Here's Why the Ferrari Portofino Is Worth $250,000

Publicado em 18 Out 2018
The Ferrari Portofino is the latest Ferrari -- and it's amazing. Today I'm reviewing the Ferrari Portofino and I'm showing you all the great features -- and I'm also showing you why the Portofino is one of my favorite Ferrari models.
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  • They guy talks TOO MUCH

  • 0:40 They "INVITED" me ... hmm, like you didn't BEG them PLEASE PLEASE just let me stand beside your toy !!

  • I thought you would dismantle this car to show us😞

  • Doug loves the feeling of his legs being closed

  • Doug is the type to review Bentley’s and RR’s in Kmart shorts

  • Dougs the type of guy id hang with to talk about cars for hours

  • Because that’s what people are willing to pay for one. Case closed.

  • HaHa! One of the specifications is “high emotion low emission”!

  • Beautiful display of an american witch an lacking display of the climate at 9:15 (yeah the climate its just something that are and its my human right to pollute all I want and when i want) How weird that they just turn down the motor if it's running for no reason.. not quite' they need to implement stuff like this in some European countries in the approach to take some responsibility for our planet. Here in Denmark, you can be fined for letting you car motors run in idle and it's down to polluting or the risk of people stealing it.

  • The seats are for insurance like the I8 or GTR

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  • Essa é bonita porto fino

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  • I think he said 413 torque . I don’t think that’s correct.

  • doug is the kind of guy the more expensive the car he reviews, the more annoyingly smug his voice becomes

  • This so called "engineering wizardry" of opposite trunk open to fit the roof inside is nothing new, or surprising, see Peugeot 307 cc for an example...

  • Doug looks comfortable sitting in the back seat

  • Can you set the satnav to take you to a Ferrari theme park, of which there are two in the world, in Spain and the UAE?

  • The Carbonazarre from GTAV

  • Does it have air suspension?

  • Cause it doubles as a lighter? Need to light up? Just wait for the Ferrari to warm up and viola, fire everywhere! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • They copied the trunk hinge operation of the SC430.

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  • Also when your sitting in back it reminds me of Cameron Frye from Ferris Buellers Day Off! 😂🤣

  • The Auto Shut Off is to prevent over heating in the engine bay.

  • That “Entry Level” Ferrari looks better than most of their line.... Im in on this one! 👌🏾🤜🏾🤛🏾

  • that a very "meh" ferrari

  • Doug those back seats of are meant for kids you idiot not for boneheads like you

  • They may "COST" that kind of money, but no Ferrari has ever been "WORTH" that kind of money.

  • Nothing like a violent explosion right behind your head to keep you safe.

  • This car is so 'quirky'

  • HEY DOUGIE !!! I was wondering if you could do the Ferrari 288 GTO ??? That would be great!!

  • ahaha Yes Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari Museums are different, the first is just the 'regular' museum in Maranello, the second one is built in the house where he lived where later on a new huge structure has been added

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  • f430 has a better looking exterior and even looks more modern. that's sad.

  • 199 Mph? The engine engineer couldn’t eek out that other 1mph? I hear he went crazy 😜

  • It's too expensive though!

  • I wish I had one!

  • I love it!

  • What do you mean, "you want to be comprehensive"? You NEVER double cover stuff on different cars, but you should. BE CONSISTENT!

  • Am I the only one who hates the new Ferraris designe ?

  • I don't find it to be cooler than let's say a corvette or gt350 or a nissan.

  • The workmanship of my Porsche is so much better than this Ferrari.

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  • Nice Vette

  • "Cars ask Doug to review them", said Chuck Norris

  • 4-seater? more like 2.5-seater.