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Jim Jackson reacts to reports LeBron 'strongly' considered the 76ers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
Jim Jackson joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about LeBron James and his choice not to join the Philadelphia 76ers.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Jim Jackson reacts to reports LeBron 'strongly' considered the 76ers | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Should LeBron have gone to the 76ers instead of the Lakers?

    • No! It would have been absolutely dumb and stupid to join the 76ers; a team who made it to the playoffs and lost the Celtics- a team whose main star was the one who left you. I mean really who wants to see LeBron 76ers vs Kyrie Celtics. That would be like so lame. Nobody wants to see that crap💩😂😂. Seeing LeBron struggling again is wayyy more entertaining.

    • Please people stop acting like this LeBron is going to "make the Lakers champions again" . That Donald Trump syndrome is contagious I see.

    • Yes if he wanted to win. But he doesn't I see. He went for the road to retirement instead😂

    • Skip and Shannon: Undisputed 9:47 Skip asking the tough questions.

    • ian ford LeBron is going to age by 2020.. his best chance for another ring is the next 2 yrs... he should've gon to rockets

  • Penny hardaway for HOF

  • she is gorgeous 😍❤️💔😘❣️💜

  • LeBron James join Philadelphia 76ers move city going 76ers

  • WE WANT JOY BACK !!!!!!!!!

  • When I see Jim J I automatically click the video

  • ”I need a year to chill.” Lol skip god damn liar, he bashed Lebron for staying in the East last year and now he’s hating. Definition of bias.

  • i wish lebron would come on the show so much

  • Yup .... Lebrons resume says "results" .... something that the top 5 dont have and more valuable than rings ..... lebron is a mercenary. People in the business world know how valuable that is.

  • Stop overrating crybaby James. He does not make teams better. He makes everyone sacrifice their play for his.

  • I think that Philadelphia's potential is unrealistic... Joel Embiid has played 94 games in 4 seasons. Ben Simmons is a good player, but not a generational talent like they keep building him up to be... I just don't see championship talent in Philadelphia.

  • Bron can trust the process in LA

  • Bron should of went to Philly

  • Where's joy or holly?

  • In all honesty I'm just waiting on the next Game of Zones episode

  • lebron is not about the east ? :DDDD he was only about the east - cakewalk is his career moto

  • Again Skip stays hating lmao

  • skip is really the bigger lebron hater out there damn

  • Skip is such a hater

  • Skip is a hater thou he also speak facts

  • Where is Holly??????????

  • I have feelings for Alex Curry

  • What is the thing about Brentwood? I'm Swedish and got no clue.

  • Skip is a bold face liar.. Lebron was not a favorite in the finals for the last 8 years.

  • Lol annionted

  • What's the point of this woman on this show? Try contributing to the conversation?

  • I wonder if Shannon be getting any of that 154 million that Lebron be getting from the Lakers?

  • I miss Joy

  • Skip has different opinions for different outcomes. The definition of bias and a liar. Skip ruined his rep years ago when he started lying on air.

  • This show is better than first take!

  • KD and Boogie Cousins will be in LA next year

  • Without Joy, I notice Skip and I'm not watching this anymore

  • Is Embid considered best player in east because of hes twiter account?

  • Jim Jackson b gone off that loud lol

  • 3-6

  • Lets keep it 100% - Jim Jackson is on pace to be with Broussard. He keeps it real, he gives examples, says facts and dot hate for no reason on anyone.

  • Gosh.. Skip is just a hater man.. Cavs werent doing good when Lebron was in Miami. Going back to Cavs is the easy way? Haloooo Everywhere Lebron goes, there will be noise and its always gonna be the EASY WAY.

  • Lebron might get MVP but no rings.

  • Skip : what superstar took a year off in year 15 tell me Shannon: Michael Jordan did it twice Lol Skip put some respect on LeBron name

  • JJ preachin' at 05:59

  • Keep the young core together. And sign one max free agent next season. And we will win the title. One injury to steph or klay away from winning a title right now.


  • Ultimately he chose LA over the 76ers, not the Lakers

  • Jim Jack doesn’t miss on 2k

  • Why is the lady there?! Seriously I don't get it why!

  • Mark my words sixers will make the playoffs and make it to the conference finals..... And unfortunately, we will lose to Boston! But who cares we've been so bad for so long a playoff appearance is all I want. Lol

  • Shannon is the goat.

  • this lady never stops smiling

  • In my opinion, he was ALWAYS going to L A for at least like 1 year now!

  • 6:23-6:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Not this smiling ear to ear broad again..

  • I’m calling it now lakers beat golden st and win the championship this year...mark the date.

  • He's an idiot not going..further set team and Philly wouldn't of made murals of him just to destroy like this weirdos in la

  • Renamed show to NBA undisputed or discussion about LeBron.

  • Shannon is an awesome commentator.

  • Um lebrone does do it easy though most of the time.

  • Skip Bout Swallowed His Tongue 4:38-4:42😭😭

  • LeBron as a topic is beyond getting old. The season is over and he's made his decision. No mas.

  • her frozen smile is way too creepy

  • 3:26 Shannon hilarious yo

  • Lebron coulda stopped all the Violence in Philly.....

  • How is anybody but Golden state winning over the next 4 years.

  • Only shoulda went if he wanted a championship

  • If LBJ actually considered Philadelphia, it was a head fake. LAL all the way. BTW NO CHAMPIONSHIP RING FIRST 2, maybe 3 years unless LAL get a big time free agent. Still year 3 LAL in western conference playoffs

  • When was Jordan forced to take a year off

  • LeBron already knew where he was going yall putting him on every team y'all like to boost ratings on your show

  • Wait So LeBron Not Playing This Season

  • Simmons is unskilled outside of 5 Ft and Embiid is injury prone. Philly is far from a sure thing

  • I don’t like the new female host bring back the last one with the nice laugh she was a better fit and easy on the eyes

  • This chick not even hot. 😐

  • They end the video when it starts getting good!

  • Can you imagine that girl? You wake up at night, doesn't matter the time and she's staring at you with that Attack on Titan smile. #Terrifying

  • Why is the braud smiling at skip like a chess cat

  • LeBron would have signed with Philly if they were located in California...

  • A sports show making it to number one on trending?!

  • 6:42 put Jim on blast lmao

  • He will win rings he is Legoat

  • Her smiled creeped me TF out.... YOU’LL FLOAT TOO

  • Where are the stats the James makes his team better...

  • Yo shannon is a clown, he said jordan took 2 lmao😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan literally retired

  • And don’t you forget it. Gotta love Shannon.

  • They got Jordin Sparks hosting the show now? lol

  • Iam a Laker fan at best this team could get past 2nd round!

  • Didn't he "officially" sign to the Lakers already...

  • Single mother, no wonder he's so mentally weak.

  • Leblow again


  • Who cares. Lebron saga is over and done with. He is a laker. End of story. Stop trying to reach for new stories that don't matter.

  • Bron should've went to the MONGOLIAN 🎃's... 😔

  • Lakers ain’t doin better than 6 seed and second round. He’ll be lucky to get passed the first round.

  • Apparently LeBron's Laker decision is Not a superteam move .... Had he went to Philly , then that would be different

  • Might as well call is the lebron show .. y'all fr talking bout a report that said lebron considered philly .... lmao LEBRON is your daddy

  • As tall as the statue of liberty lmaoo

  • Bigup 2 Jim 4 using Skiiiip’s transfer from ESPN 2 Fox as an analogy. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Her smile ❤️

  • The single biggest superstar meltdown

  • Skip is actually very talented at hating

  • lebron , single mother... wooooow great single mother....lets keep praising that..maybe the woman can get a good man and stop getting children before knowing who they are together with ???!?!?!?!?

  • SoCal isn’t great. It’s too hot down there and nothing is green down there.