Last Youtuber To Leave Wins $100,000 - Challenge

Publicado em 12 Dez 2018
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Danny Duncan -
Casper Lee -
Alex Ernst -
Mini Ladd -
Joogsquad -
Faze Rug -
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Faze Adapt -
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Everyone who came to compete in the video was extremely chill and it would mean a lot to me if you guys went and subbed to a couple of them.
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  • Fly me out let me in


  • Wait.. so who won?

  • why the fuck was alex there ahhahaa

  • Much better than BR-tv Rewind

  • Why?

  • I am dont playning fortnite

  • ALEX ♥

  • everyone got a shout out bahahah


  • WillNE = Best UK youtuber absolute madlad

  • I dont get it. It's just a bunch of dudes standing in a circle. But it is so entertaining to watch!

  • why is ricetrash in there

  • Aku mau duit

  • ricegum is g*y

  • those of you who say this is easy obviously have never worked a 16 hour shift before

  • Where's Christ

  • H He Hey Hey m Hey ma Hey man Hey man h Hey man ha Hey man hav Hey man have Hey man have a Hey man have a n Hey man have a ni Hey man have a nic Hey man have a nice Hey man have a nice d Hey man have a nice da Hey man have a nice day Hey man have a nice da Hey man have a nice d Hey man have a nice Hey man have a nic Hey man have a ni Hey man have a n Hey man have a Hey man have Hey man hav Hey man ha Hey man h Hey man Hey ma Hey m Hey He H

  • please do one where you choose some of your subscribers to go into a circle!

  • Hi

  • omg

  • Was I the only one that never knew that Joog was tfues brother

  • 0:00 It’s actually 13 BR-tvrs, but Ricegum made it easier for the other 12

  • The likes right now are 666k

  • Ricegum is such a CUNT

  • All the comments be saying”nobody wanted rice gum there” it was at his damn house of course the wanted him there. And he left first because he doesn’t need the money

  • Where 👏🏻 are 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 girls 👏🏻 at?!!!!!!!!

  • MrBeast asked how long u gonna be here and Danny Duncan said he has nothing to do this week or month 😂💀

  • This is what BR-tv should be👍

  • Ask Pyrocinical next time

  • Happy that Danny and Alex won

  • I wasn’t interested untip i saw will

  • who are those where my boy Anomaly Shroud Doc Tyler1 Greek?

  • .

  • Do a 24hour asmr challenge, where YOU do asmr for 24 hours straight, u wont

  • So really... Nobody won

  • Who won?

  • Austin! Ace family where you at?

  • 5:27

  • disappointed

  • The real battle royale

  • Will ne = []

  • *this is epic*

  • Mr beast I already am subscribed

  • How to get 1k sub?

  • WillNe’s got a square head Proper original joke am I right

  • "There still mortal enemies" I knew BR-tvrs were retarded, but damn learn how to spell.

  • The Best thing Ricegum has ever done

  • I don't have fortnite so idc if it gets deleted.

  • Avengers infinty war is the biggest cross over event of this year, no this

  • I wanna participate too 😞

  • i watched this while sitting down.

  • I am down to do it, impossibleminecraft and impossibletech

  • Why do people leave just stay man lol

  • Love how it’s mostly gamers then you have Danny Duncan and Alex Ernst LMAOO this is why I sub

  • Warning, Don't feed the wild BR-tvrs!

  • 23:09 STFU

  • Future challenges, no buy outs!

  • Craig! Nu T-T

  • U good will?

  • Briaaaaaan!

  • This selection gave me life

  • Follow my friends on instagram @Xakher

  • None of these guys need free money, that’s basically how they get their income

  • where is xayoo

  • teri sister ka fuda

  • Bruv why can’t I do this to win loads of money I need it more😂😂

  • That is much weight as me

  • 听不懂

  • what tfue is in and mini ladd whaaaa

  • Please tell me Alex wins

  • dannys gonna win

  • You should do the Sidemen now and see how long Vikk lasts before getting killed 💀💀

  • My question is... *How is he getting all this money*

  • 5:23 he was sitting down....

  • Gg on the trend

  • Where is KSI

  • dude i love alex so much

  • Joogsquad of tfue should have won

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  • This is the real yt rewind

  • Sub to me channel

  • why do they leave so fast? if that was me i would atleast last a month


  • What is beast ga g paupers at 12:26


  • Still waiting on my chance to win a wheelchair van Mr. B

  • They should do this w fans cuz every BR-tvr doesnt need it they just keep walking out. I mean its sponsored money. I mean he def doesnt have to have money involved or anything close to what he has here but it would be cooler to see fans doing this.

  • Yoooo fucking Danny Duncan 😂

  • Idk who this person is but they r my favorite person 2 ever exist 18:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂 He is so ded inside 😂😂😂😂

  • Biggest money

  • 5:25 Why he's sitting down

  • I wanted mini to win rip

  • 12MIL!!!!

  • Danny Duncan was forsure winning anyway lol

  • 13:50 joogsquad rocking that Chris chann merch!

  • I am rewatching this over and over this is one of the best collaborative videos available on BR-tv everyone

  • U good Will?

  • 13:48 nice voice crack bro