Locked out of my House

Publicado em 10 Fev 2019
two idiot dont make a smart

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D hope you get into your house, whenever you leave


  • Is ari named ari because you used to live In ARI- zona

  • Where do you live in CA

  • Want some love ❤️?

  • jaiden: *burps unnoticeably* me: *burps the shit out of this world*

  • why does this sound like something I would do T-T



  • 4:16 dat voice crack tho xd

  • No entiendo nada pero por suerte te entendi en un fandub que encontre, por cierto me agradas mucho yyy probablemente no me entiendas pero bueno no importa😁

  • Uber… The US is a crazy place man

  • Oh look it's animal crossing

  • hi i am the one who you play animal jam whit i am : hanu64

  • do u play skyrim

  • 0:18 Is That A 737

  • Gotta love the skyrim references

  • 5:49 THERE JOHNY

  • is your name really Jaiden?

  • Are you looking for animators??

  • 3:27 Ah I love you so much

  • You have a SECRET DOOR!?

  • 1:28 what?! Jajaja

  • i

  • *mommy mommy look, a dirty homeless girl* Me: the only thing unrelatable is the gender :)

  • 6:14 Please tell me that's not Sans...

  • Jaiden everyone seen your face so stop it

  • Y’know it snowed in some parts of Arizona •_• right after you moved

  • You know you should give a shoutout to cows, because cows are awesome, because milk, cheese, and hamburgers are awesome

  • Help FUCKING Pewdiepie

  • Help Pewdiepie

  • PewDiePie needs your help!

  • I'm pretty sure jaid'n would have slept longer than 17 hours

  • *Day 65 of asking Jaiden to host Meme Review*

  • 4:26 it’s Albert!

  • *happy late birthday-*

  • My birthday is September 20

  • 3:27 **Burp**

  • Rajesh is an Indian name :D

  • I almost spent 24 hours without sleep and 10 hours and 40 mins without food all because i dont like breckfast and forgot lunch money

  • Just put a spare key under an object outside.And make sure no one sees you do it.And do it under a rock in the yard or something,maybe a safe under a sewer grate,or just under the welcome mat you probably have.

  • I love your vids jaiden

  • Aaaaaa

  • I got an Ari plushie for my birthday also it's my birthday today

  • Happy birthday jaiden animations

  • 4:17 *voice crack* Calm down jaiden...

  • Gotta love that burp in the middle of the story

  • Wow I just watched your video about Vidcon in Europe.Go in Serbia,and then we are going to talk about 9 year old (from bro army)smacking the fucking keyboard.Huh,but fuck,we don't have Vidcon,we have shity Balkan-Tube fest.And I'm not about to take a picture with some Baka Prase.Fuck Balkan,god why I don't live somewhere else.Kill me.

  • Happy birthday

    • She said that it was in September u idiot.

  • two idiot dont make a smart

  • Dunno how ppl do not sleeping for 24 hrs and then sleep for 15 hrs... How do ppl do that? I stayed awake for 38 hrs and just go to sleep for 8 hrs, 10 hrs tops -,-? How do ppl sleep for 15 hrs or more? That is amazing I mean how do you

  • 1:11 i thought that was my friend calling me and got exited

  • Jaiden............. fight t series

  • Why am I watching this video... what am I doing with my life I need to be doing homework I am loosing brain cells from this video idk what is going on anymore she sounds very... drunk/sleepy

  • Y didnt u enter through the WINDOWS!

  • My birthday is 10 days before yours but I'm much younger im 9

  • 4:16 oof voice crack BUT HE WAS JUST SiTtInG tHeRe

  • 3:35 Spongebob *INTENSIFIES*

  • 2:03 Here is a bunch of money yA yEeT

  • 5:06 illusion 100

  • She should of just say I sorry I’ve been on a long flight and didn’t know that wasn’t me home lmao

  • Try saying I like cops without ur lips touching :P

  • go to finland and make animation of that cuz i live in finland and i wanna know how bad are u reading finnish text

  • *44 is a bad number*

  • You know there’s a place called obergurgle

  • 3:30 Jaiden burped

  • Jaiden is the one BR-tv *everyone* is subscribed to!

  • I would have just slept in the yard, using my bag as a pillow. Yup no shame

  • 🤔🤔what

  • Happy late birthday 🙂🙂🙂ehe

  • Cool

  • At least it took way longer for you to get back to your cartoon outfit to conceal your appearance. If only LsMark made a video of how he attempt many times to steal your outfit and lock it away. Just for the revenge that you belittled him for hiding behind a cartoon.

  • You're worth something.

  • Oh man dude...this sounds like exactly something I would do...actually I’m pretty sure it is something I’ve done...yay.

  • Hi, I'm Sadex I'm from Ecuador. I recently came across your videos and although my English is really bad, I really love your style and your humor. And then ... keep it up, I'll support you. n.n/


  • who noticed the license plate on the ubers car that says "yeet"

  • Birthday 9/27

  • What the fuck 17 hours is crazy but nice story I’m so like your Chanel ! 😋

  • If I’m being honest, I’m the kind of person that would do the same thing. XD

  • at 3:27 did u burb????????😂

  • Lol 1:41

  • Thanks for the skyrim references!!!

  • Look to the left at 7:40

  • This video looks like 20 - 30 fps. How hard was this? It looks like at least a few hundred hours of work. (Btw your LS is amazing.)

  • Why are your story’s so basic and terrible

  • joder si eso me pasa yo me muero XD

  • Flash Player is going away in 2020

  • Was that a Valkyrie Cam in the secret door?

  • is that a jo jo reference?

  • If there is a garage, then wouldn't there be a code to open the garage from the outside, therefore letting you into the house?

  • Am i the only one who knows thats Skyrim?

  • happy b day :)

  • My name is Jayden and I had the same problem

  • Come back rajesh!!!!! 1:40

  • JAIDEN!!!! I’m wanting to go to vidcon and I hope your there because I have a 60% chance of going and I really wanna meet you cuz ur ma fav BR-tvr

  • If your locked out why don’t u just lock in

  • Hey Jaiden I am making a piece of writing about you and who you are since I can't think of anyone else

  • *how do you map out video lengths?*

  • Jaiden have you whatch your music video? Its called "its okay" you should whatch it

  • 0:23 when you think that the drive home from the airport is a few minutes away 0:24 but when you open the map you realize it’s actually a 10 hour drive there

  • Watching this video was like looking in a mirror.