FLAMENGO 2 x 0 PARANÁ - Melhores Momentos (HD) Brasileirão 10/06/2018 | Reaction

Publicado em 11 Jun 2018
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Intro by: destructive_anxiety (Instagram)


  • Ele estava suspenso o Lucas Paquetá


  • Maior do mundo

  • O paqueta não ta no jogo kkkkkkkkkk

  • São Paulo 3x0 Vitória

  • henrique Dourado is the best player of Brazil !

  • You are amazing!!! The bests videos


  • the reaction of the game, athletic Mineiro 5x2 Fluminense ??? 7 goals !!!!!

  • Segue o líder

  • Muito boa suas reações!

  • Bravo!

  • Paquetá was suspended

  • Hey, react please!!!!!! São Paulo 3 x 0 Vitoria br-tv.net/tv/video-eIX3prKl74o.html

  • Reaja aos gols do Adriano Imperador em 2009! ⚫🔴⚫🔴👊

  • what's your favorite team and football braziliam?

  • amanha flamengo x palmeras hem faz legenda voce e muito foda mas fala ai vc e flamenguista adimite kkkkk

  • SEGUE O LÍDER!!!!🔥

  • Atlético Mineiro 5 x 2 Fluminense, reage a alguma coisa sem ser Flamengo porra

  • Você só reage a jogo do Flamengo, assim fica sem graça, o Atlético mineiro fez um jogão contra o Fluminense 5x2 e vc aí reagindo a jogo de Flamengo

  • qual a musica da intro ?

  • Bro!!! Welcome to The Great Team of the Brazil and of The World!! you did?! You already are a "FLAMENGUISTA"!!!!


  • react so quer vrau - futparodias

  • Hey, the caption in Portuguese please do not give it to me and other people understand

  • React

  • Internacional 2x1 santos

  • Reacts to "Mostra tua força, Brasil"

  • Flamengo❤♠❤♠❤♠❤❤ Vinicius junior 😢😢😢😢😢

  • o @AStarForBants é flamenguista


  • Kd as legendas gay

  • Somos todos flamengo!

  • React Tv Palmeiras: valew por tudo, tche tche,#ocorreélouco

  • Legends PTBR?

  • cadê o react do brasil vs áustria?

  • @astarforbants!! Do you feel like learning Portuguese?

  • This video did not show all the dangerous bids of the match, but it does not matter so much. Follow the leader, follow Flacelona! 🔥⭐

  • Brasileirão is gonna stop on wednesday, so Vinícius wasn't gonna be playing here anyway

  • S E G U E O L Í D E R

  • Vizeu gonna be the next Udinese great star!!!! Benvenuto !!

  • Flamengooooo 😍

  • There is rumours that Man City wants Paquetá..

  • very cool your videos reacting to my team. It would be cool for a legend translated to Brazilians, there are many from here in Brazil who help them.

  • Mengoooooooooooooooooooo

  • Vasco x sport


  • Xupa Curinthia #Follow Leader

  • coloca legenda português 💔

  • React Internacional 2 × 1 Santos

  • Segue o líder

  • Paraná Clube!!!

  • Manchester is interested in Paquetá, astarforbants is a prophet? O Manchester está interessado no Paquetá,astarforbants é um profeta?

  • 0:00 Music?

  • Bota legenda em português

  • #AStarforbants Paraná is state of south Brazil, the capital is Curitiba very beautiful city... thirst World Cup 2014. The city was colonized per portugueses, italians, polish and Ukrainians Paraná Club is team the capital Curitiba...the Younger team the championship of Brazil...

  • assiste em outro lugar, nem mostrou a finalização de Everton Ribeiro de Voleio e a defesa do goleiro.

  • You give us luck

  • "Segue o líder"

  • Não tem legenda kkkkkk

  • Vizeu score vs Corinthians, Fluminense and Parana, 3 gols in 3 Match

  • react Brasil rumo ao hexa ( o FILME)

  • React atlético MG 5x2 fluminense

  • Mengão do meu coração ❤️

  • There is the possibility of Paquetá go to Manchester but not your Manchester unfortunately hahaha

  • #Segueolider

  • I am a Flamenguista (Flamengo fan) and I feel sad for all teams that (just like us) will always lose their best young players. It would be great having some of our young talents around to watch.

  • React Atlético Mg 5 vs 2 fluminense

  • Legenda ?

  • Escapei o vizeu pela terceira vez seguida e ele mitou

  • There was a play with Vinicius and ER7 that was spectacular and he didn't put in video

  • A legenda ajuda muito!!


  • React to Atlético MG x Fluminense

  • amigo se a legenda estivesse em BR seria otimo rsrs

  • Araminho mano o flamengo tem a maior torcida do Brasil! Like this

  • Paqueta is suspence an Yelow card

  • No paqueta kkkkkkk

  • the react of the Tv Palmeiras video, valew tche tche, thanks for everything, #ocorreélouco

  • segue o líder pai !!

  • I'm a fan of this channel ... there are rumors that lucas paqueta can go to Manchester city

  • Hey dude, this was Vinicius' and Vizeu's second to last game with Flamengo, but their last one at home, Maracanã. That's what people meant. Paquetá couldn't play because he got 3 yellow cards.

  • React to "your glory is to fight - flatv" Reage a "sua glória é lutar - flatv"

  • Flamengo is a team helped by the TV station globo tv, is a club very helped by CBF and its fans are concentrated in the gardens and places where it has no culture. 🤗

  • VASCO x SPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vizeu Killer !

  • Legends in next video plis! Tanks

  • Portuguese subtitle, please.

  • pls react Atlético MG vs Fluminense

  • Põe as legendas em português amigo.

  • paquetá não jogou por ter recebido 3 cartões amarelos !!

  • Paquetá was suspended for having three yellow cards

  • Hey man, recent news released here in Brazil say that City is willing to pay Paqueta's termination fine, which is around €50 milions. Your United must act quickly, the number os clubs who whants Paqueta is growing day by day.

  • Lucas Paquetá was suspended.

  • Paquetá is going to city hahahahahahaha you must be mad

  • Legenda nos vídeos.... #SegueoLider

  • do you want me to do your subtitles in Portuguese I am Brazilian and study in the british school I do it for free if you want

  • Primeiro

  • React Corinthians 1 x 1 Santos brother! Pedrinho vs Rodrygo

  • React to Atletico Mineiro 5 X 2 Fluminese