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Jungle - Heavy, California

Publicado em 30 Jul 2018
‘Heavy, California' by Jungle is taken from their second album ‘For Ever’ out now on XL Recordings. Buy it here:
A JFC Worldwide Production
Directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson & Charlie Di Placido
Director of Photography Olly Wiggins
Choreography by Nat Zangi

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  • I wanna take dance lessons from them!

  • 0:33 spready slam hurts

  • That jump at the looks so easy what is this withcraft?

  • Idk man, this just really put a smile on my face

  • Outstandingly, Astonishingly Beautiful!

  • Just fall in love now

  • Here from the Apple opening event 2018

  • OMG ! SO COOL !🤤

  • This is the song from Apple’s pre-event on September 12, 2018!!

  • Did they lose the Adidas sponsorship?

  • This is the best song for waiting in the drive thru at In N Out, especially if it's the one in Barstow

  • So refreshing. Love love!

  • my almost 2 year old daughter loves this song and always asks to " look ! " at this video .. she then tries the dance moves on her own lol

  • This is absolutely brilliant.

  • Apple ❤️ ICONIC

  • I'm wondering how they didn't get grass stains on their clothes

  • The main dancer is so beautiful and mesmerizing when he's dancing

  • 1:24-1:34 my favorite sequence of this video...

  • mind if I hit this ranch brotendo?

  • Lot a love lot a love ... 💕💕💕💕💕🐈

  • Does anyone know the name of the main dancer? I'm in love.

  • This man look like Steph Curry

  • excuse me he is HOT

  • Super!

  • Total class........TOTAL x

  • Amo esta canción

  • Apple September keynote 2018

  • Will West and his fine ess 😂🤘🏾

  • плюс канал vevo

  • California is pretty damn heavy

  • I just saw this in my aunt's television but now im loving it

  • I think it's offical, my neighbours are now into it. Repeat, repeat, repeat!

  • Is anyone getting dreamlover by mariah vibes???

  • Still better than despacito

  • Who are the dancers?

    • Lead dancer is named Will West. I don't think he has a Twitter account but he's on Instagram.

  • 1:17 gangnam style?

  • This is one of those songs that never get old

  • Cover your semi, jeez.

  • larga vida al jungle

  • 2019 issss ❕❕⚜

  • 2019, still the best band ever

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Apple

  • For anyone curious, the lead dancer is Will West.

  • What is the song name? 3:05

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Thank you VANS store 🙌🏾

  • Now THIS is my music!!

  • Wats the song at the end guys 😭

  • What's the name of the song in the final ?

  • Where's today's Michael Jackson, AC/DC, or Sublime? Nobody has to sound like them, just be as good. So, where are they? Who's today's big music icon(s) like Elvis, Michael Jackson, or U2 ??? There are no icons today that I can think of b/c nobody is good enough to be respected at that level. What an uninteresting, mundane load of ear trash this song is ; sounds like a billion other uninteresting artists out today. Young folks mostly don't seem to have enough spine or instrument playing ability to make spine-tingling songs like previous generations could. It's really a bummer to me we don't have more good music today going around. I just don't know where it will end b/c the millennial seem to be accepting this music has been "great". I'm wondering if that's because of a lack of exposure to old music and social conformity with their friend's tastes? We (meaning almost everyone) used to complain about how bad music was in the 80's, and 90s compared to the 60s and 70s, yet ever since about the year 2000 music turned so far hard south the bottom dropped out of music. It now makes music from the 80s and 90s look like a bunch of musical geniuses were running around creating exceptional art. I guess that's why almost all music sales still come from the old days -- something like 65 to 70% of music sales are still from the year 2000 before. Sigh.


  • Man...what fun it is to watch this! Pause to remember that these people are probably under 30...But their confidence is sky high! Keep doing you, friends. Be weird and have fun. Peace.

  • De lejos, sin oponente La MEJOR CANCIÓN DEL 2018

  • Jungle and Parcels are my life now

  • I heard this sick beat while shopping in superdry

  • They got that mojo!

  • This is completely wonderful - !

  • This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my entire life. When I think that humans can be great, it's about things like this video and music and everything else that I'm talking about.

  • Monday , Chante , the world from you. Is that what they're saying?

    • +Jack Kemp FLIP! IF THAT'S ACTUALLY IT ILL BE SO HAPPY!! That's been driving me insane

    • one day, she'll take, the world, from you

  • Who is the tall dark woman???

  • Outro song ?

  • Every morning, I wake up doing a little 0:33 too.


  • WHO'S THE MAIN DUDE? He looks cool. I wanna be his fan.

  • Steph?

  • where was this filmed?


  • the only video i don't regret clicking accidentally.

  • How I wish I could move like that! I'm 88, and love 'em!!

  • Woa.. converse!

  • Like Earth,Wind & Fire... ;-)

  • I'M SPEECHLESS, this is why I love Jungle.

  • What a dope video :)

  • Wow, AV1 actually plays back on mobile? Impressive.

  • maybe the coolest GAP commercial

  • MY JAM

  • This is incredible. I discovered jungle because I heard their song Cosurmyne very randomly.. it says that song is from this album but I can’t find it. :( got it on Spotify but it’s not on BR-tv

  • I freaking love this video, I’ve watched it at least 100 times! This song gets my in the groove every time

  • Wow! First time that I hear this, LOVE IT 😍

  • Love this!!!!!!!! From Colombia, Im addict to this sound!

  • Ummmm... that is a Cray Cray dance move at the 1:31 mark :o)

  • Anyone know who their choreographer(s) is/are? Really inspiring.

  • thats great coco

  • Awesome tunage... wait a minute.. yes in Belgium also ;)

  • best band best song ever in 2018

  • This feels like a 787 at takeoff! Feel it!

  • whats the song that plays at the end as they drive away in the "junglemobile".

  • If Stephen Curry was short and could do dance.

  • when i found out they released a new album, I literally spat my water out and dialed the fire department because i knew it was gonna be good. i wasnt mistaken.

  • the coolest thing since sliced bread and my "johnny cake:"

  • love this band

  • Love this one! Love it!

  • Just moved Cali to NYC, but still Heavy California~

  • Final sample 🙏?

  • I've heard this song at the live stream of Apple's September event and just wanted to hear the full version, it's just amazing.

  • Nothing on this earth like golden hour in California.

  • Isn't that the Thriller dance?

    • At 2:30, I'm agree!


  • Busy earnin will always be their best