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Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
As a young New York couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, the unexpected twists of their journey create reverberations that echo over continents and through lifetimes in Life Itself. Director and writer Dan Fogelman (“This Is Us”) examines the perils and rewards of everyday life in a multigenerational saga featuring an international ensemble including Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Olivia Cooke, Sergio Peris- Mencheta, Laia Costa, Alex Monner and Mandy Patinkin. Set in New York City and Carmona, Spain, Life Itself celebrates the human condition and all of its complications with humor, poignancy and love.
Music: “Little Giant” by Roo Panes
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Life Itself - Official Trailer | Amazon Studios
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  • This film is awesome. Please watch it.

  • good job thirteen

  • Knew it looked horrible from first viewing the trailer and low and behold!....

  • This is a real trailer, not giving out the story but very interesting.

  • I watched this last night and was mesmerized by the storyline, the actors, the depth of the writing. I was blown away! Best thing I've seen so far on Prime.

  • I watched it today,strange that the bus driver was never mentioned in terms of dealing with the drama....

  • A brilliant, beautiful film. Was shocked to hear it got bad reviews. It really will make you reevaluate your life. Did for me.

  • That was so cute “ I’m waiting for the right moment because when I ask you out there is no turning back for me”

  • WORTH AN OSCAR!!!! BEST STORY, BEST SCRIPT, BEST PERFORMANCE!!!! BEST MONTAGE!! AWESOME!!!! Its the Type of Movie like Crash (Paul Haggis)

  • I’m glad I watched it. Thank you.

  • "He loved his wife with an intensity usually reserved for stalkers,"

  • attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed

  • I went to watch this with my girlfriend just because we liked the film starring lady gaga and Brad Cooper a star is born and we thought something that well made and well told couldn’t be matched but this is definitely up there with one of the best romantic films I’ve seen, I’d recommend it to anyone.

  • Ok so my boyfriend and I picked this movie because we thought it was gonna be a nice relaxing romcom. WRONG. First off, let me start by saying we loved it. It's about love and family, life's twists and turns and the butterfly effect. But be warned, there's a ton of death in the movie and one in particular came without any warning and triggered me pretty hard. So that sucked. It wasn't at all what we thought it was gonna be, but it was beautiful

  • Oscars got a couple good scenes in this, and then it just turns into a lifetimey cheese fest.

  • This movie broke my fucking heart

  • My wife and I loved this movie.

  • This is a great movie and really hits you in the end. Highly recommend

  • beautiful movie...........................

  • I cried my eyes out from the beginning of the movie...

  • Ok so months later I finally watched this movie....dont read my comment bc if contains spoilers. Again SPOILER ALERT!!! This movie really tried soooooo hard to be philosophical but failed. Miserably. Perhaps to ppl who arent deep thinkers, this movie may have resonated with them but if you already think deeply about and entertwine works of art/music with life, then this movie was, quite simply LAME AF. This movie is wrapped around a Bob Dylan song and by the end of it, it pretty much detaches itself from it. I lost ALL interest the minute Mrs Olivia Wilde stated her thesis. Perhaps I have an attention disorder but that segment there was just, to be all dramatic, DISRESPECTFUL to the entire film. The woman stated the entire plot of the movie and so there was basically no point in watching anymore. If anything the thesis should have never been stated and then the audience would have seen for themselves the whole shabangle ab heroes vs villians and "narration." The second issue I had with this film was that YEARS WERE GOING BY AND YET EVERYONE LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE FROM THE SAME TIME PERIOD. HOW SWAY? JUST HOW????!!!! Lastly, the segment when the grandaughter of Abbey says the dialogue of the dying, spanish-speaking Isabel was a moment that "needed no translation" BUT THEN THEY PROCEED TO TRANSLATE WHAT SHE SAYS TO ENGLISH

  • I just finished this movie. Guess who cried like a baby

  • I saw the movie and i couldn't stop thinking about it 😭❤


  • Wow the movie was so much darker than the trailer...

  • Amazing movie

  • So sad , Cried through most of this movie , so if you don't like tear jerkers don't watch it , but if you do get box of tissues and a lot of water so you don't dehydrate ! : (

  • Beautiful movie ❤

  • Lovely

  • Whoa, I just finished watching this movie and it is amazing! If you're a fan of "This Is Us," you will be a fan of "Life Itself." This movie made me tear up a bit. It's super great, and I truly recommend it.

  • “I may not be equipped to be loved this much.” Ugh.... 🤢🤮 Movies like this exist solely to make you cry so you can then tell everyone on Facebook “I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!”

  • Watching it now and this trailer is really misleading, I mean, not in a bad way because I started watching and was immediately surprised. The movie itself is good so far, and just not what you expect from this trailer.

  • "Watched it and I must say I did not at one point shed a tear" -Pinocchio

  • At 1:35 I see a poster of Why Don’t We ❤️❤️❤️ any limelights ❤️

  • Did anyone see this movie? Do u recommend it?

  • yup writers of this is us im here for it

  • LIFE!!!

  • 1:35 the wdw sticker

  • I love!!! 😍😍😍

  • Another two: offensively lame

  • One word: insipid

  • Such a sad movie but good overall

  • I've just seen it and it was amazing .I love it ❤

  • She dies grandparents raise the baby and he writes stories

  • This is a film that you need to see more than once. It is overwhelming and the plot is so cleverly constructed that you need to see it again to understand it properly. Fascinating how Dan Fogelman shows the impact on people's life for generations due to one little mistake of a little boy in the bus. So cleverly constructed. And the last scene is the most touching, whereby the mother says to her son that the only thing that matters in life is love, giving it and receiving it and that carries for generations to come. And that is life, and that is the only thing that we all need and want, just love.

  • *Good Actors But Stupid Movie*

  • I thought this movie was incredible. Very well done...

  • No me gusta esta pelicula. Es demasiado cliché.

  • Vomit. Too much virtual signaling.

  • I would DIE for this movie

  • Love this film. The way he feels for her is the way I feel for my special lady Laena 💜👑🤘✌🌷

  • this is not only about mourning and mortality, it’s also about life and how love makes us actually immortals. This changed my life and my perception about myself and people i love, that masterpiece shows every type of love and it gives strength to deal rightly with social darwinism which lives with our choices. Now i can see life in a more simple way and i can see how it’s incredibly beautiful.

  • That's not a very good trailer was it

  • It was a great movie but you have to be at a certain point in life to get it!!!

  • Amazing movieee

  • This movie is amazing. A heartbreaking journey that threw me on the floor, but it was totally worth it. First thing I did when I left the theater was calling my mom to tell how much I love her. This movie needs to be seen...

  • Too much lovey-dovey.

  • What's the name of Bob Dylan's album?

    • Elton Júnior Time out of mind - 1997

  • its not on amazon prime india

  • I really love Olivia Wilde. Always and forever a fan

  • Please don't judge this movie from the trailer..If you consider warching this movie , you should definitely watch it. It may seem like your typical love story but it's nothing like that. Great story, good actors and important message. It's lovely and romantic but at the same time raw and heart breaking.

  • This movie was HORRIBLE! The trailer doesn’t depict the movie accurately whatsoever. So depressing & hard to watch

  • І watсhеd уestеrdaу іn full HD quаlіty аt this wеbsite: *рlushd. іnfo*

  • Will Oscar win the oscar?

  • more shittie movies

  • According to this movie, you have to get married and have children, otherwise you're not living life.

  • 👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Phenomenal movie that the critics got wrong!

  • This looks emotionally rough...can smeone please spoil, I just don't have the emotional stamina to sit through this entire movie....please...o.0

  • Sorry poe... there's still a long long way to go.. enjoy the fall though, you'll eventually hit bottom.

  • Can SOME1 give me a link where can i watch this one?

  • This looks SO emotional, I think I'll wait until my winter break to watch it lol.

  • Just the begining scenes of the trailer make me want to see it.

  • where and when can i see this film?

    • i saw it using boxxy software just downloaded the app also it's work perfect on your TV, smartphone or PC and it is for free

  • ok how do you watch it though? is it available? been scouring the internet because I've not found one trace to buy it .

  • Hahahahaha the movie was straight up garbage and got shitty reviews #supertrash

  • Incredible movie! To be honest, it doesn't matter what the critics say - everyone's opinion is different than others. I saw this trailer before it came out and saw it on the opening weekend and my wife and I walked out of the theater with a different look on life. My question to those who refuse to see this, solely due to the opinions of others, is - why? We are all wired differently, if this trailer intrigues you - than go and see it! Listen to your soul!

  • All everyone ever wants is to live a life they want to live. Whether they get labeled a "villain or a hero " is up to the world. We can choose how we live from the options presented to us. We can either choose to make it better in the best way by either loving life or hating it. We shape who we are, in the best way we can.

  • I have no idea what this movie is about, someone help me out here. The trailer was beautiful but I didn’t get the plot

  • 1:32 the feels

  • The trailer is actually magnificent. Quite rare. The movie itself is impeccable.

  • is this a nice movie?

    • yes, it is. i watched it with my girlfriend. we used boxxy software and enjoyed it with english subtitle

  • I thought the movie was good, I could see why others may not but thought it was in some parts so cheesy that was it cute but im also a sucker soo

  • I hope the film isn’t an hour and half.

  • You know it’ll be good when this is us is involved

  • My heart is broken. It was such an unexpected journey, I've cried last 10 minutes and now, sitting at home and rewatching this trailer, I can't find right words in my head. Just go to the cinema, you must see this❤

  • this movie should have played longer. I watched it wants and it was just so many things.. and seems to be spontaneously. written as a rough draft n used immediately.. awesome movie and unique .. never seen. one like this... but yea great it was.. anyways came back to watch it with a frien but stopped playing. sux.. wish it played longer.. because this one is one of those that u can watch again and again.

  • I was at the premiere

  • ad brought me here and oscar isaac

  • I was wondering if this move came out yet, then I saw it was yanked from the theaters already. I then saw it 11% rating and massive money loss. Hmmm I guess Oscar and Olivia couldn't save it.

  • God i cant wait this movie....

  • The 1 good line came from Olivia Wilde’s character. But I also walked out of it. Was flat, manipulative and you won’t have any sympathy for the main male who tells his wife’s story in such a 2d way. Wish it had been better but it just comes across as really forced and pretentious.

  • Romance stories are just too mushy for me.

  • Was excited when I saw "THIS IS US," but clearly the writers aren't the same. This dialogue is OVERCOOKED: sounds as if the actors are reading greeting cards, not speaking like actual people.

  • You guys need to see this movie. It'll move you more than any movie ever has. I cried so hard. Everyone always needs a good cry about the horror of LIFE ITSELF.

  • I loved this movie

  • So I came out of the movies after watching this great movie and then I see critics naming it, one of the worst of 2018. I think critics need to do all us a favor; go to a corner and be quiet. This movie was awesome.

    • No, It wasn't

    • This movie was beautiful. I loved it.

    • Daniel Gonçalves right?! Critics are so stupid! I absolutely loved this movie.

  • This is us feels!

  • Too bad I heard this is a horrible movie, was really excited for an amazing movie ... But this is an amazingly cut trailer and knowing all the big moments, the scene with the mom is very foreshadowing and very sad ...

  • Feels a bit pretentious