Kamasi Washington - Street Fighter Mas

Publicado em 20 Jun 2018
‘Street Fighter Mas’, a single from Kamasi Washington's sophomore album Heaven and Earth.
Heaven and Earth will be available on June 22, 2018 on Young Turks. y-t-r.co/heavenandearth

Written & Directed by AG Rojas
Executive Produced by Dinah Rodriguez & Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Line Produced by Jeremy Hartman
Cinematography by Rina Yang
Production Design by Kyle Davio
Edited by Zaldy Lopez
Kamasi Washington’s Wardrobe Designed by Alice + Louise Clothing
Costumes Designed by Tatiana Valentin
Color Grading By Gregory Reeese
Visual Effect By A52
1st AD By Robert Thoren
Gaffer and Key Grip Scott Khuu & Chris Bauer
Hair and Make-Up by Liana Mizradeh
Very Special Thanks to Banch Abegaze & Alex Fisch


  • Was that the Daigo Streetfighter footage? I think it was...

  • Was the "Truth" video taken down?

  • Where the FUCK have I been?

  • Such an incredible single and video. "Heaven & Earth" keeps growing with each listen, 5/5 masterpiece and i don't say that lightly. i've been totally obsessed with Kamasi's music, so much that i bought "The Epic", "Harmony of Difference" and "Heaven and Earth" first on CD then had to get the expensive vinyl sets as well. i haven't been as obsessed with the music of any jazz musician since i discovered Miles Davis and John Coltrane respectively and that's pretty damn amazing!

  • this was way to siiick

  • I was thinking the whole time my dude looks like a s.f dlc character the when he pulled the sword out the cane....*confirmed*

  • what sample are these vocals from?

  • This is like a fat boy slim music video

  • Please collaborate with: Anderson paak MF Doom Fat boy Slim Childish Gambino Busdriver

  • Those gospel chops at the end!

  • Kamasi and Rome Fortune

  • I can hear Wu-Tang spitting bars on this..

  • Vuflpeck collab soon?

  • 100/10 what a fresh & groovy song!!

  • What happened to Truth video?

  • Anyone know where the video for Kamasi's song "Truth" went? Can't find it anywhere and I watched it recently :(

  • i'm a simple man. i read Kamasi Washington, i leave a like

  • This is the sickest trumpet EVER. The fattest nut to exist.

  • very nice.... needs more Bluku Bluku

  • Great throwback vibe. I didn't understand the video though but I wasn't mad at it.

  • E P I C ! Just epic..

  • Thundercat ripoff, lacks creativity.

  • I was waiting for the lyrics to drop. I guess that sax had some words to say.

  • Love it! Great soundtrack music. Makes me want to write a story to feature it in.

  • Eh

  • This was weird, just came bcs SF

  • Trombone part starting at 2:40 is a rendition of the first verse from "Nothing but a G thang"...so genius!

  • How they playing SF on a Neo Geo Cab?

  • I know music snobs hate this. But turn this shit up to 1.5 speed sometimes it's amazing.

  • Hello! BEAUTIFUL MELANIN RICH KING! GOD!!! This melody is everything!!! My ears feel blessed!!!

  • Woolie is that you?

  • Daigo's approved

  • What yall know about SFV Capcom Pro Tour!

  • Aaaa aaa aaaaà

  • Kamadi needs to do a collab with Ulver

  • Adoro Kamasi ma è davvero la reincarnazione del Maco di Secrate xDD

  • I dont like it but i dea

  • Sounds like someone is gonna sacrifice a goat

  • gooteks?

  • PogChamp

  • Epic

  • É Street Fighter, mas.

  • Looks a bit like tasty from Orange is the New Black LOL the song is amazing though

  • This track is church

  • Straight fuego

  • This is like a Wes Anderson film 😂

  • wea mala

  • WOW!

  • Perfect song. Perfect video.


  • este bagulho é loko demais!

  • poggers

  • Those drums sound incredible.

  • My mans got evo moment 37 in the vid

  • oh man, this was lovely :)

  • Funky

  • me encanta wacho

  • Holy fuck this is some cool shit!

  • I love how Kamasi's last meal is just french fries and wine.

    • Looked like haystack onion rings or spaghetti to me

  • Somebody call kdot

  • Here from the Coltrane documentary in Netflix where Kamasi is interviewed. So I had to check who this Kamasi guy was. I am glad I did 👏🏽

  • @tronomob

  • This was beautiful

  • ☺️

  • This, this has got it all for me. Might be a new Kamasi Washington fan - keep it weird .

  • musical Morpheus

  • Pointless video for a nice instrumental.

  • I live in Detroit and I love Detroit. This looks like Detroit and I love it.

  • Stunning!

  • Kamasi + Christian Scott atunde

  • Awesome - but does ANYONE Understand this video? - help me please!!! ;-) Love it to the Max - no dis at all, just not understanding it!!!

    • If you aren't a fighting game fan you won't understand it easily. It merely suggests that there is an upper echelon of society that appreciates 2d fighting as a medium to maintain a high end social club. It's basically comparing the good ol' boys club of the business world to the who's who of the 2d fighting world and suggesting that the two could have some parallels. At the same time there is some subtle mockery of the traditional good ol' boys club of the business world which is great. And it's doing it in an ever so funky, jazzy, mystical, amazing way. This vid/song compo is pretty close to perfect.

  • image wise kamasi and bas would be a dope project ....

  • Finally a rap song without rap

  • This dude needs to kick it with Thundercat.

  • Kamasi, you gold!

  • I think I got permanent stank face when the bass came in.

  • I want a band with kamasi, thundercat, sampha and benny greb like now

  • This is the final boss of the "Big niggas"

  • listen to a lot of different shit driving the car but kamasi's tunes always sneak back into the player day after day...

  • Please stand up for equality, freedom and justice Kamasi. Don't play for Apartheid Israel. You may see it as just another gig, but the racist regime will see it as approval.

  • Instant new fan, will grab a CD of this to play on the hi fi as this is quality work.lol

  • This track hadookens you.

  • this is so POPIN'!

  • Level Expert : Detect . Master Class Congratulations of são Paulo Brazil

  • Nice.

  • So underrated...

  • Beating Ryu with Bianca on an international stage. His "Street Fighters" skills must be as great as his musical talent.

  • usually I want words to a song but nah this is perfect alone. Sound like something that should be on Luke cage

  • That is a very nice wall. Can we all just take a second to appreciate how nice that wall is?

  • Please let this man do Luke Cage 3

  • Brilliant

  • Idiot plays for Israhell apartheid. BDS

  • Kamasi...the king of junk in 2018. (Junk=jazz+funk)

  • I'm high as shit and yall have no idea how good this song is hittin me.

  • Listened to you on Toronto’s 91.1 JazzFM. You are loved here too.

  • how do they find these places...the cinematographer, dop, director, cameraman and tech dep, i love them all

  • I have played SF games basically my whole life, but I have never been properly trained by a grandmaster in the art. I am ready to improve. Where can I seek tutelage?

  • What in tarnation!!? This video!!!!

  • How can someone unlike this?

  • Ideas for albums Kamasi x MF Doom Kamasi x Tame and Pala Kamasi x Unknown Mortal Orchestra Kamasi x maybe Kendrick???

    • Did you mean to type Tame Impala...?

    • didn't kamasi already work on TPAB with kendrick ?