KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

Publicado em 5 Out 2018
Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.
So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.
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  • do you work out since you eat so many things

  • The only burger I do want to try is the mushroom burger . It’s unfair .. Korean has a better Burger King than what I have in my country .

  • I want to try that Truffle burger. It looks so good. Thanks for trying out both fast food restaurants .

  • you eat a lot me too

  • When I pig out at McDonald’s I spend maby 10 or 15 bucks, how are you eating 50$ worth?

  • I love your videos but... that food sorta sucked. Just horrible.

  • I really want to try that shrimp burger from Burger King. and I wish they would bring it here in the U.S. for our BK menu

  • i was waiting for my burgers while watching this

  • Questions: 1) How do you eat so much? 2) How is that food not making your skin break out?

  • Dude do you starve yourself before you do these videos. How can you est all that food😱

  • 8:01 That chicken looks undercooked.

  • Looks like I need to learn Korean

  • I don’t know if it’s the lighting but I’ve noticed sometimes with the chicken you order it doesn’t seem fully done.. looks pink

  • Mike you said you ate 4 burgers from burger king when you were kid correct? Try and top this when I was 8 I ate 3 LARGE PIZZAS BY MYSELF. And I also ate a salad and dessert.

  • That fried egg burger looked really good. A few looked ok but the rest I'm not sure. Way too much mayo.

  • This is why i wanna be rich... I just wanna travel the world and vlog my experiences

  • Whyyyyy do people say "sandwich", its not a sandwich, its a burger! Americans.....

  • The differences in food quality between McD in USA and EU is like night and day. But the difference in food quality between McD in EU and Asia is like night and day another time over. The best Burger King i've ever had is in Asia, by a huge margin.

  • This man just spent 50$ at McDonald's. That's more than I'm willing to pay for a full course dinner.

  • I really should stop watching your videos. haha

  • This dude is living the life he gets to travel and eat and post it and make money

  • You really help me see all kinds of things cause really want to get out of the USA and go there

  • 3:40 "this is how burgers came at McDonald's in Korea in 1955" U SERIOUS? Right after the Korean War nobody was thinking about fkn McDonald's in Korea. How can you know sooo little about the history of a country you travel? The first McD in Korea opened in 1988 (ok, had to google that)

  • Aussie tips for eating giant burgers without a mess - hold the burger at the base (opposite side of where you bite) rather than the sides like a steering wheel.

  • He's making a lot more money from this video than the 50 dollars he spent there. smart investment

  • Every fast food is better outside of the united states lmao. it's not fair. I'm happy i got to try burger king and McDonald's in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines(cebu)

  • Why don't they have that in Canada!

  • Didn't think I'd enjoy watching someone else eat but hey I keep watching

  • How on earth do you manage to eat all that??!! Crazy

  • How amazing Korean McD show their calories there 😐

  • Strawberry ice cream and corn pie?!? 😳 korean McDonald's is like heaven

  • Them bro u spend like 20,000 on mcds

  • Pls tell me your secret on staying in shape after eating so much

  • Mikey you’re the best and my favorite keep up all the good work,that truffle burger looks so good and so did many others wish we could get them in California thank you so much 😊

  • S korea and Japan are the best countries ever.

  • 3:00 A What 😂😂?

  • Yummy! Cheers!

  • USA sucks!!!

  • This guy has some serious appetite

  • I am sure if I to and eat those burgers every day for a month, I am sure I will be packing 20 lbs extra, they look delicious and by just looking at this guy eating those burgers , my mouth gets watery so I stopped watching half of the video!! But I will be some day visiting those places and eat some delicious and fatty burgers!

  • 7:23 that burger looks legit

  • Wow, I thought the US had some crazy big fast food burgers, that chicken on beef Monster X seems insane to me!

  • This video just me so upset that McDonald's and Burger King sucks here

  • Asian Furious Pete

  • I wonder what his poop look like. He eats a ton.

  • Jo jackychan whats poppin

  • does cheng throws all that food away, or is he a bottomless pit in his stomach.

  • What kind of workout do you do, to stay in shape?


  • BK here in Korea is definitely better than McD's by a mile even though I don't enjoy neither lol

  • Are any of them dog? (;

  • all i could think of is why they don't server burgers with egg on it in the us at mcdonalds

  • Burger king preferred!

  • >>gets fries in sauce >>why arent fries crispy! lol

  • @5:52 eww that looks like someone blew a load in a hot pocket full of corn! but strangely i want to try it so what does that say about me as a person lmao good video man

  • How can you eat cold McDonalds?

  • It'd be cool if American companies have Americans the best stuff. From cars to fast food we get the short end of the stick.

  • Burger king dude

  • Do u actually eat so much food or simply through it away after few bites recorded...

  • In Hawaii growing up we had a fast food place, small town Oahu. The local fave was kimchee burger. Homemade locally raised Big Island grass fed beef made hamburger patties flat steel fried very well done (crispy brown edges), very thin patties, with slabs of kimchee in it rather than lettuce. Just straight meat and kimchee, nothing else at all between the bun. Back then, 20 CENTS each. That's right, 20¢ !!!! We always got four (80 cents). With Guava, orange juice, or fresh squeeze lemonade.

  • go to kfc

  • He looks like Jackie Chan at a young age. You are awesome. I like your Chanel. Keep going 🤗

  • Hey u did good getting rid of Dan.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👊 Sumthin bout him rubbed me the wrong way. The channel WAS. ALL. YOU. even when he was there.

  • Is it just me or should corn not be in desert

  • That Burger King menu looks very yummy! unlike our Burger Kings in the US.

  • I went to Korea in 2005 and had a shrimp burger at Lotte. Shrimp seems to be popular in Korea.

  • Five years ago, McDonald's in Korea was excellent. But now it is the worst fast food.

  • LoL all the burgers looks the same it’s just different names to it 😂

  • Burger king 💕 😍 the best

  • ONLY 50$!!! for the same thing its like 100 XD

  • Whoppers are the stuff of dreams

  • Those burgers are massive compared to South Africa XD

  • I really shouldn’t watch these before going to bed.

  • Ok , the food looks more creative in South Kora then it does in North American but just like any McDonald's , "FAKE MEAT" !!!!!! YUCK!!!!!! . MCD's is only good for there "ice coffees" and that's about it since im 99.9% sure that there ice coffees are made out of real coffee.

  • That much food wow, hey you should try burgundy beef stew truly tasty food boneless chuck eye is best.

  • My mom loves watching all the different foods she always smiling...

  • looks like someone creampied your cornpie.

  • i cant believe you prefer burger king over mcdonalds in general

  • I love these videos thanks. It's my thing too ... going to fast food places in a different location outside the US :)

  • It is amazing he eats so dang much! Usually I hate watching people eat, but the editing is wonderful, so that I feel like I am eating along, while getting an accurate description of the flavours...

  • Everyone is complaining about the American menu in McDonald’s but, you should come see the one in the UK 😒 There’s nearly nothing 😂

    • I was just thinking that, the UK Mcdonalds is TERRIBLE compared to this!

  • Burgeeerrrrrrr

  • Kind of an unfair comparison when you're bias comes into play. Regardless of the experience you'd always choose bk since that's what you prefer.

  • He go finish off a hot dog eating contest after this?

  • 7:53 are you ok bro ? 😄

  • I'm not sure whether it's just his habit or maybe physical issues, but for quite sometime, I've been noticing Mike walking wth his shoulders/body seesawing left and right. Just curious.


  • I’m gaining calories just watching you eat 😅

  • Which one do you like better McDonalds or Burger King? Me and my brother are having a debate on which one is better

  • Good job on the videos!

  • Truffle Fastfood? They don't even have that in Monaco!

  • Looking at him eating the burgers made me feel sick, too much food. No hate, love youuuu 😍

  • I NEVER TRIED Burger King

  • Mike what is this?! We want to see you eat in ANCIENT ALIEN fast food restaurants!! BEYOND SCIENCE FTW!!!

  • U should make a video without editing

  • how the hell you owned a car when you we were sooo poor

    • +peko bro car is a luxury when you are very poor

    • "Poor" is relative. Depends on who you talk to. Besides, you can buy a used car.

  • Yum

  • okay those burgers actually look like burgers we need to catch up

  • we had the 1955 at mcdonald in portugal, but not anymore

  • All the dislikes are from the people that suffer from food depression