Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)

Publicado em 15 Jul 2018
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This is it Theorists, the FINAL ANSWER on the "age old" mystery that has haunted Pokemon fans for years! Ha, see what I did there? All of that binge watching has finally paid off! Today we solve Pokemon's BIGGEST mystery, how old is Ash Ketchum?
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  • *Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*

  • MAT HAS A BABY??????? 3:10 at the top

  • 4:34-4:47 but may is alright to ship right? Not a huge age gap there (advanceshipping for life!!!)

  • Litleo-nids So you're telling me that Nintendo knew one of the starters for the next gen before they even announced it?

  • Ash made a wish on Ho-oh in season 1 and stopped aging, everyone knows that :)



  • Congrats on #1 Trending!!!

  • Ash has adhd but that's just a theory a game theory

  • More intros please. Lol

  • but what about the miracle,in the first ep of pokemon

  • number one on trending!!! congrats matpat!!!

  • Ash artificially stimulated humanoid. His ability to lift extremely heavy objects. His immunity to age. And hyperactivity after electroshocks. That's one Theory there is another theory that Ash lives on the very small planet. And it takes at least 3 rotations around their Sunfor a whole year and somehow there's a possibility that humans are aliens to the planet of Pokemon and just somehow flew from some primitive Earth into Pokemon world.

  • Lol what a kid he could go out with lusamin

  • I’m happy it came out in less time than doctor who part 3 . . . thanks mat pat

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  • Those street addresses on the licenses are genius, Chariza Rd. and Parase Ct. Love it

  • Man those show writers didn't know what they were doing didn't they.

  • 51 seconds in, and I've already favorited this for the Miss Vanjie reference.

  • Please. His age is 31 and a month.

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  • 1:25 wow

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  • Hi matt in the X and Y series Serena has a flash back in ep 7 about Ash and her in a summer camp in Kanto but Serena gets her starter pokemon when Ash arrives in Kalos region isnt it strange

  • Does this mean Team Rocket, Misty and Brock are in there early 20's as well?

  • You are the best theorists I`ve ever watched!

  • Holy Jesus, number 1 on trending..... must be really good!

  • Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Ash is 30! I just added his age which is 10 then how long Pokemon was on the air which is 20 years! 10+20=30! i believe Ash is 30 years old!

  • (4/2)+7= 9...... 4 YEAR OLDS WITH 9 YEAR OLDS

  • I’ve been waiting for this episode forever

  • When MatPat says its not creepy i just did a creepy laugh

  • Wait but then since Serena met Ash at Pokemon summer camp when they were both 6 years old doesn't that make Serena the only girl that is the same age as Ash?

  • Sooo, ash.... 20/2=10 10+7=still a minor.... Maybe there's a slight error in that logic

  • Déjà Vu or Reupload?

    • Your Bestest Friend I exposed YOU on my newest video :D

  • "All know and tolerate" HAHAHA

  • Nah,I think dialga is on drugs.

  • Adjust your fan art so it's not creepy

  • What’s the name of the parody of the song you should make it a music video

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  • That intro was godlike

  • You should do a theory on if killer croc from batman arkham asylum could actually speak English

  • Can you do a biological based theory on why ash might not have physically aged?

  • So your child is already born?

  • Nice vid bruh

  • #1 Victory Royale Pat, Ya Did It! Edit: Way to put this theory out with a bang!

  • Kanalınız çok başarılı, çocukların favori kanalı oldu, gelecek diliyorum.Aboneniz oldum Desteğiniz için kanalıma beklerim :)

  • Ash is sans That's why

    • You need more accounts

    • Justin Y. Boy you done goofed

  • Woop

  • and Serena is (almost) the same age as Ash. We got shown a Memory from their past days in some camp, so they should be almost the same age, by one or to years.

  • wait a second, what about xyz?

  • Lets all wish a happy birthday to the new BabyPat

  • What about the theory that ash was given an immortal body forever locked at age 10 in the first episode by Ho-Oh? That would also explain why he never went through puberty

  • My question is, how in the world did he keep his sanity after watching every single Pokemon episode? I'm still trying to finish XY XD

  • But misty is the same age as ash she was in 1gen

  • Adjust your fan art correctly YOONEEVE REGION

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  • Love that song.

  • My ears still hurt after that absolutely wrong intro

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  • *If you're 10 I'm 10*

  • What if everyone time traveled during the start of Black & White then did some time-space shix to their versions during that time? I mean May happened to do it, why can't the others?

  • Than why Micky Mouse never ages

  • The only thing I have to say is, the deer coats seem like a weak theory. It would be entirely possible for there to have been a jump when they weren't present. Though I haven't watched those so it might be obvious that there wasn't a big skip. However, you would need to take into account how many days passed because that seems like a lot of episodes to only cover ~90 days.

  • wtf happened to the lightning bolt scars?

  • How old is detective conan?

  • 13:59 what happene to him?

  • The BR-tv algorithm loves this channel

  • Serena not even a teenager kissed a fully grown FREAKING adult...

  • Does anyone else feel like ash is a pedophillia hanging out with girls that are half his age ?

  • Feel like this shudda been a film theory but great vid!

  • Hold on what about the X Y and Z series

  • I wonder why ash has the same height in all of the seasons?


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  • MatPat... You need more intro's as majestic as that

  • When you said he’s 19 he should have been 20 for the minimum of 1 year time past

  • I so love the intro!...

  • Wow this is amazing matpat once again solving the hardest questions in gaming history also again your on trending

  • I was six months off my prediction

  • Man I wished you made a joke about Serena kissing ash That would’ve been funny

  • The pic of matpats face on a pikachu makes me laugh when i think about it, just now i almost choked on some water laughing.

  • What if it’s just an alternate universe where time works really differently

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  • Not sure why one time episode bothers him when they have had more than one and movies that deal with it. But either they retcon how long it took him to clear the other zones as the original show tried to Match up with the real work or my head cannon of wishing on that ho oh (based on the Chinese Phoenix to put it in simplistic terms) granted him his wish and he was reborn as 10 years old so he keeps his memories but is still 10 and would lack some of the brain development that would help prevent some of his novice mistakes.

  • Wow, Ash is so old! This is my first video I've watched on your channel! I can tell already that you put hard work into your videos.

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  • I have a challenge for you: decode the splatoon language

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  • Isn’t misty and brock the same age as ash?

  • Okay, let's just say the animation has gone blahhhh.

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  • I didn't think matpat would evolve into Austin

  • Techincally Sernea is the same age or close to Ash's age because they met as kids in Kanto and it semmed they were close age. So Serena had to have gone through aging at the same rate as ash which means she probaly is 20. Anime Explantion:They both drank the mighty Arecues Juice that was caused by matpat's sweat from working to hard on this vid.

  • Matpat, I subscribed along time ago, but you certainly deserve all the praise