Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

Publicado em 18 Set 2018
Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.
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  • This is the worst Marvel movie trailer I've probably ever seen. Any takers?

  • Is that Dr. Aphra at 0:23, 0:24?

  • Wow this Will be biggest flop ever!!

  • Your right about the actress . But i still would enjoy the story line. We all know Captain Marvel should be a little tough looking but hot .

  • This movie will come out and change everyone's comments. Lol. Just watch.

  • go to aquaman trailer better 1 million times and shazam trailer better 1000 times

  • Is this a DC trailer?

  • Everyone is complaining but this seems quite cool to me.

  • whhaatttt???? is she gonna save the universe..???? brrruuhhhhh....

  • Cant wait for this movie!!!!!!!!!

  • Why’d she punch the old lady for?

  • The more I watch this the better I like it. I think the reason while many people(me included) feel sceptical/ambiguous about it is that we are in a post-Avengers Infitinity War era. That movie was so colossal and epic, the culmination of 10 years MCU, that everything after it seems less. I think this movie is going to kick ass. Can't wait to come out!

  • Meh...

  • the trailer over yet? 😴

  • im not going to judge the character or movie yet but everybody watching this know dam well it looks like one of those fan made trailers for movies that never come out

  • Bey bey Thanos 😂😂😂😂😂

  • thanos is going to get his ass kicked.

  • always the same schematic, a new hero, an enemy, oh let's fight, telling unfunny jokes, omg a post credit scene

  • Hay que desastre

  • 1:27 "A Hero" *shows scene of her punching an old lady* This is a joke i don't know whether she hit a skrull in disguise or just hit an old lady

  • 2 EYES!!! HE HAS 2 EYES!!!

  • Good shit

  • *How marvel ripped off superman and wasn't even subtle about it*

  • Hm... didn't particularly like the trailer. The editing sucked. Let's hope the movie is gonna be better.

  • This trailer was so boring

  • I'm totally dazed, did she just punch an elder? 😐🤔

  • Yawn..

  • Coulsin!!! I know it’s set in the past, but... COULSIN!!!

  • I’m hyped

  • So it's a woman who may or may not be from Earth with the superpower of looking mildly surprised when particle effects are happening around her.


  • grandma messing with da wrong girl HAHAHAHAH, I LAUGHED SO HARD

  • this actress is to dull for character like captian marvel even the air force uniform dosnt suit her personality..


  • To all, the people complaining, I do admit it's not as good as many others but It's only the first one. I'm still excited for this movie. Also, stop comparing this to Infinity War. Also, no, I'm not a feminist. Just an actual marvel fan.

  • I wish I had read the comics for her because I really want to know more before this comes out, she actually interests me

  • Rip blockbuster

  • 45% of comments about 1:30, 45% about the casting choice, 10% actual hype :(

  • Looks kinda trash nothing to pull me in the theaters to watch it

  • Junk

  • Passable, doesn't look like this movie is gonna sit beside the other recent marvel flicks.

  • This is the Superman of Marvel ?????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This was dull. Captain Meh.

  • is this a spinoff or smt because captain marvel is a guy in the comics

  • *marvel fans screeche violently*


  • Not really excited for this at all tbh

  • trash

  • looks good

  • Its about time!!!!!!!!

  • Looks worse than Shazam

  • smashers trailer is better than this shit

  • Maybe they can’t show a lot of the scenes because it would spoil who’s a skrull? I honestly don’t know. Things aren’t looking too good so far.

  • bree is only paid half as much as a man, so zhe gives half the emotions and facial expressions

  • That blockbuster at the beginning tho

  • Was that Piccolo?? lol jk

  • This looks like it will be incredible! The soundtrack so far is incredible, her suit looks incredible and I’m jus really interested to see her story!!

  • you cant put this type of music on a trailer if you dont put in some hype scenes, it falls flat on its nose.

  • It’s just so sad that the most memorable part of this trailer is the blockbuster scene

  • It's like a fan made trailers. Hope the movie not dissapointing.

  • Oh HELL yeah if been waiting for this


  • The worse trailer oficial of Marvel history

  • For Marvel fans that don’t like this character because she’s not as “well known” or “iconic”, you’re gonna hate Phase 4.

  • Looks interesting. A little bit like an agents of shield movie with a bigger more powerful character but it’s kind of different looking with the setting, plot and characters in the 90s and with Culson back. She looks fairly ... static? Stoic? Something about her lack of expression... but that could be because she’s a soldier and conditioned to be more hardened for war. I don’t know much about the Kree stuff people are talking about so... by the way aren’t the Skrulls also involved with the FF??

  • 1:40 who is that

  • Toppem

  • Unimpressed with their choice of actress :( she's too quiet and shy for this role 😭

  • im sorry but i can't accept a women as superhero... sigh..

  • Thanks logan for the comment on my video

  • This is just a teaser trailer.

  • I think some of yall hit your heads lol. This movie will be great and be strong glue for the entire MCU especially infinity war!

  • 1:30 THAT'S NOT NICE!

  • Super dislike :v

  • To quote a comment from somewhere for those who criticises Brie Larson for being emotionless, read this: Brie Larson already have said in a interview that Carol struggles between her Kree side, that is a emotionless soldier focused only in her mission, and her Human side, that is funny and reckless, so stop whining that she only have one expression in her face.

    • And to see all these negative comments mostly on the top while the like-dislike ratio is totally fine, something doesn't add up.

  • Meh

  • Aquaman, Shazam trailers r best compare to this.⚡⚡⚡ And ya, Wonder Woman 84 is coming.✌️✌️✌️

  • Green Lentern + Captain America =Captain Marvel

  • Jesus that costume looks like shit

  • she looks like a young amy poehler

  • OMG can’t wait!!!!! 😁😁

  • i'm gonna watch it for the blockbuster cameo

  • Most powerful person in Marvel Universe

  • She's cool i think. I think you should give this actor a chance, like wintersoldier, black panther or other actors

  • I know it won't happen, but I will be spending every second of this movie hoping for Rogue to show up and clamp her hands down on Carol, or for Mystique to show up. (For those of you who don't know, the rival of Carol Danvers--the former Ms. Marvel--is Mystique, a mutant featured in the X-Men comics and movies. Their rivalry peaked when Mystique forced her daughter, Rogue, who can absorb superhuman abilities through touch, to grab hold of Carol, draining her powers and putting her in a coma. Would have been an EXCELLENT way to explain her being gone for all these years.)

  • Soo y'all are going to act like Nova Prime is not going to be in this movie aka Richard Rider

  • If the trailer is this boring.. How bad is the actual movie? 🤔

  • The trailer is suck. Hope the movie makes me happy

  • Gotta love how they obviously time the setting by having her fall into a Blockbuster Video star. That's just classic.

  • Stoked about captain marvel but the blockbuster at the beginning took my mind off it

  • Mr.stark I don't feel so good 😓😥

  • O boy.....that was not good...

  • S K R U L L B O I S

  • What people see: Yeah, looks ok to me| What i see: HOLY SHIT, COULSON!

  • Kind of bland , but it's the first trailer.

  • People too busy hating on the trailer of this prequel film, they forget to mention the appearance of Phil Coulson, younger and with more hair (closer to the end of the trailer). Always good to see Phil. :)

  • I Trust In The MU, Even If There Isn't Another Trailer After This One. With How Tom Holland Who Looked Like He Wouldn't Crack It As Spiderman, Absolutely Murdered It In CW. By The Trailer Half Kree Or Not, I'm Honestly Not Impressed. But Know I Will Be After The Movie, Everybody Else Who Shares My View. Let's Do Ourselves A Favour And Remember How Tom Holland Owns The Part Of Spidey Now. And Not Embarrass Ourselves Over A First 2 Minute Trailer

  • it’s just not as exciting as i thought it would be but i’m still excited to see it

  • Let’s goooooooooooooooo

  • Lmfao when the old woman smiles at her and she punches her in the face