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Jimin Park "April Fools (0401)" M/V

Publicado em 4 Set 2018
Jimin Park "April Fools (0401)" M/V
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  • Everyday I curse jype for making it age-restricted. It'd have so much more views if it wasn't 🤦‍♀️

  • i love this song so much i play it almost everyday. Jimins vocals are absolutely amazing i love her so much, so proud of her and how far shes come

  • yaaaaaaaaaas her singing is what live is

  • No me canso de decir lo perfecta que es Jimin.

  • The boy of MV Jimin is so beautiful💓💜💛💚💙❤❤

  • 아니 백예린은? 이건 너무 심하자나. 아이돌만 계속 밀어줄거에요? ㅠㅠ 박지민 백예린 백아연 솔로도 챙겨주세요 제발. 좋은 노래 많이 듣고 싶어요.

  • 💖 💖 💖

  • anyone know who the main guy is??? cause like he's cute-

  • I honestly believe it would have more views if it weren’t age restricted 😔

  • Soooo underrated this song’s a whole bop 😤

  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 i love

  • Se parece a Maire Wink v:

  • why is this mv age restricted

  • literally how does this song keep getting better and better every single time i hear it ???? like i was mindblown with the first listen but everytime i pick up on something new and im *shook*

  • My favourite song~ Still listening in 2019. Also April Fools is my birthday!! :)))

  • Jamie's voice slays

  • This song is so good. Why haven't I seen it before . And I Love you Jimin

  • Well kinda

  • He loved her she killed he now she wants him back

  • 꽈뚜룹

  • Chama me encantó.

  • 청불?

  • Age-restricted Why?

  • The boi kinda cute tho just sayin☻

  • I really need Jimin to make another comeback, her songs and the vibe is just wow, she did that. 💣💚💚💚

  • I can’t watch tzdyrufjfiv what???

  • When this came out I was 17 so I wasn't able to watch it, in October I turned 18 and could watch it... But it took me until now to get around to do so. But I had seen it before through reactors so I knew what was waiting. That's all I wanted to say haha.

  • I am here to find a reason why I don't know that she has this amazing voice? thanks ASC, because I find another amazing artist! I need more! please

  • i need jimin to notice me

  • there is nothing bad scene in this mv just a freaking shaking bed

  • should’ve said this before but i came back to say... jimin did THAT

  • 15&? jimin :D?

    • yes that jimin!

  • I still don't understand why it's age restricted

    • +aqidhh ik 😒

    • same, its make the view less than the other mv

  • Ugh I love her so much😪😪❤ What a vocal legend

  • 한국어 댓글이 별루없네.... 박지민쨩💚💚💚💚💚

  • why they have age restriction

  • I'm still thorougly confused about this video😂

  • throwback to jimins long hair

  • 2019 BETTER BE JIMIN'S YEAR JYP y'all are dumbasses, Jimin has the potential to change the entire industry and achieve a great status, but you don't promote her because she doesn't have the stereotypical idol look? She has one of the most unique and phenomenal voices in K-Pop and you treat her like she trained to become an MC. Sleep on beds, not on Jimin Park.

    • say it louder sis

  • It won’t let me watch it anymore because it is not “age appropriate” 😭😭

    • aqidhh I know but it’s my favorite mv and I can’t watch it😓🙄

    • its okay, just a freaking shaking bed nothing at all.

  • Please dont give up bebe, i really like the way you sing and your voice

  • Big sad Age restricted now THX A LOT BR-tv HHHHHHHHHHH

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Support😊😉

  • تي الأغنية تحفة

  • great jamie

  • Cada vez que la escuchk me gusta aun mas

  • masterpiece

  • When will she made come back??

    • we dont know yet but still, keep waiting

  • 👍😓❤️

  • Quem aí gosta do Jaime 🔥


  • Pero ella de verdad es así de ruda, me encanta jaja

  • this song is so underated, the number of views is a shame :/

  • I need to sing, I'm a singer! 😂 Thank god for this comeback, hope she will be back again this year❤

  • I live for this song, MV and Jimin's voice❤

  • Age restricted?

  • lit

  • bb te amo hazme un bb

  • I'm so confused....why doesnt this have millions of views.......

    • people sleeping on jimin

  • Fucking Art ❤

  • Someone please explain the Mv does he slip on the cake again in the end? Why does he open his eyes again at the end also?

    • yup he fall bcs of the cake and he is not die yet.

  • This kinda reminds me of Hwasa and Loco’s collab song

  • This song is beautiful ❤️


  • u coward for not supporting underrated's artists

  • YASS 1.3M

  • I hate this cause its age restricted for no reason and I cant watch BR-tv is acting like I'm 12 damn years old

  • 뮤비때문에 19금 인증 한건 처음이네.. 노래 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠ 자주 들어야징

  • Like the song, not a big fan of the video :/

  • Honestly kinda upset that I didn't find her sooner. She is so talented and deserves so much more recognition. Jyp needs to show her some respect please

    • I love jimin so much her voice is so unique and beautiful just like her. I wish people would like hwr as much as they love bts. What is so great about bts... Astro does the same things. lesser known groups deserve more recognition. so we stan astro, 15&, jimin, hello venus. people should show them a lot more love

    • Vabreaktions Lifeolinsers sameeeee


  • We stan a vocal queen

  • How can this song have only 1'2M views, is a masterpiece, I cant get it out of my head 😍

  • The best

  • 🐙💃



  • Queen of vocals

  • Why is there an age restriction on this again ?

    • Probably because she is spending half the video playing with a dead body... or at least someone she thinks is dead

  • 2019 ??

  • I need her surgeon's number asap

  • Your voice is so beautiful you are amazing 😍❤️

  • I like ❤️😍🥰

  • I still don't get how this song has 1, 2 mil...

  • OAOAO~❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • i like her voice😍

  • I love her voice so much. She deserves better Jimin fighting

  • Anyone has a theory for the mv?

  • Amo a esta chica

  • The best friend of Chicken little

  • I’m I the only one that thought it was Jimin from BTS and clicked it?😂 ok bye ig I’m alone here

    • aqidhh aqidhh yes but maybe he could sing and the girl could’ve just been in the video btw yes ik but guess what? My brain just thought it when I saw Jimin😂🔫

    • you can clearly see its a girl 😭 if jimin bts do something they will update it at their twitter


  • i feel sorry for the guy lmfao, being dragged around like that for the mv

  • hola, alguien sabe como se llama el actor????? :))))))

  • can i just say damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn love her❤

  • stream april fools

  • She is a Queen

  • January 10th 2k19?

  • a murder today