MEUTE - You & Me (Flume Remix)

Publicado em 30 Mai 2018
Berlin, Görlitzer Park: Techno Marching Band MEUTE getting ready for summer with a live performance of their new version of Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle's track You & Me, originally remixed by Flume.
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Video filmed, produced and directed by Christoph Szulecki
Written by Eliza Sophie Caird, James John Napier, Guy William Lawrence, Howard John Lawrence
Published by , administered by Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Salli Isaak Songs Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Ltd. / Universal Music Publishing GmbH


  • Currently on tour across Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France and Spain! Join us: 🚀

    • Everything is sold out😅

    • Why not Portugal? 😁 You should come here. Specially to Porto, if it isn't asking too much! 😊 Love your music! Always keep that excellent energy of yours!

    • Come to South Africa!!! Swear you won't regret it

    • Came from Ireland to Vienna tonight. It's going to be fanfuckingtastic!

    • yo mann , dass kann doch nicht wahr sein ...!!!! Ihr habt ein haufen Fans in BELLA ITALIA!!!! dass ist doch nicht so weit!!!! :D LOL

  • Está canción me hace sentir muchas emociones, es genial de principio a fin 🚀

  • This makes me miss the absolute hell out of my alto sax (lost it in a wildfire), all while inspiring me to start playing the instrument of my dream, the tenor sax. For whatever it is worth, electronic ether and the dwellers therein, I will keep this comment updated on my progress after acquiring a dream tenor. Until then, from a huge woodwind fan in 2019, love you guys, love your sound, and thank you for the inspiration

  • So awesome

  • Amazing!💖💖💖💖

  • Ich liebe es ♥️

  • Awesome People 2K19

  • Amei esse som!!

  • Geil!!!

  • Clarinette ?!!🤬

  • der Saxophonist in Addiletten!!!! love it XD

  • Gw suka ini

  • Saludos,schöne Grüsse von der gelsen-szene.bye the way are the still some alive?

  • incredible.

  • Blessed my ear 🎶🎶🎶

  • Can someone direct me to trumpet solos as good as this? I need more trunpet solos in my life

  • nice

  • Seid ihr aus Hamburg? Oder tragt ihr einfach so den Pauli patch?

  • genius

  • Excelent job guys!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻


  • It's awesome!

  • On loop, de best instrumental eva!!

  • See you soon at the concert!

  • You know I’ve noticed no one in the crowd has there phone out recording. They are all there in the moment enjoying it. Wonder if it is a cultural difference. In America half the crowd would have there phones out recording.

  • wow

  • Шикарно

  • :')

  • Chillum for my Pillum😊

  • how could you thumbs down this?

  • Where was this performed? A must see

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  • I just put my dog to sleep. Rest easy my old friend. This song just fits the time.

  • WHO THE HELL GAVE THIS A THUMBS DOWN??? This is magic...

  • Very nicely done. Flume itself gave the veridict so I guess it's all said. Congrats from Portugal

  • Wish i was there...

  • MAGIC 💊💊💊🤤

  • Please join the "Bardentreffen Nürnberg/Germany" in 2k19... :)

    • Du kannst auch einfach deutsch schreiben die kommen aus Hamburg 😂

  • This song changed my life.. It helped me through the toughest days of my life. It makes me so happy.. And the way you guys enjoy making your music.. Its really beautiful and fantatic... You guys are a gift to this world.

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  • Восхитительно!

  • HOW! HOW is this mastered and performed better than iTunes version even through youtube encoding?.. OMG!!! you guys literally ROCK!

  • Stunning !

  • Alguien mas está en drogas viendo esto? xdxd

  • Listening at this performance many times, huge performance, thank you for the moment, and for sharing. Guys are awesome!

  • Instant eargasm ❤️

  • 3464 Dealers couldn't sell drugs due this event

  • Endlich hat es eine Band geschafft "Blasmusik" wieder salonfähig und hörbar zu machen, ohne sich dabei in lokalpatriotischer Mundart zu verlieren. Ich danke euch allen für den grandiosen Gig gestern Abend in Leipzig und hoffe das ist erst der Anfang einer echt großen Sache!!!!!!

  • wicked

  • WOW

  • These guys need to be playing down in the French quarter in Nola.

  • WHY?!?!?.... AM I JUST NOW HEARING ABOU-............**SWOONS**

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  • honestly these guys flippin killed it the did such an amazing job

  • :)

  • Better than the actual song

  • Mega geil und ein richtiger Ohrwurm

  • This is the coolest video I have ever seen, what a performance!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    • I completely lost it when the trumpet solo came in 😩😩😩 so good!!!

  • Какие же они ахуенные!!! Так кайфово играют! Капитальные красавчики!!! Я улетаюууу))

  • Legit!

  • The logo is the band name, does that count as wordplay?

  • Band geeks of the world, unite!

  • Lenny Kravitz solo on 3:28

  • Song recommendation: Township Rebellion-Aphrodite Big thumbs up!

  • 3:53 guy that walks by like he’s a boss. Faccck you dude, soy boy!

  • I only came across this jamming band the weekend, havn't stopped playing it or sharing it👍 Well Good👍😎😘☘

  • That trombone player getting right in the feels 1.25

  • On écoute et réécoute votre morceau qui est vraiment cool ! Chouette découverte qui tourne en boucle sur Le sac à son , page de découverte musicale .

  • Literal goosebumps

  • Trop trop bien !

  • Richti jeil!!!

  • guy in the background got the sweet dance moves

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  • Chills.

  • awesome cover :S 6/5 :::D listened 3 times in a row

  • Awesome!

  • Bless all of them ! Awesome job!!!!!

  • Amo la letra de esta canción!!

  • You guys!!!!!!!!! You are crazy !!!!!!!!!!!

  • When the video of a cover of a remix has more plays then the very original on spotify :D Great piece of art, love it!

  • They have such a happy faces.

  • i cant understand how the sound is so good...

  • Where are the street dancers?^^

  • this is what happens when you turn the staccato up to 11

  • Wow you're amazing guys! I love all your covers :)

  • This is so good! Come to the U.S., more specifically Boston

  • It's cool bout a 3 to me. can you imagine that HBCU Band funk wooo WHBCU ya'll Black College band funk

  • #OHIOMARCHINGBAND Where you at?

  • Did I expect to stand up and dance? No. Did I? Absolutely.

  • this was pure brilliance

  • Literally the best thing I've seen this year.

  • 진짜 멋지다 ㅜㅜ


  • Who listening to this in 2019