Publicado em 9 Ago 2017
Managed to pick up ALL 4 pairs of the GolfWang, Golf le Fleur Converse One Stars released Thursday 3rd August. Here's a colourful video about the shoes, showing some of the shoes features, and some other weird stuff related to Scum Fuck Flower Boy, Tyler's new album.
I'm interested to see if you guys picked up any pairs, everyone I've spoken too seems to be really suprised I got all 4, although they seemed pretty easy to get! Let me know if you picked any up, or if not, your favourite colour way in the comments below.
Check out some photos of the shoes on my Instagram -
Is there a specific shoe you want me to make a video about? Get in touch and I'll try my best!
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I'll admit, I'm a bit of a hypebeast. I've grown up making videos about everything I could, I now mix my two hobbies (filming&streetwear) together to make this content. I originally got into streetwear through my favourite artist at the time (G-eazy) and my favourite artist of all time, Kanye. My love for sneakers started through being a basketball fan. Although I don't play much basketball I always use to watch games whenever I could and started getting into Jordan's. I remember G-eazy wearing Bape, Supreme, Palace all the time so I brought my first Bape t-shirt off e-bay at the start of 2015, this led to me finding the facebook groups and becoming part of the streetwear community! If you like the content I provide it would mean a lot to like my videos or leave a comment, I really enjoy making these videos and interacting with you guys and want to carry it on.


  • What’s the background music

  • This is dope!

  • Wow great job bro 👏

    • TheSoundsOfJoce Thanks bro!🙏🏼

  • bro your vids get better everytime

    • +Tom Buckle Thank you man , that's good to hear! ❤

  • dudeeeeeeeeeeee

    • +Storm Smith What did you think man?😘

  • I just got my yellow cons in today and they were way nicer than expected, did you expect the suede to feel that nice and such?

    • If I'm honest dude, it's worst than I expected. Compared to other one stars the suede is shitty, it's canvas

  • I lope dis foes miral

  • Omg yessssssssss this is too good to be true

  • I hop this goes viral

  • I couldn't cop any but this video was sickk

  • I hope this goes viral.

    • brandon pizano haha thank you man! That would be awesome

  • Track ID? Very chill, nice vid ✌️

    • Shawn McPherson link in the description dude!

  • Jesus, that must have taken some time to do!

    • Just a bit dude! Hope all is well mate :)

  • Love your work! You've pulled it off again. Just like always. Another awesome video and I can see what you ment with putting more work into your videos! Even if it was short... It was very nicely made! And always part of the fam ❤️

    • Thank you as always g, these videos are a lot more fun to make, and even though they are short I feel they're better than the old ones!

  • If you're planning to resale a pair please don't price it 400$ lmao they were only 100$ when they dripped now people are putting the resale price 3x it's actually price. it's not supreme. I just want some converse made my my favorite artist.

    • Temptation not planning to resell at all man haha. Even if I did I wouldn't sell for over £100. Will definitely be keeping them all and wearing!

  • keep up the good work bro, stay blessed. from London

    • maximilian thorne thank you man❤️

  • I really need the Yellow and the Peach pairs, they are sooo nice. Didn't manage to cop because I didn't inform myself too well about release time😫

    • vloneannx Peach are so nice man, my favourite colourway by far. Yellow second though

  • Nice video g , fist comment 🤙🏻