Gervonta Davis vs Hugo Ruiz (A CLOSER LOOK)

Publicado em 9 Fev 2019
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Gervonta Davis returns after an eighteen month lay-off, against heavy-handed Mexican Hugo Ruiz who steps in at short notice to replace the injured Abner Mares.
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  • I'm not gone lie that Mexican didn't stand a fucking chance, team Gervonte all day😎🥊 , you know who I really wanted him to go against was lomachenko now that would have been a fight

  • great freaking vid

  • anyone else gassed, waiting for the spence vs garcia closer look video

  • huge lost then yall mexican said he aint know mexican if he would have beat tank yall would have claimed him what a pity

  • what happend to your older videos? i was watching some of them for motivation now i have nothing

  • Mayweather waiting for Loma to turn 60 to call it a fight🤦‍♂️

  • Where are the mike tyson videos ?

  • Real war

  • Hi Motivedia, whats the name of the song in Manny Pacquiao is it the end video? Sadly it got taken down.

  • Tank vs Gary Russell jr= holy shit

  • Loma is the same

  • Zap Judah was at his best into he fought the Russia guy and that was the end of his boxing career

  • Then we talk

  • Loma

  • Little Tyson

  • Lomachenko is the best 👍👍

  • Tank knocking Ruiz out Mares your next

  • Lmao my high ass thought the video ended in 2 minutes.

  • Ok now against a real rival please.

  • He only has one real fight put him with some real mf stop the hype

  • Lomo not falling against Davis in my opinion not yet anyways

  • Who has he beat?

  • 🤦‍♂️

  • Mares will never fight tank. He wants to see.

  • Like yuriorkis soon his chin will be tested.

  • that arrogant style will be hes downfall against loma.

  • A CLOSER LOOK @ the low competition TANK is destroying anyone willing to come up 2-3 division to super featherweight 130...... TANK WILL BE LOOKING 4 YOU...

  • Song min 4:50???????

  • Teofemo

  • Teofemo

  • Teofemo 🤜🏿🤛🏾baby baby

  • He cooked dawg..

  • Upton

  • lmoney mayweather wonder how much he paid dude for a dive

    • Stfu trump slut

  • Well Riuz gets bruised

  • im not fun of DAVIS but i think he win by tko

  • Gervonta super cool, long as he keeps his mind on the job he'l not be beat !!

  • Did fight happened? Who won?

  • ruiz stated that gervontas punching power felt like that of a welter weight.

  • hugo was a bum, point blank

  • Jesus Christ is Lord and loves us all so much He took the punishment we deserved for our sins! All we have to do is trust and believe in Him!

  • I think tank moves up to 135 and his first bout will probably be against a guy like kambosos jr...

  • He takes boxing way mor serious the AB proud of this kid

  • Gervonta Davis, stay humble, train hard, stay out of trouble, stay away from sneaky ass women, stay away from people who just want to fight free you, listen to your trainer, listen to your millions.....brah...

  • abner mares: wheee thank god, i faked my injury

  • Bored as mayweather sad😞

  • Basura eso es lo que fue no entiendo como siguen subiendo a mexicanos a hacer el ridículo eso no son boxeadores de verdad la mediocridad de como se hacen las cosas en méxico hay mejores guerreros

  • Basura eso es lo que fue no entiendo como siguen subiendo a mexicanos a hacer el ridículo eso no son boxeadores de verdad la mediocridad de como se hacen las cosas en méxico hay mejores guerreros

  • He can't beat the Ukrainian fighter tho. Surly lose

  • Oh by the way I'm sorry tank fans but I got lomachenko winning easily

  • DAVIS VS LOMA! Make it happen! When is Mayweather gonna stop protecting his boy?!

  • Damn somebody gotta fight me now😂😂😂 This shit got me ready to go crazy

  • all this for the dude that got get knocked out round 1

  • Naww other jr maywheater same story looser figthers. Whit a big dehadrater no power jaja canelo vs that foo

  • a punch to the left shoulder? this was a joke Davis had better step up in class cause WE ALL KNOW whats gonna happen if he doesn' happened to Milton McCrory when he faced Donald Curry, It happened to Bill Costello when he faced Lonnie Smith, it happened to Wilfredo Gomez when he faced Salvador Sanchez, It happened to Julian Jackson when he Faced Mike McCallum, it happened to Tommy Hearns when he faced Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler, it happen to John "THE BEAST" Mugabi when he faced Marvin Hagler, it happened to Marvis Frazier when he faced Mike Tyson, and To Mike Tyson when he faced Douglas and Evander Holyfield, it happened to Ray Mancini when he faced Bramble, then to Bramble when he faced Edwin Rosario, and to Roger Mayweather when he faced Chavez, it happened to Mexican knock out artist Rene Arredondo when he faced Roger Mayweather ...I can go on and on, I aint no casual!!! The Man can fight..get him in there ASAP with someone else who can fight or else WORD

  • Tank please take the fight with lomachenko you will make hundreds a million dollars trust me everybody will want to see it

  • Boi can box he go 2 the top yung tank sll the way home boi

  • Terrence crawford is just as much power badness as gervonta but with a total different mind set and demeanor eyes do not lie

  • Davis keep fighting bums 😭😭😭😭 obviously he’s gonna win

  • Broner is going to win easily 😀

  • And LOMAMENCKA hidden under the skirt of bud arum as always all the balloons 👎 without skirt whores and just left and fight with elite boxers like Gervonta Davis or Guillermo RIGONDEAUX your PAIN and was bought just left the close LOMAMENCKA is with FEAR you do not ask for that fight Gervonta vc lomanencka BICTH or Guillermo RIGONDEAUX vc lomanencka the inflated balloon

  • Y LOMAMENCKA escondido bajo la saya de bud arum como siempre todos los globos 👎 sin asi putas de faldas y acaba de salir y pelea con boxeadores de elite como Gervonta Davis o Guillermo RIGONDEAUX tu DOLOR y fue comprado acaba de salir del close LOMAMENCKA esta con MIEDO que no pides esa pelea Gervonta vc lomanencka BICTH o Guillermo RIGONDEAUX vc lomanencka el globo inflado


  • Hey everyone lets campaign to get this channel a Millie....if any channel deserves a Million subscribers its this powerful are we?

  • How can anyone say this guys a champ he fights bums

  • Would you be so kind as to tell me why you deleted the videos from mike tsyon you could upload them again to send them

  • He ain’t fight nobody yet

  • Looks like e got his +200gram off..

  • Sounds like a mismatch to me

  • Hugo Ruiz is a Hugo Hypejob

  • Davis is a savage💪

  • bring Loma now!!!! chicken head

  • Man put some real true boxers on his b**** ass how long he lasts

  • Commentator said Ruiz' nose got broken earlier in the fight with Tank. Wow. No nickels used. Good fight. Short, but good!!! Competitive.

  • Why would Ryan Garcia call out tank lol dude would get knocked the hell out he needs more experience under his belt

  • Am I the only one that has noticed Tank’s speech improvement?

  • Grate video!!

  • he look like he using smart gel in his gloves or drugs.

  • I hope your getting paid much deserved!

  • Why was this on PPV. Boxing's a con. You all being duped

  • He sound like Shane Moseley better stop taking those head shots

  • Man why can't you just fight lomachenko Step Up...!!! At bare minimum fight Jorge Linares.

  • What a surprise fought and knocked out another bum wonder who the next bums going to be sometime next year or two I'm sure

  • Mares is thankful to have lied about the eye injury and have his doctor lie about the testing and slap a patch on his eye.... Saved his life lmao

  • Davis needs to stay away from AB!!!

  • He is a breast

  • Power speed knockout good boxer. If he keep knocking people out plus world champions he will be the face of boxing especially if he could knockout them world champions at 147



  • Hype pussy gone be drailed

  • Damn good work

  • Que pelee con teofimo oh terre craforr oh lomancheckon

  • Easy work for TANK

  • A one week late replacement fight already means 99% he's food. Wait and the food is moving up 3 weight classes? 100% food. What a bum fight

  • 🇲🇽😂🖕Tank fought a rookie piñata, he need to fight Loma!

    • He gonna sleep Loma

  • He got his ass beat 😂 I knew it

  • Getting better and better and better after having the complete package; isn't that excess?

  • Let's start the BBQ gucci challenge!!!

  • Who is here after Gervonta TKO😎

  • Lomachenko is going to school this kid, you mark my word..........that is, if Davis & his promoter Mayweather Jr would stop avoiding Lomachenko.