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Jungle - Heavy, California

Publicado em 30 Jul 2018
‘Heavy, California' by Jungle is out now on XL Recordings.
The new album ‘For Ever’ is out on 14th Sept. Pre-Order here:
A JFC Worldwide Production
Directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson & Charlie Di Placido
Director of Photography Olly Wiggins
Choreography by Nat Zangi

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  • Yes California!!! and the dancers are great!

  • So cultural Marxism, much burning cities, most whiteness studies lawl

  • I hate this. Not because it's bad, but it's taking up all my time because I can't stop watching it.

  • I love jungleee

  • Merrymaking, drug takin' At my place, baby, at my place.... This Song is a rippoff of Calvin Harris' Merrymaking :D

  • MJ number 2

  • i am still mesmerized with this video and that dance moves!

  • Finally amazing dancers show up in music videos again.. Its been too long

  • what is the song at the end? i have to know

  • mesmerizing visuals

  • that move in the begining of the song is the best thing ive ever seen

  • what is song that the car is playing

  • Does anybody know the name of the gorgeous main dancer? Also the song in the end?

  • very very goooooooooooood

  • Omg this is what you call music,we need music like this...not no rap!

  • Please support my new song! Thank you

  • Who else has been here because of apple’s keynote on September 12.

  • I wish i could dance

  • where can i learn to dance like this

  • I love your music. When you come to Madrid to see you live?

  • The choreography and overall mood of this has me mesmerized.

  • What song is on the end? The part when the guy is sitting on the trunk?

  • California? Video should be a whole bunch of Californians running up to the Northwest slowly gentrifying it.

  • love you guys! will never forget when I fully discovered and indulged in your music at Bestival 2016 I think it was... stumbled across you on main stage. it was soooooo good! cant wait to see you live again

  • Just fantastic, I said 5 years ago they would be big, take it from an 64 man with cancer ... this is one of the best bands I've ever heard

  • Beautiful

  • Fuck they will have some very bad grass stains...

  • brothers johnson sound.

  • 1 Take video, had to be spot on and it is!!

  • yes

  • They're back ;) ...!

  • i never comment on youtube but i had goosebumps for the entire vid????? i loved this so much

  • Love this song, love the video, I feel like I could be one of these people! How can I be apart of it

  • what is the name of the song at the end?

  • the feeling of a pure America. can't explain why

  • Shikamaru is that you

  • Banging tune with exceptional dancers to complement the song. 1st heard it on Jooles Holland show last Friday and felt compelled to find the tune on here and what a shocker this is.

  • Their dance remind me of Michael Jackson- Thriller. Maybe there was some inspiration on him

    • Andres Leonardo Urrego-Vallowe 100%

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    • OMG go and get some help fruitcake

  • I'm in love with the first guy😍

  • Constant loop...

  • that subtle smile/laughter of the dancer near to the end captivated me so much!

  • I love the dance omg

  • I love his levitating curly ponytail.

  • We are way too spoiled wtf, how amazing was that!

  • Holy moly macaroni jabronnie

  • Please listen in 1.25X speed.

  • Wow, that was great!

  • The little musical wink ("Sugar" sample) to Robin Schulz brings a lot to the sound of this title, great clip. Glad if I have help a little to pulse this song by sharing it in playlist 3 months ago.

  • Stinks of stylee!! Bam. Love it.Anyone know the leaving song as they rock away on the van? Another jungle track?

  • trop bon ce titre

  • golden hour my dudes

  • I just love Jungle more & more 😍

  • Who else if from the September Apple 2018 Keynote?

  • 02:15 - F R I E N D Z O N E

  • The Ellen show brought me here

  • 0:57 1:38 2:20 *TRANSITIONS*

  • Thank you Superdry for introducing me to this song.

  • Tremendo!!

  • Who's this dancer

  • love this watched it 11 times already yay!!

  • 2:50 - I think the brunette with the bob is from the 'Lion' video from Eugene McGuinness

  • I love everything about this video

  • yes, yes, YES.

  • Steph Curry dancing 😱

  • If you can listen to this and tell me it doesn't make you want to dance along then YOU are lying to yourself. Everything about this song is so captivating! The choreography is giving me some Broadway vibes, love it!


  • Br

  • Hands down, best GAP commercial since the 90's, love it.

  • #justdance2020

  • Секта танцующая в поле :) с ноткой толлеранства

  • makes u wanna dance, even if you don't know how.

  • great piece, I really like your climate and dance is great;)

  • DOPE

  • Great music, fabulous choreo, really hot and insane main dancer makes me feel back in fancy 70", with a huuge smile in present. Just makes me feel happy and alive =))

  • so watchable xx

  • 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 THANK YOOOOOU for this OUTSTANDING record, my dears Jungle!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the OUTSTANDING dancers, of this great music video!! 😃 😃 Many CONGRATULATIONS also, to the producers and director!! LOVE you, Jungle team!!! Very very MUCH!!!! 😃 😃 😃

  • Anybody else think the first guy was Leroy Sane at first?

  • This will be on my playlist for a while! Love it.

  • Big loooooove from JAPAN

  • What is the name of the song playing in the end???

  • this song

  • The song is a real kicker !! The video is quiet Perfect, the DANCE is too. What is the Dance group name?

  • Song of the end?

  • Who edited this video? God?

  • this guy is a dancer for Years & Years!!

  • I really love that ending song tho 🔥✨👌🏾

  • thats so signature of "Jungle" .. back with a bang...

  • Wow it’s really boring

    • +아니야응 lol

    • Captain Flak does everyone need to like this? It’s just my opinion and yea i will

    • Keep watching EXO and BTS then loser

  • jungle 4 ever

  • I start my days with this song

  • When you reunite with your crew at Christian camp.

  • Catchy song, shitty state.

  • Great tune, I don't understand 897 people...

  • Why does this guy look like Steph curry

  • How do you control for the golden hour to shoot a whole music video? That's the real beauty

  • I've never personally tried to lift California, but I would imagine that's an accurate description

  • Apple used this song in the iPhone XS announcement

  • love this

  • Love this