Making fun of people.

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  • weird seeing you wearing the same shirt that I wear

  • This dude needs more than 10 mil... Mr Beast?

  • i love the fact you took time to think about that man and his struggle before making fun of him. Thank you Casey we need that, i needed that.

  • been a while since i watced your videos. still the same casey, still spreading positivity. Love what you're doing!

  • Wow. I’m grateful living in Los Angeles

  • Learn how to talk properly then make fun of people 😐

  • How is casey taking the E train? he said he hates subways.

  • Hey Casey and everyone else. I agree on not judging people for anything. But what about people who hate? For example confederate flag supporters or natzi supporters. Is it our duty to judge them and tell them how we and others think of them?

  • Hi, Casey.. it has been a long time since Candace & your cute baby daughter appear in your Vlog. Next Vlog can you have a family reunion or outing day please! Appreciate ☺🙄

  • Cool jacket, anybody know what it is?

  • Casey you are awesome !!!

  • "THAT is called (((nepotism)))" Casey, you're disgusting both inside and out. You people just can't help yourselves, can you? The day of the rope can't come sooner.

  • Who else were not listening at 6:00 but watching the cameras behind casey. ♻️

  • @7:08 is that dude wanna be seen or not? Camo with fluo t-shirt lol

  • I don't know why but that made me cry. I feel so bad for him. He was just trying his best..

  • Anyone know what jacket that is at min 1:13?

  • Poor guy! Hey Casey! Haven’t watched in a a while. New board?? Like the wheels

  • heeey I wan to get a tattoo, and the link is not working. Is it over naahhh

  • When my wife gets frustrated with other people for what ever reasons, and she knows, but I always remind her than people behave in certain ways for reasons that you're not aware of. You only have to self reflect on your own behaviours to come up with reasons why you react to others or behave in certains ways, why would anyway one else be different?

  • He threw his filth all over the shared space of the train when he was done, he deserved the contempt. Nice job skipping that bit.

  • What do we learn people? Don't fucking film random people and post it online


  • Can you record a video with a youtuber called merakio? He Lives in argentina and he loves you, i hope that you will read mi, thanks

  • Maybe we can help that man out

  • Maybe there is a way we can that man

  • Golden rule it works!

  • Amazing to see how you just allways stay in that humble rythm, I have to watch motivational videos every morning, or I'll fall back into watching youtube all day and not doing anything for school

  • I was just told about your channel from a friend that told me that you help out small channels like mine even if you never help me or even notice any of my comments or me I want to tell you thank you so much you're a special kind of person there are so many horrible people that start off small like we did or like me I'm still small Channel but I want to tell you thank you thank you thank you I can't say thank you enough for helping out small channels like mine you don't know how much it means like I said even if you never help me you don't know how much it means to know that a big BR-tvr is trying to help us small channels you're an amazing man and an amazing father from what I'm seeing so I'm definitely subscribing to your Channel and I will watch every video to help you support your Channel

  • So true Casey. Love your video!

  • you are the best :)

  • casey, merakio te ama

  • I love this guy. all your videos are excellent. and they help me every day more and not only to me to all who loves to make videos. I just started my BR-tv channel with my family and their videos help me to follow.

  • shirts sold out DX

  • An alltta intro!!!!! YESSSSSS

  • Missing you Dan!!!

  • Casey, I can't stop looking at you. you're cool 🤗🤩

  • He is so good at story telling

  • Wise words Mr. Neistat

  • He can still be in the videos why not have a Skype chat and put that in one of videos

  • Really enjoyed this video, love the message you're sending about judging people and biases we have. Keep up the outstanding work!!

  • Hope he's gonna live with hapiness everyday.

  • Hi Casey! I often look at your vlogs,you good man. Let's be friends. Alex.

  • Good work man Well done I have a question for you Why is NEW YORK called the"big apple"

  • sosi byldigy

  • Nice to see Casey using iStat Menus!

  • Hi Casey. Love what you do for the community of BR-tv. There is a guy that needs your help. His name is Max Yuryev, one of the best tech review guys on youtube with 114K subscribers. BR-tv has demonitised his channel and won't tell him why. With your connections could you help him out? I don't know Max and have no affiliation with him. I just enjoy his honest non biased reviews and people like him and yourself make youtube great. We need more people like Max on BR-tv creating.

  • What camera do you take with you to vlog when you run and boost board? Sincerely, A very new vlogger that really looks up to your content!

  • wow this was going to be a hate comment and a thums dow in tel now i put a thums up people *NEVER JUDGE*

  • 0:20 Jersey City!

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • Casey for President 🇺🇸

  • Casey, I’ve watched your channel for over a year. I am a 3rd grade teacher who just handled a class issue of bullying and gossip. I saw this vid, showed the part about you NOT retweeting the viral vid. My class now started today on a negative note and one of my kids said “don’t retweet!” Everyone is now saying this phrase when they hear anything negative or mean! I had a few guest kiddos in my class as well and as soon as they learned this phrase they were on board! WOW I’m thrilled that those few minutes of your message rang true to 44 3rd graders! Cheers to you. MRS. FUN.

  • positivity

  • I don’t think Dan enjoyed working in New York. I’m glad he followed his heart and went back to Cape Town.

  • so still using those bose ?

  • Thanks for this Casey…right, some people just have hard times and for various reasons. Honestly bro, when I watch your channel, it's so well thought out and cool that I realize i'm no where near your abilities and I feel humbled when i think i'm all that. Embarrassing to admit, but for what it's worth, i'm glad you have depth in your world.

  • I live in capetown

  • That’s not very nice

  • I think you just caught a lightning bolt of camera

  • IMFUCKING LOVE THE FACT THAT CASEY STOPPED VLOGGING beacause these vlogs have such meaning behind them and always have a lesson and moral inside them now, much love Casey

  • That’s not judge, that’s pre-judge. Judge is good, pre-judge is not.

  • The moral isn't don't judge... it's judge fairly

  • Great video Casey and I love the message

  • Awesome message Casey thank you

  • I’m from nyc and he s very different in person# notsofriendly. Be nice casey


  • you put so much impact on the world, thanks for sharing about this man. he deserves the best and respect. difference brings attention. people think it's funny bc they have all they ever would want but deep down you always have to think twice.

  • Hi! With what software you editing your bloggers? Thank you!

  • he shouldve helped or at least find the homeless guy

  • Yo did you guys see him wearing the сука Блядь hat

  • Gotta get that gopro hero 7 to take care of that shaky video at the beginning 👌

  • The homeless guy flinged dirty possibly bloody shaving cream across the seat. There are public restrooms with sinks everywhere in NYC train-stations. This is pure laziness and is disgusting.

  • dans full of SHIT

  • It’s so easy to just fall into the trend of judging others and we all know how bad it is but have a tendency to allow it to different degrees. I love your honesty about your first reaction to what you saw and realization that you’re no better than that man, just on a different path! Thank you for always keeping it real!

  • how come women can do their make up on the train and no one bats and eyelid but one guy shaving and hes all over social media

  • Tote ca tote dar daca te futea in cur?

  • You're a good man! Bless your heart! (And I don't mean it in the passive aggressive southern way) Keep it up my brotha.

  • Dan is a beasstt ... come backk Dannn !!!!!

  • Faith in humanity +1

  • найс

  • Not having it. Are there public toilets in New York? At subway stations?

  • *Peace & Love*


  • Casey should we all clip our toenails in public now to get empathy? Come on dude.

  • Sorry Casey there is a time and place for most things and shaving on the subway in your seat is completely IDIOTIC....go to any bathroom and do it there Shlup. Get out a here with the "judging" BS....he should be judged and ridiculed.

  • 👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️💙

  • Can't you see how fucking arrogant your video is ???

  • Tattoes¿? Really? This is 21st century you know not the stone age

  • This is absolutely the best thing ever. Insanely long time viewer of your videos Casey Keep it up man. (This is my 5th youtube channel subbed to you)

  • Dan is wierd!

  • Congratulation on 10m subscribers bro! You deserve it

  • Finally a real and responsible influencer making good of their reach.

  • Tbh i just miss the old Casey Intro Musics' . The ones before 368

  • You are a good guy, Casey. Lots of love, J.

  • Am i the only one that prefers rain over a sunny day? Im not depressed or anything; i just like it

  • What camera is he useing in this video?

  • Just found you on what you do...keep it up

  • THINK.. THINK & Think, some more. Nothing is wrong with making FUN of people, folks. Wit and sarcasm saved America from melting down to a popcorn slug. The homeless use to be HOBO's who traveled freely and chose to live that way and at worst, taught people to be responsible.. Is this more of NY wealth guilt? Casey, you don't look too guilty to me. You took nothing and made something, now you have to stay one step ahead of those who would suggest you are , oooooo GREEDY. I love people, but I learned a VALUABLE lesson in the 60's.. You have to love yourself first, you have to be wealthy first, you have to be first, before you have anything worth giving. Heard any good Pollock jokes lately?

  • I love your videos like this one...Good msg and using your platform to teach and reach millions...thank you!

  • Loved that video, thanks. Never judge, great message that hopefully will spread.