Jameis Winston post ACCCG

Publicado em 8 Dez 2013
ESPN is scum. Fuck Heather Cox.


  • ESPN is pathetic why do they hate black qb's so much

    • +rossell30 So the Incognito issue must have been racial as well? Was Manzeil getting chastized by the media in the summer racial?? ESPN loves black athletes are you kidding me? YOU must live in a closet. The "The white man is against the blacks" closet.

    • +knightguy11 nothing to do with race are you living in a closet man?

    • +Johnny U. We all have our opinions. My opinion is that RACE has absolutely nothing to do with the way ESPN covers a QB. They were all over Manziel this summer for making mistakes. BTW: I think Miller and Boyd are much better than "mediocre" don't you? I guess ESPN didn't like Vince Young either? Please stop with the race crap. I'm really getting tired of the race card being pulled for virtually everything. If Incognito were black you'd pull the race card I'm sure. Just BS.

    • no im right, they hate the really good black qb's, and love the mediore ones like tajh boyd and braxton miller

    • It has nothing to do with Race. Just stop with that crap.