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Michael Rapaport says LeBron's Lakers are finals favorites, CP3's contract and more | NBA | THE HERD

Publicado em 10 Jul 2018
Michael Rapaport joins Colin Cowherd discuss the LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets Chris Paul. Plus, Rapaport talks Rob Gronkowski and New England Patriots trade rumors.
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Michael Rapaport says LeBron's Lakers are finals favorites, CP3's contract and more | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • How many games will the Lakers win next year?

  • Michael Rapaport is a die hard sports fan. You can hear the passion when he talks about it.

  • Rapaport is the biggest hypocrite

  • all these blowhards saying the rockets wont go back to the WCF. please get people with real basketball IQ

  • "I'm an international hero" lmao

  • People keep forgetting that they have Chris Hogan

  • The Lakers will beat the rockets..not the warriors...

  • "LeBron's Lakers" As a 50 year Laker fan, I resent that statement

  • "What's your name homie".....lmao


  • Mike wants to give Joy a facial 😂😂

  • Lakers have a shot at making the WCF. They need to avoid Houston or Golden State in the 2nd round though. I could also see a team like OKC being a tough matchup for them in the 1st round too.

  • No way, they have no bench at all.

  • Two first round picks; only the Browns would be dumb enough to do that.

  • lebron is garbage bro lol

  • Anyone else thinks joy is pretty

  • 1:16 my my my my my my my

  • Joy is sooooo sexy

  • All i can say. Don't sleep with the Lakers next season

  • Rapaport is hilarious. Called Colin out immediately for needy lmaooooooo

  • Why is joy not on undisputed

  • funny not hearing him swearing every second

  • Colin "Sally" Cowherd

  • that team is garbage as is, just garbage with lebron. no good people around him, so how is he going to carry them home? if that were REALLY THE CASE, he would of done that in cleveland this coming season cause as is, they are better than the lakers, love, smith both good shooters. even if his shooters were streaky in cleveland, lakers don't have shooters. lebron IS GETTING TOO OLD to HAVE TO get 40 plus points, 10 plus rebounds, and as many assists as he can, every night. and that will wear him down for playoffs, when he likes to fire up again and saves his energy. this year is a garbage year for them, waiting for durant, thompson, and whoever else to be free agents.

  • They got rid of Randy Moss, so it is possible they will let Gronk go.

  • This foo said “wasp man “ 😂💀

  • Losing respect for you Mike. To make it to the finals they have to beat golden state

  • kers team sucsess next year is just a big questionmark ! i wonder why people act overexited. there are not enough shooters ..there is no chemistry ...there is lavar ...there is lonzos up and downs...there are difficult personalitys...betting on the lakers is just more then stupid

  • James is so great his gonna take lakers to finals ahaha wow GOAT kobe couldn’t do that he request a trade laker fans ahaha till they got him gasol won again

  • I do like that they are finally acknowledging that you can't beat golden State at their own game and are at least trying to build something different

  • 1:30 EXPOSED

  • Rappaport is so annoying

  • Why does anyone have this guy come on their show

  • "Wasp-man" and "messi signed for 300m"... done with colin

  • These morons are idiots!! The Lakers get one guy and now now they're favorited overer the Rockets who took the Warriors to 7.. Lebron is great no doubt but when you're that good you don't need all the media to keep hyping you the results will show in itself without all of that

  • "You know how I get down!" Love it!

  • Joooyyyyy 😍😍

  • jus like the window has closed on lebron ever winning a title lol

  • Colin knows nothing about soccer smh “star driven” more like the only thing he knows about soccer is two names

  • Why does joy hardly ever talk.

  • Magic blew that Lonzo pick! But scored on Kuzma and Hart!

  • Michael Rapaport spends alot of time in LA homie.

  • 0:17 when someone makes a terrible joke and you fake laugh

  • only people that like james are idiots.

  • Durant will destroy the loser ball hog james again and his stupid fans.

  • rapaport is a lame, & irrelevant.

  • You can put him on Orlando, Brooklyn but was still about to lose in the east and people were talking about lebron doesn't have help but he can take Brooklyn to the finals🤦🤷

  • Watch rapaport one of lbj biggest hater become #1 fan

  • Im a laker fan way before lebron came but michael must be high...gsw run the league..until they gracefully bow out and split up or another team put together a xmen team nobody beating them in 7 games..not lebron not nobody

  • Lakers are gonna be tough to beat this year. East or West. We got youth and experience with toughness and defense. Paul George is going to be wishing he came to LA.

  • I know he's been a sports enthusiast for awhile, but I see Rappaport more on sports shows now than on tv/movies...

  • I love Rapaport's energy.

  • Colin doesn’t now a thing about football (soccer for Americans), he should stop talking about it

  • LBJ is too old to carry the team , how much more can he play? 2 or 3 more seasons ? Also Kawhi will go to Toronto, what super team are the people referring to? this team was create to beat the warriors o sure lol in 2025 maybe

  • pshhh. houston still kills bron lakers come playoffs.

  • Rapaport is perfect for tv

  • If Tom Brady is so good, then he doesn't need Gronk. I thought Tom Brady could make any bum a top flight NFL receiver.

    • The NFL season actually counts. Plus, American Football is definitely one sport were you can't give the credit of a championship to one player. Especially, a player is not even on the field for the entire game.

    • He won 5 Superbowls without Gronkowski

  • Bye bye!!! Lmao

  • u cant open an airplane door mid flight because of the cabin pressure lol Rappaport thinks he is a hero

  • Michael in on Colin when he called him needy damnnnnnn bro

  • Rapaport is an 'International Hero!'

  • 9:14 LMFAO he's too funny

  • These lakers better than yall thing, young guns coming to play trust that

  • It's kind of sad that Michael Rapaport doesn't have the self awareness to know he's a D list celebrity at best

  • They're focusing too much on the players they lost. They've lost way better talent than that and have gotten better. It's a system. Lost a dependable Amendola, they have a dependable hogan. Lost a speedy cooks, got a speedy cordarelle Patterson. Lost a shifty dion Lewis, drafted a shifty Sony Michel. Edelman out 4 games? They won a super bowl without gronk. They know what they're doing

  • It's obvious that with today's athletes needing instant gratification I.e. LeBron's first jump to Miami, Derant's jump to G.S. etc. Teams like Sacramento, Portland, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Toronto etc. should succeed from the NBA and form a second league that prohibits unrestricted free agency and offer profit sharing in addition to player salaries as an alternative. A second league would have their own draft and new players to the league would have two competing teams wanting their services as rookies. The truth is, inrealit

  • Hahahahaha feet to the fire

    • Hahahahaha best show Mike.. Very good National Hero

  • Your getting smarter Rapport. Your waking up. Good observatiom on Gronk

  • Michael Rapaport was previously one of the biggest LeBron haters in existence; behind Skip Bayless and Rob Parker. Now the Lakers have LeBron and he categorizes him as a 2019 Rolls Royce and projects the Lakers as a team to beat?

    • no he wasn't, he's always liked lebron.

  • Love Mike the man Rapaport...........

  • Waspman? Really bruh?

  • Michael trying to get with Joy hahhahah

  • I don’t think anyone would say Michael rapaport is a “great sports mind”

  • This pathetic fool is a wannabe actor who could never get the stardom he wanted and is a die hard Kincks fan(like myself..big time) but also hates on James more then anything and originally said that Boston Celtics last season (trader) would not let him get to the finals again and look what happened. Bam Lebron beat the Celts on the road in a game 7. Now James goes to the west and OMG watch out for the lakers cuz its not like an established Warriors Rockets Blazers Thuunder Jazz or even Spurs team has a shot against a bunch of nobodys cant shoot type of team they stablished so far!!!!!! Get a life bro now as a Knicks fan you sicken me!!!

  • Rapaport, are you on drugs?!! When the Lakers are ousted early in the playoffs, you will eat your words.

  • Every time I see Michael Rapaprt it just reminds me of him on friends dating Phoebe

  • Kenny the riches man to never really do anything Britt 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I used to hate rapport but then i watched my name is earl

  • Rapaport called himself a great sports mind smh

  • No one is trading 2 first round picks for gronk

  • I bet Lakers will be 5th seed.

  • Colin delusional. He REALLY wants LA to be the 2 so bad. 😂 ANY team, with Capela, Harden, & CP3 are And should be a contender. These two are idiots.

  • Why is there a pic of bron in a Lakers jersey like its real?

  • Well this is the dumbest prediction I've ever heard.... unless the Lakers get another superstar, they may not get out of the first round

  • I love how everyone is dismissing teams that have played together, versus a newly formed Lakers with what playoff experience ( besides the additions)??

  • These Lakers < these Rockets

  • Luv to watch rapaport speak

  • This show sucks bruh wtf are they talking about. This mike dude to full of his self

  • Split the video.... 1/2 basketball and 1/2 football

  • They aren’t even going to make it to the WCFs. Either GSW Or Houston will eliminate them.

  • Bandwagon. hard.

  • I still don’t understand why they have Joy sitting all the way in the back of the room. You never see her and she just sits there listening to Colin act like he is smart.

  • Michael is a hack

  • less rappaport the better

  • "...national hero or international hero you decide." 😂😅😆

  • Lebron was swept by the warriors with equal talent if not a bit worse, and now the team he’s on now is better then the rockets who pushed the warriors to 7.

  • Talking about Chris Paul getting the max when lebron makes almost 40 mil

  • Favorites... Did he watch the finals this year? "23 Purple" cried about not playing with another all-star... Well there aren't any in L.A. and none seem to be chomping at the bit to get there. Wait... I forgot... JaVale McGee was a Shaqtin' A Fool All-Star. My bad!

  • “Bye bye”

  • At 4:34 Colin thinks rapaport is going to go nuts