Publicado em 14 Nov 2018
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  • Imagine she got robbed 😬

  • It’s just ambient sound, the Sennheiser px50 literally have the same thing that work the same way.

  • From a distance she looks like Dani Daniels 50%

  • But they're also $600 😪

  • At $599 dolby really segregate the peasants and the aristocrat.

  • Subtitulos en español pofavo

  • More expensive than xbox one x

  • 5:18 you never know when you’ll need a back up pair of AirPods. Smort. But you need at least three

  • Haha outside noises inside your head. It’s called open backed you idiots. That’s all you can say about a $600 headphone. Good 8mins commercial tho lmao!

  • Is the sound still very directional? Like when someone is talking can you tell where the sound is coming from? That would be the game changer.

  • Meh! No thanks

  • Let's be are crazy exited ALL THE TIME. It gets old.....and FAKE.

  • I think your hair is in the way

  • can u ship to me in India? i will pay amount. @iJustine

  • “Justine’s backup AirPods” I-

  • 5:23 the dog just winked So cute!

  • These headphones are dissapointing...

  • You're not qualified to review headphones. Other than as a fashion accessory. Like your dog.

  • I prefer dts over dolby

  • Haw indian many

  • sounds like ambient sound control from sony xm1-3

  • no dinner :( ......xD that was cute i didnt even know they exist or that dolby is making headphones, im really curious if the noisecancelling is stronger that on the bose qc 35 i mean that might not be their main focus but 600$

  • my headphones kinda have life mix because i talk into the mic and i hear my self in my headphones but they are not dolby

  • Like no ❎ offense to ijustine but if find🔎 that 💙like💙 many other BR-tv e🇪🇸.g MKBHD or Jonathan Morris I find🔍 that they spoil them selves to Much 💏like💏 I get🉐🉐 they are probably rich but I mean😏😏 it’s like 💋 you have🈶🈶 to own everything like💜 I Watch IJustine fairly occasionally 🆘so🆘 I’m not saying she is spoiled but I 🔎find🔎 that when it🇮🇹🇮🇹 comes to youtubers like💓 her there all 🅰️a 🅰️ bit like💜 well spoilt so🆘 🏩like🏩 when ever a🅰️ new📰📰 product come out there like😚 oh🙀 I’m 🉐getting 🉐 that one1️⃣ and if you look 👀 a🅰️🅰️ iJustine I bet🎰 when ever a🅰️ 🇳🇿new🇳🇿 product comes out she’s like💑 I’m getting🉐 that thing 🆘so🆘 when the iPhone X came out she was probably 👍like👍 I’m 🉐getting 🉐 that then when the iPhone XS came out she was also probably 💖like💖 I’m getting🉐 that so🆘 in 🅰️a🅰️🅰️ ↕️way↕️ she sort of overly spoils herself

  • Woah woah woah... So they aren't made of dollar bills???

  • I have wireless beats

  • Paid by dolby to over react

  • It does not support aptX HD and SONY LDAC which are the two highest quality Bluetooth sound profiles. For such a prestigious brand you would expect more for $600

  • Dolby has just found an actor like justine to marketing their shit good job dolby and by the way no one buy a headphone for 600$ you fuckin kidding me

  • It literally like the iconx but a headphone version

  • SONY WH-1000XM3

  • Plot twist: dogs are the future headphone holders


  • like like like like like

  • How much for the iJustine?! She's probably a better deal with all that enthusiasm for....meals and ugly poodles. ;) I want the head phones but won't pay $600 for those. I can think of all the other stuff I'd rather have for six hundred bones.....a new laptop, new hd tv, a Switch with two games, etc. People who make big bucks will have no problem with this price tag, though. I'll jump on board when they hit a hundred.

  • 2:49 what is the name of the song

  • You are just like me ijustine this would be my exact reaction....only difference is that I can’t afford $600 for that godly instrument to reach heaven straight....!!

  • Jealous people gonna dislike

  • 2:53 name of the track anyone?

  • Is this something like creative labs's super x-fi?

  • Okay she looks a lot like Danny Daniels.

  • 4:32 AAAAAAAA

  • your dog is so funny

  • Im gonna buy it!

  • i will consider buying these in a year or so when the price drops

  • They look ugly as hell

  • 600 dollar headphone that aren't made by an actual audiophile company. Lol

  • # spy phones 🤣 🕵️‍♂️ 🕵️‍♂️

  • No omg I have one

  • Cutest dog ever

  • I think she like a lot of laptop,apple watch, imac and iphone

  • we should get THAT AT LOL

  • Go to Starbucks white girl

  • I'd never thought I'd be so happy for the copyright law that kept Imagine Dragons from playing, my ears thank you copyright law 😂.

  • luv ya girl

  • Only 600$, cause I'm sure all your fans can afford that. What a sellout.

  • Who won the iPhone? And why Sony wh1000xm2?

  • She is selling these headphones so hard. All these features are regular just their names are so illusional. So just chill out Justin

  • Isn't this what Bose's QC line already does?

  • Stop doing that idiot behavior ... you look like a retarded child

  • those are some cool headphones I wonder if they are any good gaming with

  • you said "black mirror" i tried realy hard not to buy them after.

  • Imagine if this thing costs 50$😂

  • What song did she play at 2:52 that we can hear, not imagine dragons but the actual sound we hear?

  • That's so cool

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  • These vs The Sony WH 1000XM3s... Which ones should I convince my girlfriend to get me for Christmas? She says my attention to detail during Cunnilingus has been appreciated and she'll get me anything reasonable that I want so I think I want these or the Sony's... MrMobile said on his channel those are the best noise cancelling cans he's ever used, IJustine says these. I wish they'd face off in a headphone Sony v Dolby: Dawn of Music deathmatch.... two enter, only one makes it out, which one should I choose? Decisions 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • "Alright these are mine now!" BEST SISTERS EVER 😂😂😂

  • 600$ no thanks you

  • Lol she is clearly not a music person👈🏾🤣 she's so over the top here Bwhaha 😄

  • Hi beautiful.hugs kisses

  • It’s so funny how she pronounces comfortable 😂😂

  • 600 dollars for headphones My Phone - $250 Laptop- $340

  • I really hope I win the MacBook Air/ iPad Pro giveaway because it would be really nice to have a device for homework and school since we have a lot of online homework I would be able to do it at home instead of having to do it at school, and I’ve never had an apple device so It would be amazing I really hope I win thanks for having a giveaway💕

  • apple will release their own brand in 10 years from now and charge $3,000 and the sheeps flock will buy it and call it the next step in innovation 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It look amazing


  • My god you're annoying

  • No, this isn't a bias review.......... You Sell Out

  • Humm In ear monitors able to do that for long time Dolby is good but not the best headphone maker. Btw I search to see how the reviews of This headphone as I am in 30 days trial.

  • Bias

  • Did she release the giveaway yet

  • spoiled brat

  • Damn your hot holy shit

  • Wow! That's is something, amazing headphone

  • Hopefully they make earbuds with this tech.

  • DUDE IMAGINE DRAGONS IS AMAZING I LOVE THE ORIGINS ALBUM! also, amazing video! i am gonna but these when i get my Xs Max! 😆😆

  • Are they good as workout headphones or would they fall off if you do something like burpees or backflips?

  • Why does she over exaggerate every single she product marketing BS

  • Love headphone:)

  • I never use earphones let alone headphones and now I want this. Thanks xD

  • Wow!!!

  • Nice

  • Dame you look good

  • This sounds so cool I wish I had one😁

  • "This is nut."

  • > Paid by Dolby

  • I have a Polaroid bluetooth headphones 🎧 I got it for 20 bucks 60% off from 60 dollars. I like it, classic simple headphones. They don’t have anything special really, but I like it. It’s simple and classy and cheap all in one

  • I was going to ask for these for christmas but then I saw that they were six hundred dollars