct at once or lived at the same time; most species were already long extinct by the time the meteorite hit.

  • What about a tiaras attack

  • @8:20 matpatt...dinos didn't exist billions of years ago. I'm sure you meant millions. The Cretaceous period was the warmer time, it was apprx. 150-65mya...not billions of years ago. The earth itself is only 4.5 billion years old lol.

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  • Chris Pratt makes every living thing, male or female, straight or gay, plant or animal, _swoon_ for one reason or another. Me? God... _DAMN_ that man is FUNNY.

  • The Indominus Rex and Mousasurus were basicly living and sleeping on their beds!

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  • I will take this info with me when I start playing Jurassic World: Evolution. Ain't nobody gonna get eaten before I hit the save button and purposefully destroy half the T. rex's fence for the heck of it!

  • Alright people like to point out how it isnt jurassic park and its cretacious park. But every fan knows there were actually dino's from many different time periods, such as Tylosaur and Troodon


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  • I watched the 3rd Jurassic park movie; you're right, it sucks, they were yelling while they were hiding from the dinosaurs, like the little girl in the first movie

  • Chris is like the mr. darcey for matt. lol.

  • Hey is Chris Pratt or whatever his name was going to get a restraining order on you because you love him so much

  • With all the creative freedom that hybrids introduced, all they could give us was a big raptor. Twice. There is no theory or amount of marketing that can save this film franchise with these people at the helm.

  • Rex rex

  • To be fair, the Indominus doesn’t have any natural habitat, because it’s the first of its kind.

  • I love j park 3

  • wait, gazelles listen to duck calls at Disney land?

  • It isn't spielburg's fault its called jurassic park, it Michael Criton's

  • dude, like- 50 people died at most during the entire series.

  • i'm still mad at him for ending the universe in infitay war welp i can't spell

  • Chris Pratt is my idol. you my second favorite idol tho matpat :D


  • People paid to go on this theme park, then they get eaten, probably in the worst way possible :/

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  • tru scientific accuracy rrly isnt catchy... like how alkaline is stronger than acid so uh wouldnt be that intimidating to call something alkaline.....

  • Yeah!!! Chris Pratt appreciation fan club for life!!!!!!!!!

  • Omg Matt Pat hates Jurassic Park III like I do! I feel so happy!!!

  • Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is a very bad movie! All the stupid moments from Jurassic World is multiplied in Fallen Kingdom. Only the fanboys seem to not notice it.

  • The only thing he got wrong is, How to prenounce "Isla Nublar"

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  • People r fucking idos cus people were messing with the dinosaur's

  • I clicked on vid for indoraptor but it was about the previous movie not Fallen Kingdom:(

  • So if Isla Nublar is 30 square miles (which, as you've shown, is more than enough for a dino zoo), how big is Isla Sorna? Was it big enough to be a wildlife preserve like Hammond wanted it to be?

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  • I have the feeling that, with those security mesures and basic disrespect for animal envoirment and behavior, even a zoo full of squirrels and otters would have made a catastrophic movie. Coming next? Rodent World

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  • Answer: couldn't they have train the preadetors from babies or just put some preadetors in one island and the herbivores in onther one?

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  • My favorite self made quote for Jurassic world/Park Life finds a way... A way to murder you and eat your corpse 😂