Meet The Elite Diving Duo At The Heart Of The Thailand Soccer Team Rescue | TODAY

Publicado em 4 Jul 2018
John Volanthen and Richard Stanton are the British rescue divers who found the trapped Thailand soccer team. “They are pioneers,” said Martyn Farr, a diving instructor and expert. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports on the divers’ background and experience for TODAY.
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Meet The Elite Diving Duo At The Heart Of The Thailand Soccer Team Rescue | TODAY


  • Our A-Team is a guy with flashlights taped to his helmet.

  • God Bless Thailand and these British guys with special abilities and heroism .

  • If a superior alien species were to ever visit earth and ask us to justify why they should not eradicate us - I would point to this rescue. This and the 33 Chilean miners. It's where the WHOLE PLANET will come to the aid of those in desperate need. Our skills, our technology is dedicated to the survival of the needy. Our humanity is what redeems us.

  • 25 years of experience........thats really something.....the best man for the job....

  • Welcome moopa - behind the scenes

  • Those divers all are hero's they are friggin boss's!

  • Loei Cave

  • Well done to everyone who helped particularly those at the front end of the rescue: John Volanthen and Rick Stanton who located the boys, Vern Unsworth and Robert Harper who provided outside support for Volanthen and Stanton, Jason Mallinson and Chris Jewell who later made up the "awesome foursome" with Volanthen and Stanton and the Australians who were brought in by the Brits, anaesthetist Dr Richard "Harry" Harris and Dr Craig Challen.

  • Good top 1.

  • Lost Football team

  • I'm goung cave diving tomorrow... I can't even swimm... Excited.Com

  • ขอบคุณที่สุดค่ะ_Thai people's to talk to everybody help 13boy . We are ..remember in heart and told you are the hero of my and people of Thailand ...thank so much every nation.

  • ประทับใจมิรู้ลืม

  • สุดยอด. นักกู้ภัย. ที่สุดของโลก

  • Deeply appri for those rescures save the 13 boys life in tailand

  • Remarkable

  • Hero gentlemen all involved and all supporting volunteers that washed their uniforms and made meals

  • Great job people 👍🏻 Congratulate the brave Wild Boars soccer team boys,Navy SEALS & Divers from various countries who carried out the rescue mission,risking their lives in Tham Luang Cave,Thailand👍🏻 What is Cave Disease/Histoplasmosis/Darling's Disease? What are the potential health effects of being trapped in a cave? Click here & watch the video to learn more. Pls do share & SUBSCRIBE. #CaveDisease #Histoplasmosis #ThaiBoysRescued #WildBoars #ThamLuangCave #DrRichardHarris

  • Finally there are REAL heroes with happy results. I will buy their books and read them to my kids.

  • Goes to show you how good the SBS must be. These guys weren't even ex British Special forces. Just civilians.

  • Those two British Divers are truly World Class. Incredible. I must say everyone played an important part to this successful rescue. Great job.

  • True heroes!


  • Thanks a lot.🙏🙏 for your kindness. Robert harper, Richard stanton, & John volanthen, all resucers and all people who help wild boars term.

  • Great mission ! Here is the best world team,thank you so much .

  • He is real hero 😎

  • Thank you very much for helping our brothers in Thailand, GBU all the divers, the heroes and the great thai boys! big thanks and love from Indonesian.

  • Thanks all the heroes from U.K.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • True hero really exist ,salute

  • God bless to all rescuer

  • Ben Rememnats and his team should also be thanked

  • Nothing better than decent upstanding volunteers.

  • The question is, how did they get there in the first place?

  • 👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • thanks you....real heroes

  • Thanks to the British divers. God bless.

  • "how many you're here"? "13", "13,great", It should be the most beautiful conversation in the world.

  • These divers are like the astronauts of the endless sea but at least you can feel their usefulness.

  • Already talking of a 'film'. All American heroes of course

  • How did somebody putting a ball through a hoop, or hitting a ball with a stick come to be considered heroes in the same world as these men of endless courage and humanitariasm?

  • When hear "how many you are here"? "13", "13,great", I am really touched and feel that they are the most beautiful language in the world .

  • Love the way don chump heard "navy seals" and immediately tried to grab the credit for it. The idiotic missed the bit where they said Thai navy seals.

  • God bless all this people who give a hand to help. I'm proud and touching I'm Indonesia I thank you all once again

  • Heros!!! They deserve to be sponsored for all the work they've done!

  • Heroes!! And a happy ending!! God bless!!

  • Thanks from us all, now send the wonderful rescuers to Yemen and do the same for those poor kiddies.

  • Wonderful feat congratulations and best wishes to all!

  • These two British men and volunteers are the real heroes in real life situation.

  • You are heroes. ☺From Indonesia

  • they're definitely gonna find a way to make this entire thing about white people saving the day.... the thai couldn't figure it out on their own without someone paler stepping in to fix their problem.

  • Million thanks for your help from Thailand.

  • God bless the A team

  • How do they got stuck there in the first place ?

  • Saman Gunan of the Navy Seal of Thailand should be make known too And great lesson to watch the video to remain calm n think positive to stay alive in any mishaps.

  • Bravo Gentlemen... keeping the GREAT in Britain !

  • Al though a team work together. I will remember my whole life the boys said 10 days and the diver asking and assured them their safety. You are a real hero Sir.

  • is there Indonesian or Arab or Iran or Turkey voulenteer joint the team ?

  • It’s in moments like this where the best of humanity shines through. God Bless them!!!

  • They should be awarded the George Cross.

    • to ziggy2009: you mean **THE SAMAN GUNAN CROSS**, right?

  • Could soon be a few George Crosses getting pinned onto neoprene chests.


    • Now that is a great idea … and a fine memorial tribute to Saman Gunan. Big thumbs up.

    • you mean SAMAN GUNAN CROSSES, right?

  • Glory be to God... thank you for these fine men...

  • Oh come on, no body has been to the moon.

  • Cheers to all the heroes who risked their lives for the THAI boys and their coach. Peace

  • Bravo quelle force

  • Will I wonder if the western countries will do the same for Syrians and palestinian kids? Will they rescue them and cover them on the news?

    • Kabsati John, Rick & Co would go anywhere. The BCR are non political

  • Congratulations from Bangladesh to the two British drivers who found the boys first. Hats off to them and giving thanks from my heart. They deserve heaven what the did for some unknown boys. From my believe requesting them pls pls embrace ISLAM. I pray for you two specially , to be in Jannah as a Muslim InSha Allah. Will be happy if some one show my request to them please.

  • Those who disliked this video are not human they are heartless

  • Great job

  • Those rescuers were so amazing!!!!! Many thanks for their expertise and courage!!!

  • And no one cared about anyone's politics.

  • The true superhero in the world..its a story that will live forever

  • When is the movie coming out??

  • I as Thai people woukd like to say thank you very very much. They are world class professional divers.

  • Earth Angels

  • 👍❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • all things happen for a reason. God made them love to dive for almost of their life, and now they're rescuers

  • BEGINNING OF STORY ... twelve boys and their coach trapped in a cave due to flooding... a select group of people devise the best way to bring them out... divers do what they're trained for and bring twelve boys and their coach out, one diver dies from running out of oxygen ... END OF STORY!...... The Media can ramp it up all they like, drama queens can go on, and on, and on, about how difficult it was and blah, blah, blah, however, at the end of the day the boys and their coach are out of the cave!!!

  • great celebratis

  • How do they know that they have been there for 10 days assuming they haven't seen sunlight would have made them disillusioned unless one of them wore watch

  • thanks you guys so much from the bottom of my heart you guys are the model of Heroes that we all always looking for. Dont have you we can't smiling like this you 2 just filled up my happiness we have to thanks for millon time that 's not enought to reward. I will never forget your kindness .Best regard from somanyThaipeople 🙏❤&me

  • God bless you heroes divers.

  • Real life heroes

  • Reminds 2010 Chile Mine Rescue.

  • What? Evil white westerners saved them? Oh, this completely goes against the "evil white man" narrative

  • how the boys went there

  • Just white people patting themselves on the back

    • guitarhamster why u mad about this?

  • World class skill

  • please do not travel to thai lan . we are easily forget and for give the thai pirates , / boat people vietnameses / thai died vietnamese very happy

  • The job they did to prepare these children is far beyond expertise and is love and tremendous dedication to life.

  • True heroes! God bless them!

  • British heroes-The A Team-God bless and keep they safe and strong!

  • thank GOD now blow the entrance so nobody ever ever ever goes in again

  • An absolute miracle! I have such respect for these two gentleman and the entire crew! You are heroes.... thank you so very much for your complete selflessness!

  • thank Hero from England, you did the best Job,You have many blessing

  • What hero’s from around the globe ,brave, bold, courageous!!! Selfless answered the call of compassion and mercy ! God bless you all !

  • The real superheroes

  • Heroes

  • And the British Feminazi's will cry calling them men is offensive to them

  • "Okay guys, you have to become a professional diver in....30 minutes, no pressure."

  • I'm pretty sure the coach is a Hero as well kept them kids alive long enough to be saved. The parents should be so grateful.😇