MEUTE - You & Me (Flume Remix)

Publicado em 30 Mai 2018
Berlin, Görlitzer Park: Techno Marching Band MEUTE getting ready for summer with a live performance of their new version of Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle's track You & Me, originally remixed by Flume.
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Video filmed, produced and directed by Christoph Szulecki
Written by Eliza Sophie Caird, James John Napier, Guy William Lawrence, Howard John Lawrence
Published by , administered by Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Salli Isaak Songs Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Ltd. / Universal Music Publishing GmbH


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  • so clean and SO ADDICTIVE cant stop viewing ....well done MEUTE

  • It sounds like when I'm in band class

  • I just can't understand where these 2.9K idiots who disliked this clip come from???

  • this is fucking amazing

  • Was für eine GEILE Performance!!!

  • This makes me want to play the tuba. I want to drop the bass just like him. :D

  • Bring on the horns!!!!!1 Superb!! Thanks for making my night!!! Once again!!!! X

  • Bin positiv überrascht. Sehr epic. :D

  • Awesome bouys

  • Fantastic! I heard the first few bars and dug out my sax, first time in years!! Love it!


  • 13,126,116 views in 191 days! I can see why. 68,723 views a day. Buenos hermanos de trabajo.

  • Please come to Veracruz

  • free and emotional

  • The trumpet soli in the end is very impressive!!! It's very difficult producing that sound without a special muter.

  • I just stumbled on this group and as a musician I thoroughly impressed with the skills here. They have the groove of a nawlins style second line band, but at the same time sound as clear as a drum corps plus the saxs.

  • This is what boys do on a Saturday

  • Man if I was flume, I'd by crying so many tears of joy! shit, I'm not him and I sure was doing so myself

  • Amazing performance! Ive been hitting that replay button all day, thank you very much for this wonderful gift you've given all of us!!

  • Goosebumps. Everytime. Music for my soul.

  • This is truly Beautiful

  • ca respire la musique ici

  • Fantastic

  • My boi on bone!!!!1

  • This is the coolest shit you can do I swear, why don't more bands of classical instruments play modern songs, it's fucking amazing

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  • Top!!!!!!!!!!grape festival Slovakia please!!!!:)

  • How does a studio sound translate in that setting?

  • Blanco

  • every time, every single time I hear this song... I see myself, freely moving, with a soft ray of sun on my skin, my arms in the air, moving with the wind to this incredible rythm... thank you, but is it enough? thank you thank you thank you


  • Love that xx

  • I'd like to meet the 2800 poor, hapless bastards that gave this a thumbs down.

  • Would love to see you guys do some of the nz dj boys Sachi tracks

  • Aswarm

  • Watching every week again and again

  • Nice

  • The original is connected to some nice memories, such a good remix made my eyes wet:) thanks!

  • top grade quality music.

  • My platonic love brought me here ✨

  • Amazing work by Adam Buxton on the sax

    • i dont think adam buxton is playing

  • This our song. Humanities song. Sing your song and you shall never go wrong.

  • BRAVI!!!

  • I love this trumpet solo !!!

  • Great audience, btw.

  • 3:55 the guy with the sunglasses and red shoes. Enjoy. Thank me later

  • Amazing beautiful


  • maltraitance

  • Amazing..

    • i keep hitting repeat..

  • Amazing wow!

  • Simply amazing :O

  • Delicious!!!!

  • ohne ein Wort mit der Tiefe der Seele

  • how did i never hear about this? this is smoking hot.

  • schönes Stück, aber irgendwie zu perfekter Sound. Es kommt so rüber, als wenn eine Studioaufnahme mit dem Klang des Publikums vermischt wurde.

    • Wurde es auch, es gibt noch eine Version ohne den Klang des Publikums, die sich exakt wie diese anhört. Wurde wahrscheinlich gemacht, um ein besseres Klangerlebnis zu bieten...

  • I can't figure out how they recorded this live, it sounds amazing, the mix is flawless, but I don't see a single mic. Anyone has a clue?

  • This is dope! 😍🔥

  • How the FUUUUH does this have any thumbs down?!?!?!?! TOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD

  • Amazing

  • drop button: 1:19 :)

  • Amazing

  • Still coming back to this, LOVE it

  • Was the audio recorded in a studio and overlayed? Because if not, the post recording sound mixing and how you managed to capture each instrument at perfect volume and direction is incredible. I see the dude kneeling in the front but it's incredible if this was only recorded on a small handheld mic like that.

  • 💘

  • my lowe

  • best song ever

  • Amazing

  • This makes me SOOO happy everytime I hear it! Farking brilliant!!! 😍😍😍

  • Do Lovely Day- Bill Withers

  • Increiblemente hermoso. Imposible no subir bocha y no disfrutar, qué lindo qué lindo qué lindo. Estoy in lov con este tema y estos chabones ❤

  • ta perfe pa escucharlo volao

  • Chills....

  • This incredibly good music! I don't see any black person involved here though.

  • I've watched this 100 times in the last week .. and now, at my 101th watch, i'm still finding new things to see in the audience! .. love the music and the flow of the video. .. also, can we acknowledge how awesome the sound is, for an outside recording?!?!

  • Please come to Pereira Colombia for the fete de la musique !!!!! PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

  • Amazing!!!!!! Super!!!! Excelent!!!

  • Is that Daniel Hardman?

  • Who else has spotted the lady trying break her kid arms !

  • This is special!


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  • If a collection of crows is called a murder, there are gaggles of geese, and a group of politicians is a conspiracy, what is the term for a gathering of hipsters?

  • What the hell !!

  • Good positive vibes!

  • I reaaaaally like that band and actually the editing is great. But when I realized that they seem to used playback music and even a playback crowd I was kind of sad.

  • When you get to 5:06, press the zero key. You're welcome

  • Chills!! strait chills!!!!

  • Coolest street band ever :D

  • Absolutely amazing, Loved it!

  • Is it just me or are those guys with the drums FUCKING MASSIVE

  • Damn, I loved it.🤤

  • the best tune ever !!!

  • There’s always one asshole who has to walk in front of the camera