GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" Lyric Clip "Lullaby" (English Ver.)

Publicado em 1 Set 2018
GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" Lyric Clip "Lullaby" (English Ver.)
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  • I want this kind of melody,, please,,

  • Soo this is the slow version its too cute for that mv!!!😂😂😍😍😝😝😱😱

  • I spent a lot of time looking for this song on their album, and after that I found it in lullaby because I could not identify. I just wanted them to make a song just like this lyric clip, because it's too good

  • So when you gonna release this version jyp? I haven't slept for a while and i need this bop to sleep

  • 0:22 I don’t why but it gives me the feels but in a good way❤️

  • Is there a full version?? Cause I need one.

  • This is on the lullaby but not exactly like this. Find it on lullaby english version color coded.

  • Meanwhile lullaby sounds nothing like a music box (tho with this I’m excited to see the music box version someone will undoubtably create soon🙏)

  • Fooled us, made me think it was going to be a slower song

  • Can someone explain to me what happened to this sweet melody? The real song is definitely not a lullaby, this was a trap! It's one of their best songs though, I really like it.

  • I want the full version on this I’m a lullaby ver like this

  • I thought this melody would be in the actual song:*(


  • Can i get the full instrument that sounds like a music box for this Lullaby song?? Somehow it's really relaxing and so i can play it when i want to sleep❤❤

  • Lol i waited till the last minute of the MV to hear this...... I've been fooled 😂

    • Bennyxo M sameeeeeee i wish they added this version



  • *Lyrics:* If I'm dreaming dont ever wake me up. I wanna hear you melody, the only thing I could need. 'Cause if I had to live without you I'd be lost. And in this moment, I want more.

  • 0:22 idk why but it give me the feels in a good way

  • One more days like damn how tf can I wait I’m dying:))))

  • I'm about to sleep,bye.. 💫 The sound and the meaning of the song is so perfectt 💗

  • this sounds nothing like the mv trailer

  • This is why I have trust issues

  • I feel so betrayed right now

  • All men do is lie 😂

  • เต้นเก่งมากเลยค่ะ

  • cant WAITTTT❤❤❤❤

  • They're gonna release on Youngjae's birthday :o

  • I'm crying I want legend of portuguese 😢

  • Who's here after the lullaby teaser? Sounds way different

    • The lyrics seem different too. Maybe ita an intro but i didnt see on on the album or its a middle lyric

  • Oh... i'm so proud of them... #aghase

  • Just switch over many times between this and the latest Lullaby mv teaser.. Trying to connect the song.. I believe this is the chorus part. Ugh! I can't wait to hear the full version! 😍😍💗

  • Come here again after watching mv teaser lullaby 😊

  • perfect song

  • hearing this and the mv teaser i know we've been fooled

  • w-wait hold on, why it sounds different from the mv teaser?

  • Love it!!!

  • I came back here after watching the mv teaser and I'm wondering how this sweet melody is a part of that hype song! This is definitely magical. I'm ready! Drop some more!

  • 💙

  • Wahh .... this is such a beautiful minor song~ so pretty. Light on your ears and delightful to hear. The minor scale gives a sad note to the melody (of course). I’m excited 😊

  • Wow

  • รักกัซน้าจะซัพพอทพวกพี่ๆตลอดไปสู้สู้น้าา

  • You already know how's going to try to get money from there parents

  • So good

  • จุ๊บๆ😘😘

  • Love love

  • D-5!!!

  • Goosebump... Cant wait to see them

  • will i be ok ? nope. definitely no. am i ok with this ? of course

  • 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚


  • 💘💖💘💘❣❣

  • 💘💘💘💘❤💘❤💗💗💗

  • 💗💘💘💗💘💗💘💗💘💗💗💞💞💞

  • ❣💖❣💘💘💚💘💚💘💚💚💚💚

  • 🤭😍😍

  • Of course they are gonna end with "I want more" knowing full well we'd want more

  • 😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  • this is gonna be my lullaby for my whole lifetime now

  • My wig snatched everytime jyp dropping solos of got7 n this. BUT I dont mind....

  • *The perfect instrument to play this song is lyre or xylophone*

  • um, i was trying to find the song, but ok

  • This needs to be a full song & I really wanna hear someone sing it

    • Kristin Diamandis wait till the comeback. Got7 will sing it

  • beautiful

  • Well fuck me in the ass and throw me off a building

  • Luv u GOT 7

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  • จะมีร้อง4ภาษาจริงๆเหรอ!!??0{}0

  • Can't wait for it!

  • Help i cant wait anymore 💚💚💚

  • ❤️



  • I cant wait any more

  • Full8loom is the best

  • Seriously?! 3 version talaga?! Kyaaaaah! I'm sa proud!

  • I wish their newest album would be success


  • This song sounds so depressing 😭😂

  • why did I just get the notification this came out like a week ago

  • It’s sounds so good already I’m so excited for this comeback ☺️❤️❤️❤️

  • Can't get over this it's o gooooood

  • Wow,I've been following quite now,and I'm very amazed how they perform and how Got7 is an icon,I've been watched mostly of their videos and it makes me happy.I hope I can buy some of the things related to them,I'm a new fan also but I am in Saudi right now,it's sad there is no available store here for K-pop..

  • SCR alguem me seguraaaa

  • This make me soft. I can't wait for this! 😍

  • 😍😍😍

  • ❤💛💚💙💜💓

  • ❤💛💚💙💜💓

  • ❤❤❤

  • I. Don't. Know. What. To. Do. Anymore help me😭🐦

  • the tap tap is eating my brain 17 september where are you??

  • aku sungguh mencitaimu

  • i love you got7

  • Omg this is beautiful! Someone has to make this video longer please! That’ll be nice bc I’m replaying it and replaying it all time 😂😂 Also, I’m not part of the fandom, but this is so pretty! Congratulations for all of u, you are a beautiful fandom too :3 [sorry for my eng >•

  • الفخاااممه

  • OH my god my heart i cannot wait!!

  • Bitch almost crying on the beat

  • When it will come?? I can't wait this moment I want more

  • Jyp entertainment needs to promote Got7 more man, I miss seeing them on variety shows & such. Also, CANT WAIT UNTIL THIS COMES OUUUUUUUT like can JYP quit with the spoilers & just post up the actual music video alreadyyyyyyyyyy. I NEED NEW CONTENT FROM MY BOYS 😭💚 #ahgase