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Kash Doll - Ice Me Out

Publicado em 7 Nov 2018
Ice Me Out (Official Video)
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Directed by AVONNI Global
Produced by Steven Taylor
Director of Photography Corey Jennings
Edited by Alex Crosby
Creative Direction/Styling - Carmen Murray
Costume Design - Tiffany Dean
Designer/Styling - Shane Austin
Makeup - Saisha Beecham
Makeup Assistant - Rosiekia Artis
Hair stylist - Tierra Tubs
Hair provider - Miink Brazilian

Music video by Kash Doll performing Ice Me Out. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Kash  Doll  Ice  Me  Out  Republic  Records  Rap  


  • This is disturbing this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life why is anybody coming here to do this video I only did because on Spotify it sounded retarded you need to stop listening to this stupid music you dumb asses


  • 1.25x is where it’s at

  • Listen to it on 1.25x

  • It’s lit

  • Eyes meow 🤔

  • I didn’t know she was so thick

  • "Iceeee Meeee Outtt...Nigga Ice Me out" 😊

  • A nice Strip Club song , Who produced this ?

  • Sounds like a GarageBand beat✨💫

  • Trash

  • *Nikki Minaj has enter the chat*

  • Remix Card B 😈

  • Bitch u kno that tub was cold😍😂💪

  • frozen has left the chat

  • The bëat gø hard

  • Gold digger bitch

  • this chick is wack

  • This beat it 🔥


  • I don’t get it I still think it’s “Ask me out”. But every one please stand for the gold digger!!!

  • nicki minaj wannabe

  • i like this song buh its kinda dry/boring 🤷🏻‍♀️


  • ice me out bitch

  • Start off the song at 1.25 speed, then when she starts rapping change it to 2(Or 1.5) speed, that's when you got something.

  • Ice meow🐱 Thts wht I hear

  • 1.5 speed is something I could twerk to🔥🔥

  • Neat *《PotatoRira》 has left the chat*

  • Buffed up

  • Straight trash

  • Um y this remains me of Nikki

  • In about 8 minutes I get off work and Im bout to twerk to this 😂

  • Why y'all hate on others she rich than yall

    • So? Just b/c she rich doesn't mean a damn thing. You have to have talent to be liked. I know she is better than this as well though too. And I'm sure she will make more money off this song but she isn't worth as much as a lot of famous ppl. She's worth round 1-2 million.

  • Ask me out ask me out nigga ask me out

  • so.damn, gold and platinum. we can just give yall ice now... lmao.. so your worth is .99 to 7.00 bag of extra cold water.

  • OMG skinny bioches, look out. fat is the new skinny? ice me out... thotciety. this shi.. is sad. yall slim thick mf but to be out back... fast.. lmao.

  • At first I though it was saying “ass me out” 💀💀

  • "Eat me out" ~In my Ari voice 😌

  • Thot Anthem🤣💃🏽💃🏽🕺🏽

  • “ Cock me down “

  • my bae sooo beautiful

  • u should call nicki mickey cause u her son

  • ......

  • Ratchet girl anthem

  • 💯💯💯💯

  • I thought she was saying ask me out🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Idc , this is a banger !! 🔥🔥

  • She dope

  • Ask me out

  • All the hoes playing that shit we ain’t icing out shit on me 😂💯

  • *2:52** Nicki Minja is shaking rn*

  • **Insert Sub human monkey noises here

  • Don't even lie most of us came here cause the little girl😂😂😂

  • This is trash

  • OMG she sho fucking sexy it should be illegal to have a face that pretty and a ass that phat 😱😨😰

  • Frostbite has left the chat

  • Chasethemoney

  • She don't fuck around and choke trying to be cute😂

  • Ask me out, Ice me out

  • First of all this shit lame asl but kinda catchy 😂 when I say people don’t know music anymore they really don’t

  • My Wig just left the chat😭❤😂

  • catch me screaming this on the way to my regular poor people job every fuckin day!

  • my song

  • I thought it said “ask me out”

  • I dont like this song its so lame 😒all i hear is ice me out

  • New Nicki Minaj!?

  • her body and her skin had me iced out


  • queen key needa remake dis to eat me out 🤣 🤣

  • We all here because. G herb baby mama we was that ass and was like ok what song is this

  • I want patek kash doll

  • It will be so nice if Kash doll an Nicki minaj do a ft

  • Ask me out ask me out no its ice me out

  • 1.5x🌋

  • Sooo glad my bitch getting the recognition she BEEN deserved

  • K shine new crib

  • Yo gotti i know

  • Honestly this is a bop 😂🥰😍

  • 💙🧝🏾‍♀️💎💎💎

  • This song should be in GTA

  • A prettier version of remy ma. Thats all i see


  • I love her 😍

  • Frostbite has joined the chat

  • That cane drip drop tho😭‼️


  • Did she just lick dry ice.

  • Weak asf dry ass song

  • Disgusted....💯

  • My friend need to listen to this she would start crying

  • It sound like she saying ask me out tho not ice

  • 1:42 *bad bitch face*

  • Nobody ice me out in a long time👽

  • I love this song broo❤️‼️

  • I need a remix with TREY SONGZ boo

  • “Ice me out” count: 45

  • Try listening at 1.5x

  • That room was probably freezing.

  • This song would’ve probably been on the top 100’s if she rapped a little more, I like the beat and flow, just needs a little more verses & bars, would’ve been great 😦