Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin

Publicado em 11 Jul 2018
These are my tips & tricks to achieving a smokey eye that is still very flattering when you're pale. This has become my go to look when I don't have a spray tan! I hope you guys enjoy!
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  • Love this look and love you Jaclyn xxx

  • If u only knew how much this “fair/pale” skin is valued in India 😛

  • Will you please do an updated favorite brushes? I’m not pale skinned at all but I wish I could pull off this look!

  • The charlotte tilbury powder is too dark for my hourglass blanc skin colouring. It very hard to even find a translucent powder light enough.

  • Love this!! So beautiful. I’m Mexican and absolutely not pale in anyway but I still watched and loved this lol! ❤️

  • I wanna play a Game.. Jig saw . Hahahahahaahajajaa

  • How do u manage to speak that much without taking a break..???and with those nails hope u dont poke ur eye or face....

  • You are always so flawless yasssss Queen!

  • I could make another person with amount of makeup you have on rn. The thing is the makeup is actually more interesting than you, STOP.

  • Love you Jaclyn! 💖✨

  • I hope we’ll get a new launch date for your vault collection soon. I’m so excited to get it and start creating looks with the palettes.

  • Will you be keeping your ex husbands last name?!

  • This is one of the best in-depth tutorials I’ve seen in awhile damn! You’re quite the teacher Miss Jaclyn 😊

  • Accidentally paused at 1:47 😂 I love Jaclyn

  • Classic Jaclyn! All the silliness, all the step-by-step guidance, all the fun and passion for makeup

  • Love you Jaclyn. But this is probably your worst look yet.

  • I love how elaborate you are 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Damn I just realized how pale she is ommg 😭

  • Loved this thank you!

  • Jaclyn, I've actually never commented on here, even though I've been following you for 5 years now! I've seen every single video, and this is one of my favorites!! I am SO pale (my Tarte Shapetape is Fair Beige)... I've tried "playing" with makeup looks for so long, and I've always wished I could pull off some of the more exciting glam looks, but I usually feel like I can't pull it off... which makes me sad haha, but I just want to tell you that I so appreciate the tips you gave in this one! Usually half way through putting on makeup, I look in the mirror and it looks so awkward and I don't know what else to do to fix it and this video gave so many good tips! Love it!! Thank you =*

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  • Love this so much💕💕 thanks for the shoutout to us pale gals

  • Flattering? That’s kinda creepy

  • I wish you would zoom in a little when doing detailed eye looks just to help a sister out! But always beautiful!

  • Came here to tell you females that looking like someone "painted your face" makes us dread what you look like without the paint. Your welcome.

  • 💅😬

  • ​Can you do a July favorite video!!! I miss your favorite videosssss

  • What shade for the Hourglass vanish stick??

  • You look like a nightmare to date

  • U look like Cathrine paiz off ace family

  • I love so much that you made this video!!!❤️❤️

  • omg tysm for this video jaclyn im literally the palest pastie in the world

  • he shes are getting harder and harder to spot

  • If this is considered pale skin, JH must think I'm an albino XP

  • SHE’S 👏🏼 BACK 👏🏼😭😍

  • Why am i falling in love with your channel lol !

  • Honestly, I think you look much prettier without makeup...

  • Finally someone is helping out us fair skinned babes!! Everyone I watch these other routines I’m just like nooooooo!

  • Hi, what shades of foundations are you using in this video?

  • What is the best face exfoliator?

  • Pale or not.. Jaclyn honey... You don't ever really "struggle" mkay? 😂

  • I just can't describe how my entire day changes when I see a new video from you. I feel so much happier knowing I get to watch you do your makeup. I feel like you're in the room hanging out with me :-)

  • I have missed your tutorials so much!! 😭

  • also i love you your an icon

  • can you please do a tutorial for people with light eyes, and blonde hair and pale skin? i really have a hard time finding tutorials for me!!

  • Jaclyn I’m LIVING for this tutorial🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Jaclyn, could you please mention shade names of foundations you have used?

  • Yes!!! Love that these types of vids. Education is key!

  • Don’t know why there’s so much hate in the comments... Jaclyn, you look gorgeous as usual❤️❤️

  • I dont know why people need makeup when they are so pretty

  • www.girlnextdoorcosmetics.com

  • Hey Jaclyn, you probably won’t be able to answer my comment but I went online on morphe to purchase you’re favorites brush collection and I spoke to a representative and they said it is discontinued 😒😒 Why Is that? Will they bring it back? Or no😒

  • Idk why people are so mean and leave hateful comments about how much make up you put on or how pale you are? Who gives a fuck not everyone agrees on what looks best on people. You don’t look like a mannequin or a demon or a ghost. You look great pale tan orange whatever color you choose to be lol the people who leave hateful and mean comments it’s funny that they sit down to watch ur 20 minute video just to hate on you after seeing it. Not to mention the fact that people act like you never use this much makeup??? Jealous hateful people should evaluate their own lives rather then hating on yours which is so much better than theirs.

  • I'm basically see through...so thank you!!!😏😏

  • I'm totally here for throwback jac!!!!!

  • Jaclyn you look sad :( hope you’re doing okay sweetie ❤️

  • YES Teach me - your tutorials are why I fell in love with you. Please keep them coming.

  • Hey Jaclyn when can we purchase the vault. I am dying to buy it. I need it for my collection. I love love love your shadows.

  • I have really pale skin and can never find a shade light enough, I guess that’s the perks of living in Ireland when we see the sun for a bout 2 days a year 🇮🇪😂

  • Jesus Christ it looks like so much makeup

  • congratulations

  • 2:14. Gorgeous natural face. Gorgeous sincere smile. THAT is beauty. I wish women would embrace their natural beauty. I think the most pretty girl I've ever dated had red hair that was always frizzy and and never wore makeup because she was on her boat almost everyday. You are very pretty. Not a question. But don't be perfect. 2:14. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Can you do a tan skin tutorial next? Cause ya know it is summer😆☀️✨

  • Irony.. Same people that call blacks colored.

  • Great video ! Love you Jaclyn 🧡

  • Beautiful! Hi gaarrz!! any make up accounts that want a follow? ifb @hoeyaam_md

  • huh i'm confused she's showing us a tutorial using a palette thats not out yet :-( how am i supposed to re-create this ;-(

  • I love you girl❤😊

  • Wow, you look amazing without tan.

  • Do yall really think guys like it when your face looks like there are layers of melted plastic on it?

  • A year ago you had a fabulous fav brushes video where you showed us this wonderful black case. Can you tell me where that case is..who makes it..etc. Thanks Dahling!

  • 8=========>

  • Love this! I’m always the first shade of everyyy foundation

  • When will we get an update on your new palettes?

  • Great tutorial idea and tips!

  • I accidentally put the foundation in my nose

  • Love you jac! Sending you positivity and prayers always 😘

  • I didnt know Marilyn Manson had a make-up channel on youtube.

  • Am going to try this look! Thanks

  • Can we please get Jaclyn to crest Jaclyn school of beauty/Cosmetology, because homegirl can teach!!!! 😍😘💕 Love you Jacs!!!!! 😘😘 -Ally

  • I'm always pale I like it that way

  • 🎂🍰😏😏

  • Gross

    • AirsickCashew I think she said that she exfoliates her face a lot so her foundation doesn’t really match her face but it does match her body :)

    • Linda V But she’s doing her makeup to intentionally look bad, right? Her face is like a different color from her body. Why would anyone do that?

    • AirsickCashew She’s not gross She’s beautiful 💜

  • LOVE this video 💖 thank you so much! I'm really pale and this helped out a lot.

  • I cant wait to get the Vault collection!!! Thanks for getting back into making tutorials. You are truely an inspiration!!!

  • M so light that you can see my viens thru my skin in my arm .. lol!!! I'm reaaaaaaly pale too w red hair..no freckles but jeeeeeez I'm white asf

  • In the thumbnail u kinds look like Catherine from the ace family

  • This woman is so sexy and her husband is so lucky. Proves looms arnt everything to women.! Way to gorgeous for him

  • I think she looked best at the 3:00 minute point.

  • Most BEAUTIFUL eyes in the ENTIRE world!!!

  • Too much cosmetics but i love it.ty

  • omg this is the absolute BEST neutral makeup look EVER - and my favorite that you've ever done! this is what i strive for every day, my 'signature' look, so thank you so much for what i consider a "template"! this is just wonderful - you rock!

  • what kind of mascara did you use on your lower lashes?

  • Hi make up brushes are hard I've used baby shampoo and I've used dish soap 1 teaspoon in water and let sit for an hour. They're still hard. Help someone

  • Grotesque.

  • I don’t understand all these negative comments. 1. MEN: WE DO NOT CARE IF YOU LIKE MAKEUP, WE DO NOT DEFINE OURSELVES BY YOUR STANDARDS nor do we wear makeup to impress men. 2. Who cares if you don’t like her makeup?? Makeup is an opinion thing, stop with all the negativity.

  • Regardless what video you put up I'm watching it!!!! Just love love love your technique and I'm slowly getting better at my eyeshadow actually looking like a smokey eye & not me looking like a damn raccoon lmaooooo

  • When is the vault coming back??


  • Nothings wromg with pale skin Any way you are your still beautiful your most beautiful as your natural self forget what other say or said they're just confused and brainwashed by society's standards which are illusions your beautiful as you are remember that with or without make up pale dark or whatever its you.