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Method Man talks Mara's OBJ comments and LeBron's chances of winning a ring in L.A. | UNDISPUTED

Publicado em 17 Out 2018
Method Man joins Skip and Shannon on today's show to talk New York Giants owner John Mara's comments on Odell Beckham Jr. He also discusses LeBron James' chances of winning a ring with the Los Angeles Lakers.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Method Man talks Mara's OBJ comments and LeBron's chances of winning a ring in L.A. | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Will LeBron win a ring with the Lakers?

  • They shouldve Brought redman

  • Mefs is da dude.

  • JUST YOUR OPINION 9:08?! I think that's just about EVERYBODY'S OPINION!


  • Hearing “Wu-Tang” out of Skip’s mouth is funny.

  • Method man looking like a snack damn he is fine

  • Legend! Since we are at it, Id love to see NAS on the show

  • @ 10:05: Her hands are under the table. Okay?

  • @ 7:50

  • Method Man always strikes me as a dude who at his core is too grimy to be politically correct but he tries hard and is successful at it but it seems to be a real struggle.

  • Odell contract will be the worst.... NY smart to go after Joe Flacco and Trade ODB for more recv

  • Wu tang is hip hop Royalty and they put Staten Island on the Map

  • Method Man is a very intelligent young fella

  • That bottom grill is tough tho

  • Shannon couldn’t wait for the LeBron segment ... LA ain’t used to their star attraction missing games that’s not due to injury.

  • This is even more awesome because I 100 percent Skip was outside during the Wu-Tang era, covering the Cowboys.

  • ONLY HERE for the M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tical....the one and only JOHNNY BLAZE!

  • man he thirsty ..lmao

  • Method man a real one. I was waiting for him to call out Old Skeeuppp on the Lebron hate and great timing too I'd say.

  • Gotta give skip credit how he stays educated on his guest. He knows more about hip hop than most of these mumble rappers

  • WU-TANG forever🔥🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💯

  • much respect..came from the being a household name..keep shining Method Man👍👍

  • My guy Method man, big up to Staten Island, these guys really helped put us on the map

  • Come over to shop at blabber see what blabber mart is trying to sell us this week. Ain't buying much, just picked up one of those little hand baskets instead of the usual shopping cart. Its that same old song and dance...poor little Odell facing off with big old powerful John Mara, telling him to " Sit down and shut up ". And oh this so terrible. But its the same thing I would to tell all these sportscasters ....

  • METHOD MAN, speaking Truth, Love It

  • Why is this loser on undisputed

  • The M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!!

  • Cat looks they same way then now!

  • Why method man talking so weird

  • G-O-D Lyrically No One Above Me/Look Good But Uhg Ugly.... Yaaaaa....4,3,2,1 Props To The Legend Tical.....

  • About to go blast Triumph, brb!

  • They need a biopic like NWA or tv one like New Edition for WuTang Clan!

  • Method got dipped in the fountain of youth!

  • WuTang Forever

  • That caption of Method Man is him CLEARLY reacting to Skips ludicrous takes lol.

  • Where is Ja?!!


  • No cookout for skip look at his face

  • I am slightly offended as a female fan but I know what he means. Just fyi I love football and rap music.

  • Its always nice to see our legends doing big things

  • So yall just forgot about MR.WILL "SUMMER TIME BOX OFFICE " SMITH!

  • Great interview

  • This was a good episode 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Hey you, Get off my lawn!!

  • TICAL.

  • I'm late but what happened to Joy?

    • +KP Sports Thoughts haven't been catching it on tv, just been youtubing episodes and I never really watched the Herd, the lady cohosts move around so much though

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! She's been on The Herd for like the LONGEST TIME NOW!

  • how high put you over the of my fav cult movies....

  • Wu-Tang Clan number one

  • Very good interview. Method Man is a straight class act

  • I thought I would’ve seen him on Jalen & Jacoby 1st

  • Damn i miss the Wire!

  • The great Method Man! Wu-Tang forever 💯

  • See that, Method Man's bringing the pain, hardcore to the brain!!!

  • Skip you're halfway there!

  • HAHAHA - When you stop the hating Skip you gona be there. Yes Method Man!

  • Method always have a comfortable confidence about him.

  • Wu tang forever🔥💯

  • I got my invite to the cook out. Thanks Mef!

  • Why did Shannon break into my grandma's house and steal her glasses

  • That there is not the real Method man that’s a damn Clone!

  • almost Skip!

  • “I’m orbiting planet Chicago”

  • Wu-Tang!! Wu-Tang!! Wu-Tang!! Is on the brain!! Damn perfect impression of Eli 😂😂 He 🔥🔥🔥 Skip at the end there

  • They won hands down! WU TANG CLAN!! On undisputed Gtfoh first take

  • Cheese Wagstaff!!!

  • Does anyone else think Shannon Sharpe is TAPPING the girl host?😋💦

  • M e t h o d Man. Great guest

  • Skip loves Wu Tang

  • full show

  • There are no methods to the way the giants play

  • Skip didn't get a invite to the cookout lol

  • Eli goes deer in headlights mode when he's under pressure

  • Pisst off that there not gonna be in how high 2


  • Why they got Method Man's eyes bucking like that in the thumbnail? 😂

  • Wish I had method mans hair genes

  • WU-TANG 4EVA!!!💯

  • Method man has not aged

  • Johnny Blaze literally blazed Skip

  • I knew RZA would be the one that Oversees the Wu Tang Project

  • 1:18 he sound like haystak 🤣🤣

  • method man not the smartest 😂

  • Went toe to toe with biggie on “the what”....only MC featured on Ready to die

  • Killed skip at the end..lmao Skip thought he was about to hear something positive about himself..

  • Ticallion Stallion

  • Ticallion Stallion

  • Ticallian Stallion

  • The Deuce is meh

  • Two things I know: 1. Seahawks should’ve ran the ball. 2. Brother Mouzone should’ve killed Cheese the first time he saw him.

  • That jr joke was funny

  • Why do these clowns always have these stupid names? wtf is a method man?

  • Method man Johnny blaze!!!

  • In other words, method man doesn't know football😬 sounded lost and had no argument lol

  • Mef is such a well spoken dude salute from new Jerusalem

  • Yeah skip not invited to the cookout.. maybe he can come if he bring Jenny..she bad lol 😂

  • what with the audio it goes in and out

  • What happened to joy?

  • When will method get old ? XD