Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

Publicado em 12 Jun 2018
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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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  • *dinosaurs* replace *sinks*

  • There are Jurassic period sinks in there like the bracosaurus, dilophosaurus,allosaurus and the sicentificnerdosaurus THAT'S THE JOKE

  • i like how rexy was like why are there so many bodies? and then the bodies start splatting everywhere and she's like what the frick? best part of the vid for me personally no offense to the rest of it.

  • If they add a Troodon in Jurassic World using MatPat's theory the Troodon will just out smart everything they do

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  • Chris Pratt is pretty cool til ifound out he's an idiot Bible thumper....

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  • Fallen Kingdom sucked and is now the worst film of the franchise.


  • What's wrong with Passengers

  • The reason the dinosaurs can live in different areas than their ancestors, is probably because they have been changed with different animal DNA, changing there basic needs

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  • I knew they showed operant conditioning wrong.

  • Why are mainstream people / BR-tv Channels are mostly talking like infantile Cartoon Retards?

  • It makes it even more stupid those aren’t even raptors. Raptors have feathers

    • No, they are genetic modified Raptors, which is told hundreds of times.

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  • Its named jurassic park/world bc wen jurassic park was made they didnt know exactly from wat time/period the dinos came from bc of low technology of simulation/etc so they choosen jurassic park bc of this/cool name

  • 8:21 umm, billions of years ago??

  • #PrattPat Edit: Am I the only one who commented this

    • Maritia Pollard yep

  • But with the raptors, during Henry's chat with the big boss, (Masarani), Masarani asked for chicken DNA to be inside the dinosaurs, and Henry says: "If we didn't implant the DNA, they would look much different than now" (or something like that) So maybe, with the chicken DNA, they implanted DNA of different animals that can be comfortable with that heat. Like with the Indominus Rex, there were Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Cuttlefish, Frog, and a few more (and only one non carnivorous stupid Henry, Claire, Masarani....Chris was the main!!) So if the velociraptor DNA was more dominant in the creation of Indo, (which it wasn't,), they would probably have to insert more DNA! Wow, most I've commented ever.....Then again I'm passionate about dinosaurs and really want to become a Paleontologist! :D NOW WHERE ARE YA CHRISSY?!?!

  • Yes I love Chris Pratt so I have to agree matpat. He is one perfect man 😍🥰

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  • Simple solution, wait until you can contain the Dinosaurs before you make them.

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  • The triceratops volacrapter and trex were in the Cretaceous period

  • That is very true pat so good job 👍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍good job

  • Pratt is a good actor, but his jesus zealotry is very offputting.

  • 8:13 billons of years ago “/

  • The Jurassic World Evolution game actually has dinosaurs react to the size if thier paddock, if too small they break out, if too big, well mostly they dont care. If, say, a brachiosaurus, the most annoying dinosaur to have because its never happy, doesnt have a long enough paddock, or doesnt have enough trees, it will break out. BTW when you were explaining the raptors enclosers, the dinosaurs existed add max 345 MILLION uears ago, not BILLION


  • I loved jurrasic 3 how could you diss it like that Unless you ment jurrasic 2 then I'll agree

  • ma its educational

  • You get it infinity war

  • Hey T-rexes weren't deadly enough, let's make a mega-rex and put it in a box to piss it off 😂

  • Even tho you know instead of putting an huge door they could've put a small door for humans, but ....whatever you know.

  • Everything the light doesn't touches I gamers territory


  • yes but the indominus rex is (at the time of the movie) 12 meters in lenght and 20 in height so it would still be happy in its small enclosure. Everything else seems to check out.


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  • mat pat ur totally wrong about their needed environment, it says in the movie that animals are made with a tree frog gene to adapt to a tropical environment. omg i just corrected mat pat, i thought it couldn't be done lol

  • Omg what a coincidence I watched passenger last night then that man who wakes a girl and he says 98 or 89 years they will get to there destination

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  • Shut up jurrasic park 3 was a good movie

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  • The Dino’s need more Lebensraum

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  • Wouldn't a carnivorous avian had been better for calculations?

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  • its even worse for the i rex qus there was aqqtually two of them

  • I have always wondered this how do scientists actually know about dinosaurs like the climate and what the eat

  • anyway long story short your going to have a restraining ordet

  • the thing is is that hammond didn't feel it necessary to do any of these things because his logic was " Dinosaurs in modern day + zoo = money and kids being happy." and he thought that his park was safe enough even though it had many terminal flaws. In the book, even when his grandkids are missing he still believes the park is safe and it was just a mild glitch. It isn't the co-worker's fault exactly it is hammond's and Nedry's fault. Nedry probably didn't think anything of shutting the park down for his failed theft attempt, and hammond didn't see the flaw of his park in the first place.

  • You have to remember in Jurassic Park at the beginning Alan is in Montana and it shows him finding a velociraptor skeleton, also the velociraptor in the movies is based of the Utahraptor and Deinonychus, two dinosaurs that would have lived in forests.

  • Worked at a zoo for a couple of years (not as a keeper so don't just take my word for it), from what I've seen, you're spot on with the operant conditioning. All of the animals recieve some sort of training so that they can be recalled at the end of their day, or actively participate in vet checkups. I saw it alot during the sea lion presentations. They used a whistle instead of clicker.

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  • Small (well, no, big) error at 8:19 => the cretaceous period was not "billions" of years ago, more like 100 m years ago, that's only 0.1 billion years.

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  • U forgot to say no homo Flim Theorists Bruh

  • Here is a problem mate... You cant save it,because,life finds a way

  • Matpar remember, these were Dinosaurs u r talkin about! They wouldnt even know wut the clicker meant unless they were genetically mutated 2 respond 2 that command

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  • I’ve been to that Disney park it’s so realistic, it has everything, including termite mounds, which you didn’t mention.

    • Why would he need to mention that?

  • Again, Dr. Strange saw the future, he knew Quill would punch Thanos and he let it happen even though he could easily stop Quill because it was all part of the future he saw for them to win in End Game. Hence what he said to Stark when Stark asked him why he gave the time stone to Thanos, "We're in the end game now" and what he said before he turned into dust "Tony, there was no other way." I really don't know how people missed those. Also, Loki, Gamora, Strange Wanda and Steve could've prevented Thanos from getting all the stones too. Think about it.

  • I don’t like dinosaurs, but I just wanted to say that I am a fan of you Matt!

  • Would the jewelry heist in the Ocean’s 8 movie legitimately be able to happen? 🧐🤓

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