Matt Whitaker's History Of Time-Travel, Toilets & Bigfoot

Publicado em 15 Nov 2018
To say that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was a snake oil salesman would be to leave out the other items from his catalogue, like toilets for the well-endowed and the concept of time-travel.
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  • Holly crap batman! I want a time traveling toilet too!

  • Although its a little awkward for anybody to speak about "BigFoot" as if they are a reality and have no evidence to prove their existence, it is equally bad form to claim they do not exist as if you are an expert on the subject. The only logical answer to the "Bigfoot question" is,"I do not have evidence one way or the other." Stranger creatures have been discovered, only recently we've discovered the Batang Orangutan. I don't believe you are funny when your simply mocking somebody when the truth is we just do not know one way or the other. But i guess its funny to mock the things we don't understand. Masking and/or distracting others from noticing our ignorance. Oh..., OK.

  • That’s not even close to how hormones or fertility work.

  • Freedom from religion is why we came here. Anyone who tries to inject a god into public affairs should be sentenced to six months in a Muslim community.

  • min. 4:07... and how did this proverbial "bigfoot", help the community? was he hiding all the time, and scaring the children with his appearance? is that considered HELP?

  • Constitution was a product of the WICKED age of reason or enlightenment.

  • This Late Night Talk Show is WORSE THEN C-SPAN!!!!

  • WTF? Biblical...whatever happened to separation of church and state? Believe what you want but keep your faith to yourself !!!

  • I have never seen stephen as clever and on point in his delivery as in the Matt whitaker piece

  • Good stuff Jon Baptiste with the street fighter song.

  • now it makes sense why trump appoint Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general

  • I'm confused. Sounds like a normal toilet to me. How high is the water in your weird American toilets?

  • I'm not even all that big but the "manly toilet" is something I've been wishing for for years.

  • Stick to making fun of idiot TRUMP ...this is why i subscribed...u do the funniest impression ever

  • Nobody hires the best people better than Donald J. Trump. Believe me, it’s true. Nobody, that I can tell you.

    • Yeah but, he had to drain the swamp to find'em.

  • @5:38 hadouken!

  • And in the end, Jesus flushes both Whitaker and Bigfoot down the toilet. Good call from the Big Man himself! J.C. don't like ugly!

  • I think we all love time travelling Bigfoot!!! I need that damn toilet!

  • 嗯,,,知道了,是羅伯仿虎豹狮,树侠失職而危害庇特天使众可能性,,,。 但,,,不能打鸽子或打压旧佬,不然会邪教撕走,,,。 就像天使光臨或从床下冒出捉走或床脚拉走,,,而冒出來的,鴿子会怕而飞走,,,。 就醬子,,,。 而東秦王会助太空中心研出浮空卫星,而善圃位即靴子阀坐则坐呗,鸽子圃则王毅脈幼贞解腦熱之童众登圃殿,,,囉。 唉,,,想不到从羅賓到树侠到蝙蝠侠到睡侠,还是年軽帥性,,,?。

  • This is the best one in a long time😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • WOW!

  • Be sure to void your bladder before you watch this; You'll DIE FROM LAUGHING! This is the funniest thing I've watched in a long time!

  • Moron's Are Governing America

  • Hahahahahaha

  • This was one of the best segments with Colbert in recent times. Not that Whitaker didn't give him first class material to work with.....

  • You know what they say about people with big feet.......

  • That's "Bigfeet"

  • Hell, if you believe in a magic baby giving birth to itself and coming down to earth, you might just as well believe in Bigfoot.

  • only liberal lunatics watch this turd

  • Still an idiot and still not funny

  • Turns out Bigfoot is really time-traveling Jesus.

  • America, you never cease to amaze me.

  • Technically, the AG isn’t Congress, and he made no law, so.......

  • “...that would finally accommodate his mighty Sequoia!” 🤣

  • Well to be fair, cooling testicals does improve fertility... 😂😂😂

    • Yeah but, who wants a refrigerant caressing his Golumpki?

  • This guy is a genius.

  • Trump has only best men.

  • Jesus flashing the toilet )))

  • fun fact what he calls man toilet, is a regular toilet were im from lol.

  • This is toooo good!!! Lololol

  • These Republican political hucksters are terrible people.

  • He's gotta ditch his fake Trump voice. It's tired. Can't he just have him talk like a Valley girl?

  • Whitaker: A Biblical view of Justice. OMG does this guy wants to put the US 2000 years back? No wonder they love the Saudis so much. Hanging, beheadings, stonings and toture are their hobies.

  • Yah for sure this guy is nuttier than Trump

  • No Mr. Clean jokes about this guy?

  • Stone him. OT says you can't cut the corners of you hair or beard. He f*d up. Yhwh is not happy. Lol

  • Lolololololol ewwwwwwww! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  • I want to travel back 65 million years ago and build dinosaur-sized bomb shelters.

  • Maybe some fries were already at that galaxy

  • I like that they played street fighter 2, Ken scene


  • About the toilet though....

  • Wait, does Colbert play Zelda??? (Sorry but I fixated on that part of the monologue, the rest was slightly gross.)

  • When the opioid crisis ends.

  • The U.S. Constitution. The American way. American values. The American economy. America’s superpower status. Foreign relations. International policy. What else do you know about?

  • Let’s make it a nightmare again.

  • Sorry America. We’re having not enough fun.

  • Bad night I’m having.

  • Obvious. I’m not going to be a doctor.

  • Does anybody recognize the music used for the World Patent Marketing time travel video? It sounds like something by audiomachine - they seem to like 4 bar repeats. Shazam doesn't find it, but none of the music search services seem to focus on non-vocal music. ("And quasi-Latin chanting doesn't count!")

  • Nuts

  • Maybe if the water in American toilets wasn't so weirdly high, they wouldn't need that toilet

  • Ivanka is the only good thing Trump made good for the world to be a better place

  • I voted for Trump and I apologize. Like if you forgive me. Don't worry this will all be over soon, but for now this is just my guilt.

  • This bit has had me laughing for days.

  • whittaker looks like bigfoot but shaved maybe he is

  • Holy shit! How is this real?

  • If time traveling will ever work, why don't we see visitors from the future?

  • Stephen, you are on fire!!!!!!

  • orange man bad *computing*


  • 😆😆😆😆😆🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • tub time machine irl?

  • Bigfoot plural would be...Bigfeet? Or Bigfoots?

  • What the hell is happening in America right now... How did Whitaker get that job! Insanity.

  • Ok... whom else google the name Jonah Falcon to see if it was true? It fucking is pfff... I love Stephen!

  • That was really smart,

  • Order more Chinese-made orange jump suits.

  • Yes, you have sound bites disguising his message, but his evaluation of current judges is sound and just. Your liberal skew makes it seems he's crazy, but of course its for comedy, not real things. So just to put it in perspective for your audience, guy who you dont know bad. Guy who knows something in real lifel is a lie. Meh meh, Bigfoot... meh meh, extra new york. Blah blah something about a toilet.

  • Think the extra deep toilet would be Great for Trump and Whitaker because there so full of shit no normal toilet could hold it all.

  • Roy rage Lima

  • I thought we couldn't find an AG worse than the evil Keebler elf that is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions; enter Matt Whitaker. This is what you get when a populist candidate is elected without the benefit of winning the popular vote.

  • That toilet would give a lot of splash back!! Haha

  • how deep is your disgrace to our nation DT?

  • Time Travel Toilets .......on SALE now just in time for Black Friday....if you dont already have one....or get one for a friend


  • I need that toilet. I'm tired of dipsticking.

  • Faith has nothing to do with justice.

  • Creepy Whitaker resembles the Pawn Stars guy

  • Ms. Lindsey Graham now "agrees" that Whitaker might be a bad choice? - yesterday he was sucking this loyalist stooge and obstruction of justice dude Whitaker's ball sack ~!~ Which is it Ms Graham - are you flip flopping again today? Q: How does the homosexual hating Republican/GOP intermingle with you every day Lindsey Graham? Republicans in your "house of evil" want to Kill off all gays - you must have a closet all to your own in the senate Ms Lindsey? The Mueller probe will end when Mr. Mueller is ready to end it traitor Lindsey. tick tick tick

  • Whitaker gives Christianity a bad name.


  • Our current attorney general believes in biblical justice... yikes! We're all screwed!

  • Uhh time travel is possible but to think that guy found the way?😂😂😂😂😂 shits to complicated and might never be invented.....but its possible

  • Hot tub time machine.

  • I'm still laughing as I type this. Hilarious!

  • John’s face as he says ‘wow’ is great. 😂

  • Doing the time warp!

  • And whitaker is "the man" that trump has enlisted to run the Justice Department of the leading country of the free world? Just gets sicker and sicker.

  • He's hilarious! XD So true it makes you want to cry at the state of our politics though.