Kamasi Washington - Street Fighter Mas

Publicado em 20 Jun 2018
‘Street Fighter Mas’, a single from Kamasi Washington's sophomore album Heaven and Earth.
Heaven and Earth will be available on June 22, 2018 on Young Turks. y-t-r.co/heavenandearth

Written & Directed by AG Rojas
Executive Produced by Dinah Rodriguez & Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Line Produced by Jeremy Hartman
Cinematography by Rina Yang
Production Design by Kyle Davio
Edited by Zaldy Lopez
Kamasi Washington’s Wardrobe Designed by Alice + Louise Clothing
Costumes Designed by Tatiana Valentin
Color Grading By Gregory Reeese
Visual Effect By A52
1st AD By Robert Thoren
Gaffer and Key Grip Scott Khuu & Chris Bauer
Hair and Make-Up by Liana Mizradeh
Very Special Thanks to Banch Abegaze & Alex Fisch


  • 3:31 I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs.

  • i can hear Bowie inspiration here

  • Can't wait to see him live🔥


  • This is Gold

  • Wow

  • Oh yeah, Sax action!

  • words can not describe how much I love this song and video

  • Was waiting the whole time for the verse to start.... Still love it

  • Brutal

  • I love this video.

  • Lol wasnt expecting to see Battlecat

  • Hey, that's a moment 37 reference. Das pritty guuud

  • So original, so classic, so new, so fresh.. I think I just shit my pants

  • Shit that's fire !

  • PogChamp

  • VV.O.VV

  • Soundtrack of my life

  • Kamasi is soooo Blanka

  • BEST OF 2018

  • the bass is a jazzy sicko mode

  • This bassline is fucking creamy

  • Cinemascopic sound

  • Caraaaaaalhoooo!!! Foda de mais!!!!

  • That dude stole my robe

  • Pog

  • He'd make a good live action Blanka

  • Epic.

  • This vid reminds me Sun Ra’s Space is the Place. br-tv.net/tv/video-EuGAxii7xac.html

  • Bittersweet nostalgic solitude...I feel it...

  • Can I do a song to this

  • Uou,. Nuts. ....

  • Black Power!

  • Have him and Thundercat ever done anything together?

  • Hmmm...a mix of easy listening, cheeseball smooth jazz, and boring lounge music..so bad it's...still not good.

  • fineartamerica.com/featured/a-higher-vibration-in-the-three-dimensional-aura-kamasi-washington-tony-adamo.html

  • Anyone know what the choral singing is from?

  • You guys suck

  • *kisses fingers, smacks lips* aaa mi GUUstiii !

  • 1.7k people must suck at Street Fighter

  • I'm going to do a hip hop remix of this track!

  • We need Thundercat in here

  • #evaneucio

  • Whenever I see kamasi I remember I actually met him after his show in Vancouver and it was one of the funniest experiences of my life I was with my friends after the show and we were told there would be a meet and greet so we kinda waited around for a while and then everyone got into a line. We went to the back of the line because we didn't see what was going on and it started to go down this hallway. I turn around to talk to my friends to see kamasi walking up behind us with security and standing behind us in line. Then security asked what he was doing and he said "I'm waiting in line!" And laughed the biggest laugh I've ever heard and then walked past us to the front of the line. Really nice man


  • 2:08 is my fav part.

  • Goonie goo goo

  • C'est quoi cette merde ??? 😨 😁😂🤣

  • Also, the correct collaboration many are referring to below is misplaced. Madlib is the correct answer.

  • What type a muhfucka don't like this song? Sacrilege. Go back to your Taylor Swift, bitches.

  • This is amazing! 0_0

  • maybe this has been mentioned, but kamasi x thundercat collab? yes oh yes

  • wow

  • Ay, yō- This shall forever remain as one of the divine wonders upon the face of the Earth, within all of the sentient beings in this galaxy and all others, that to witness this audiovisual masterpiece is to see in to the alabaster eyes of the true God that lies within each of us. Let us go forth into all knights, good or bad, empowered against the fakery and f*ckery that has permeated the radiosphere and telesphere, for armed to the teeth by this magnificent experience we now have synthesized ourselves consentually to merge with some of the dopest isht humanity has ever formulated as an antidope against the mainstream bubble-gumble mumble music of the early 21st Century." -from a letter I sent my brother serving a life sentence in a Georgia Privatized Prison. ∆LL LOVE = LOVE ∆LL

  • Shouldn't it be best 2 out of 3?

  • This is just fuckin dripping in style

  • I'm from Brazil and your song is the best.

  • Foda! 💜🇧🇷

  • What did i just saw?

  • So under rated

  • Yooo I love this! 😄

  • I fucking LOVE this....

  • czuje rytm...…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a really great video guys

  • Is the best!

  • *The kind of song to butter your croissant to......*

    • Croissants are made with butter though

    • But I get what you mean

    • One does not put butter on a croissant

    • What does that even mean?

    • +Marvin Garcia ........

  • We call it the russian gypsy song.

  • Yep 😎👏👏

  • muy lindo.

  • This dude look like if bas and Pepe the frog had a child

  • Driftin...

  • Battlecat

  • unespected


  • Estoy aqui gracias a ñam ñam extravaganza de Ricardo O´Farrill...y vaya que le agradezco... I´m here after hear this song in ñam ñam extravaganza show by Ricardo O´Farrill and I am really thankful...

  • What time of music is that ? Jazz ?

  • I saw that evo moment 37

  • Es un innovador del jazz un sonido extraordinario lo escuché hoy en la radio París La Paz

  • Lookin like Blanka 😏

  • Awesome and dude you kick ass with Blanka that feet sweep thing for the finisher was badass


  • Legend

  • La classe, on l'a ou on ne l'a pas. Y a du crédit ici.

  • epic

  • This both butters and jellies my roll.

    • Wow, the roll is extremely lubed up

  • Level of dopeness is amazing!!!✨⭐

  • Aguante Pedro Aznar!!! JAJA

  • I swear the voice harmony is from something? Anyone know?

  • 37 is always a good omen for me

  • El video parece sacado de un cuento de Kafka

  • Muy lindo

  • Found you by listening to an interview on public radio. I love Street Fighter too, but I am a button masher who gets lucky. No threat to you. Loving your compositions.

  • Boaaah! Best video I've seen in years! And the music too of course! Fanstastic! Thanks random BR-tv playlists!

  • Jazz, funk, hip-pop, street fighter, moment 37, and the consummate Gootecks...in one music video?!?! You've successfully combined all my obsessions. Thank you, Kamasi.

  • him and thundercat .... br-tv.net/tv/video-GNCd_ERZvZM.html

  • who is the old man who plays with Kamasi?

  • Why does this sound so familiar? Especially the singing oo and aaas


  • wow. i think he'd break reality if he worked with DOOM.

  • This belongs in a Tarantino movie