Invest Twins - SNL

Publicado em 11 Nov 2018
Reporter Roland Brown (Liev Schreiber) interviews the Invest Twins, Dylan and Robbie Donahue (Mikey Day, Alex Moffat).
#SNL #SNL44 #LievSchreiber #LilWayne
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  • What..The...Literal...Fuck

  • Please make more of these misunderstood news stories😂

  • wow I can’t believe the Dolan Twins made it on to SNL

  • This is good snl.

  • Bruh I wish I had a sibling

  • Too many joke quotes to think about 😂😂😂

  • Way to build off of the Zoo Pornographer sketch!

  • All the children he touched lol

  • I wish I were that close with my brother... he won't speak to me. *moves on IMMEDIATELY*

  • This would be fucking legendary if this qasbt scripted. Imagine it

  • God I hate American culture

  • I have a crush on Heidi.

  • this is horrifying, I love it

  • InCeSt tWiNs

  • Such innuendos

  • Brought to you by House Lannister.

  • V is right next C on the keyboard. I think there's a story attached to this sketch.

  • Omg they are just worded things oddly not actually incest

  • I watched this when it aired with my was a little awkward

  • Leftist comedy = degeneracy

  • So the graphics heard when she said remove the graphic to see the picture but they never changed the word incest 😂😂😂

  • So to SNL incest is funny. Got it

  • Liev is a behemoth next to these guys

  • love the energy between cecily and kyle

  • Well done, haha.

  • my favourite of all time

  • Omg. This was the best.

  • Remember the Animal pornographer

  • Take it on the chin (as she puts her head up) 😂😂😂😂

  • Loooove this sketch

  • Funny but not original they posted something very similar a while ago

  • I’d rather put it in a family We busted right away

  • Sweet home Alabama

  • My fave skit on this eps!

  • I hope the incest twins were not wearing crocs.

  • Terriblé 📉

  • Omg this was funny 😁😁

  • hahahaha I can't. it's too good.

  • Sweeet Hooome Alaabamaaaa!!!

  • Real life Incest Twins are Don Jr and Eric Trump 😂

  • This is hands down the best sketch they ever had!

  • first the animal photographer. now this. what will come next?

  • What the fuck did I just watch

  • This is genius!

  • This needs to be continued

  • Are these the Trump kids? 😂

  • Love Liev!❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️

  • "We busted right away!"

  • Incest***

  • The way Kyle smiles in this reminds me of Jack Nicholson's Joker.

  • Someone is a Game of Thrones Fan 😂

  • Ok...this one was pretty funny.

  • Ironically I read the name of the video as incest twins

  • This kind of thing actually happens in the real world: When spelled correctly, the man's first name only has one 'g' in it.

  • Why is Sabertooth hosting the news?

  • Cercei and Jaime hate this video.

  • Snl should do a cnn skit like this and get some viewers back

  • I'm crying... most hilarious sketch yet

  • This is too damn honey at first i didn't know what it meant but than i looked it up and was like yoo wow doing the butt

  • That's the first actually funny and creative skit I have seen in years on SNL no political propaganda, just humor.

  • when he was kissing him...

  • Soooo hilarious!! Goodness haha!

  • #GoodDayDenver

  • List of topics considered funny by SNL that suck. Pedophilia Incest Homosexuality Beastiality Polygamy Or hating conservatives like Trump The sketches aren't funny at all, just a place for certain people to circle eachother without guilt. Chevy Chase was right. SNL isn't funny anymore.

    • For any of my homosexual friends insulted. My point is that these topics aren't funny by themselves. There is an attitude of shock and amusement about each that is otherwise plain not funny. Like if heterosexuals were making the humping gesture with their hand and calling that comedy. Dry bar comedy is openning up the world again to the real art of comedy that will steal the despot's lime light.

  • 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅omg this one funny 😆

  • This has a strange energy to it. It's like equal and opposite to the kissing family sketches.

  • The groan around 1:50 😂😂

  • When bad typos ATTACK.... lmao good job news crew.

  • A great sketch after a looong time

  • anyone notice his patagonia label was in the image but not in the video... weird.

  • "and all the kids he has touched"😂😂😂😂😂

  • It's crazy how words can be taken out of context.

  • Why does the zoo one use the fake name, but this sketch uses the real name?

  • Schweddy Balls recaptured...

  • I thought it said incest twins 😂😂 Edit: guess I wasn’t the only one

  • SNL actually being funny - good skit!

  • This is so hilarious, I was literally laughing day and nite

  • So we are talking about Donald Trump 2 sons ?

  • Anyone else thing Liev Schreiber sounds like Will from Will and Grace here? No? Just me?

  • A true dirty mind test.

  • Whomever wrote this deserves an award

  • Hahah I read Incest Twins!😁

  • This is golden

  • Incest gonna be the new gay.

  • Liev Schrieber--YUM!

  • TED Cruz love this on Twitter

  • Would this sketch have worked with a brother/sister? If you think no, why is it funny with brothers? What does that say about you? If you think it would work with a brother/sister, what does that say about you?

    • It is better with a sister

  • LAME. We're expected to think a bunch of stupid double entendres are edgy because they're about incest. I didn't laugh once, and not because of the taboo subject matter, but because this is lazily written comedy.

  • Liev did such a good job

  • lmfaoooooo this is wild

  • Every day we stray further away from God’s light.

  • I saw the title and the picture and thought it was a sketch about twins in vests, was not expecting investing or incesting



  • One of the best, most well thought-out, most consistent, skit I've seen in awhile.

  • Incest sketches practically write themselves, just look to the trump "family" for material.

  • I have watched this so many times I’m laughing so much

  • From the creators of Zoo Pornographer comes the Incest Twins!!!!!!!

  • LMAO! Gotta say, SNL has upped their game recently.

  • why all the denver backdrops anyway?